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Spooky Night 6/28/12

Well my second time running two days in a row seemed to go pretty well!  I ran a 4 mile prediction run last night at Wayland with Tim (no watches allowed) and we ran 30:57 after predicting 31 minutes…not bad! 

 The 4 miles was mostly on a packed dirt road with loose stones and I didn’t like the stones but they didn’t seem to aggravate my injuries more. 

 The strange thing about yesterday was last night.  I woke up around 3:20 am having to pee (as I frequently seem to do now) and upon returning from the bathroom noticed there was a light in the hallway.  It was strange because Tim always makes sure he turns off all the lights downstairs before coming to bed since he can’t fall asleep unless there’s total darkness.  I figured he accidentally left one on and went out to the hallway and saw the light was actually coming from the guest room!  I didn’t know why Tim would have been in there and left that light on so it kind of freaked me out and I went and turned it off but then asked him about it.  He said he didn’t leave it on so then I was really scared.  He got up and checked things out and said everything was fine but it still wasn’t sitting right with me.  And then I remembered that I had closed the door to that room the other day too and it was wide open.  I thought it was closed when I went to bed that night.  So I layed there trying to go to sleep, all the while thinking about how the light came on. 

 The cats could have opened the door, but to get the light on…that didn’t seem possible.  The light is higher than their reach and there’s a bed there but that would take some serious cat gymnastics to do something like that.

 Anyway, I tossed and turned for 2 hours before finally just getting up.  Tim finally said that he went in that room a couple days ago when the A/C people were coming to check air flow and he must have turned the light on and forgot, but still closed the door.  So at night when we went to bed the door would have been closed and we didn’t see the light but then presumably one of the cats opened the door, thus letting the light in.

 Still kind of spooky. 

 Anyway, no other news as of yet.

Weekend Getaway in Irons, MI 6/26/12

Over the weekend Tim and I went with our friends Darla and Clare, and Carol and Kevin to Darla’s family cottage up in Irons, MI.  Its a rustic little cottage sitting right on a river, surrounded by miles of woods.  It was a great time spent with great people, and we even got some running in! 

I ran 4 miles on Saturday with Tim and it went really well except the first and last mile were on trails and on a sandy area I twisted my left knee and that was bothering me a bit on Saturday but I iced it and now it seems ok.  I also ran 3 on Sunday and felt pretty good!  That was my first time back doing two days of running in a row and everything seemed ok.  I took Monday off but ran 3 miles again today at lunch and everything seemed to feel pretty good.  I still had a tight spot in the back of my left leg, seems like what I was sort of dealing with before.  I go back to the chiropractor tonight so hopefully that continues to help.

 So Wayland is tomorrow and I’m running 4 but I will just take it easy.

 So, no news yet on the other front.  Although at this point, no news is good news.  

Tim kayaking down the river


Premonition? 6/21/12

Wayland was cancelled last night but Tim and I ran 3 miles on a track for a good cause.  My friend Suzy knew of an event that was going on at the Hopkins track for a little boy getting brain surgery.  His mom is a runner and so they asked people to go to the track, sign a book for the boy and run or walk in honor of him.  His mom was actually running on the hospital treadmill for the entire surgery! 

It was HOT yesterday and the track was black, but there was a little breeze going.  Still, it felt good to be running for a good cause.  It was harder for me than I’d like to admit.  I must really struggle with dehydration.  Only 3 miles and I was taking it “easy” but man it felt hard.  I was a little nervous that maybe I should stop, I was concerned about my body temperature getting too hot but told myself that it was only 3 miles so it should have been fine.

 Later that night my leg hurt, it didn’t start until I went to bed but it ached all through the night.  I didn’t take any naproxen and upon waking, again it felt pretty good. 

 I had another baby dream.  In this one I was getting X-rays of my pelvis for something and on the X-rays you could see a little baby inside of me.  I was so excited and said to Tim “Look that’s our little baby!”  Premonition?  Too early to tell.

Wayland Road Runners 6/13/12

Side Note: Wayland Road Runners is a Summer Running Club that our friends, Ray and Jennifer started many, many years ago.  It meets every Wednesday in the summer for “races” where you get to run with your friends and earn points for a variety of different accomplishments.  They have somehow managed to keep the cost to $.50 per run-You can’t beat that!

Well, tonight I run at Wayland and I’m hoping for the best.  I haven’t biked since Sunday and went back to the chiropractor yesterday.  My left leg still just has so many issues…like right now I have some weird pain on my left lower back?  Not sure what’s going on and my IT band has felt ok. There are some moments when I feel like it hurts again but then I try to re-create the sensation and I can’t. 

 I’m thinking now of signing up for the Reeds Lake 5K.  If I run for my company, I get ½ off so its less than $14 and while I wouldn’t win money, I should still be able to help my team by placing high in my age group. Last year 21 minutes was 3rd place in my AG.  I think I could run about 20:30 right now.  I’m running 6:48-7 min pace on all my short runs and its only 1 more mile and it would have to be 6:36 pace.  I think I could do that. 

 As far as everything else goes I’m trying to eat a lot and not worry about my weight and not worry in general.   

Other than that, there isn’t a ton going on.  Tim and I are going to Wayland tonight and I’ll run my two miles and walk a mile.  Then we’re going to our friends, Val and Derek’s afterwards.  We were invited to go in the hot tub but because we’re trying to get pregnant we have to pass on that.  I may have a glass or two of wine but not much else and I kicked coffee altogether starting this morning!  Hopefully the sacrifices pay off in another few weeks!

Interesting Weekend 6/11/12

It was very nice that I got to run 2 miles on Saturday, and in all honesty it felt pretty good.  My rear of course had the tight areas but it felt pretty good and it felt “natural” again to be running, which I haven’t felt as of yet.  I also got to watch my husband PR in the 5K!  Its amazing how quickly the race goes by when you’re not running.  I watched the start of the race, walked back to the building and went to the bathroom quick and by the time I walked back over the start/finish the first runners were already coming in!  Granted, they ran in the 14’s but still…it seemed so fast.  Tim came in at 17:35 and I watched the first woman come in about 30 seconds before that.  I couldn’t help but wonder if I would have been right there had I been in top shape.  Oh well, guess I’ll never know and I have to be ok with that.


Go Timmer!

Other than that, Tim and I had a great weekend.  We had a nice evening in on Friday, followed by a nice evening out with friends and family on Saturday and then a quiet evening in again on Sunday night.  It was hot out, so we worked in the yard a little bit but I had to go inside after a while because the heat was just too much.

 Also, I had some weird pain in my knee that started on Saturday after my attempted bike ride.  It was more of a strange rubbing feeling than pain but when I did my long bike ride on Sunday it definitely was a little of both.  I completed my 22 miles and then iced it and I’m staying off the bike for a couple days hoping it will go down. 

 So, that’s where things are.  I’m trying to be really positive.  The truth of it is…I’m kind of in a frustrated place again.  I know, I shouldn’t be.  I’m able to continue running, albeit a small amount, but its still progress!  I should be through the roof, but I’m sort of like…well, my running is just a slow buildup and more frustrating than I had planned on.  I guess that’s life though right?

Just Another Mile and a Half, 6/5/12

So last night after work I ran a mile and a half.  Yes, 10 minutes and 15 seconds.  Nothing hurt, per se, but the tightness was still there in my hip/glutes and I got the strange tingling sensation again down my IT band.  I was thankful to have run, trust me, but I really would love to say that it feels 100% like it did pre-injury, but it doesn’t.

 Its not the same running either as it was before.  It feels odd, strange, like I have to try to remember to run all over again.  Months ago when I was doing so much running, it was such an automated activity.  My body had gone through the motions so many times it just knew what to do and felt as natural as it does to walk, or eat or drive.  Now I think when I run.  Am I pounding on my feet?  How’s my stride?  Are my arms where they’re supposed to be.  Its different.  And I run way too fast but can’t seem to help myself.  It just feels natural, but then after a mile I’m realizing that its hard. 

 I got done and I was sweating and out of breath.  That part felt good.  It just seems like so long since I effortlessly ran through 6 or 8 or even 10 miles.  I’m biking, yes and now even walking quite a bit, but I know its not the same as running.  I just don’t have a passion for the bike like I do for running.  Sure, I enjoy biking and think its especially nice when you’ve been running for a while and need to do something different or a different activity for an active recovery, or even a fun filled day with a packed lunch, etc.  But to go out most days of the week and use it as my main source of fitness…well, its getting old.  Not that I don’t appreciate it, because I do, I do.  I wouldn’t for a second want that to be taken away too.  I just miss running I guess and I’m saying that while biking is a nice substitute, its not something I crave the way I crave running.  Still, it allows me some decent activity and gets my heart rate up and I feel like keeps my legs somewhat strong since I’ve stopped all strength exercises for my legs since my injury. 

 We’ll see how my chiropractic appointment goes tonight.  As far as everything else goes, I think I’m doing ok preparing my body to accept a pregnancy.  Avoiding the alcohol has not been hard, but then again, its not the weekend so I’ve had no temptations.  Cutting back on caffeine was really hard on Monday, but today seemed not as bad.  I got 8 hours of sleep Sunday night, probably about 7 last night.  I’m making sure to eat all of my calories for the day and eat when I’m hungry and eat lots of protein and fat.  I feel pretty good.  I’m running/biking and will do core tonight but I’m not doing it super hard or anything.  So yes, I’m scaling back my workouts.  We’ll see what happens…

Pre-Pregnancy True Love Post 6/4/12

On Friday evening Tim and I watched the movie The Vow.  It was of course an emotional love story and I guess got us both choked up and realizing how lucky we are to have each other.

 The next morning I woke up sometime around 6 am with a migraine.  My head was pounding since I hadn’t had the chance to take my medicine before it really came on.  My stomach felt slight nausea too.  It was not a great start to the morning.  However, when I went downstairs and started getting out food (since that seems to help) I started finding all these little notes that Tim had left me around the house.  They were cute little love notes and he put them in and around all the things he knows I do first thing in the morning.  Even though I felt awful, I smiled and thought about how lucky I was to be with my true love. 

 Things aren’t always perfect.  We fight and we get on each other’s nerves like any couple, but we have a deep bond that has its base rooted in a strong friendship.  He doesn’t do things like that every morning, but when he does it really makes me happy.  I decided to return the favor that morning too.  I had my second chiropractic appointment on Saturday morning.  Afterwards, before heading home I walked over the Biggby and got myself a latte and ordered Tim a bagel with turkey and havarti.  He appreciated it. 

 My chiropractic appointment went really well!  He showed me my X-rays and before he even came in I could see that my pelvis was very tilted.  He explained how its putting some pressure on my sacrum and I also have some back issues that are throwing everything off.  I told him I had a migraine and he did adjustments on my back, legs and pelvis and then my neck.  The adjustments on my neck actually released some (not all) of the pressure from the migraine.  Then the massage therapist gave me a 30 minute massage and that helped ease the tension even more.  I was talking to the massage therapist and she told me that the chiropractor and his wife are both speed skaters!  They’re world class athletes and I just happened to pick him because of the location! 

 I ran later that day and everything felt ok, just a tightness that radiates from my left side.  After some stretching though I got it to calm down.  Later though throughout the day I had a lot of pain.  It felt like nerve pain.  We had a cookout with some friends and when I got home I took a couple naproxen and woke up feeling a lot better.  I went on 20 mile bike ride on Sunday and afterwards everything did seem to feel better.  I’m going to try running another 1.5 miles tonight and then go back to the chiropractor tomorrow. 

 I’m also preparing my body this week to try to get pregnant.  I’m trying to get lots of sleep, eat a little more food, especially protein and fat and tone down the intensity of my workouts.  If I gain a little weight, so be it.  I’ve also cut back on caffeine to 65 mg a day and will not drink alcohol this week or at least only keep it to 2 drinks on Saturday when we go out for Terri’s birthday.  Bring on the hope and the crazy planning!