Just Another Mile and a Half, 6/5/12

So last night after work I ran a mile and a half.  Yes, 10 minutes and 15 seconds.  Nothing hurt, per se, but the tightness was still there in my hip/glutes and I got the strange tingling sensation again down my IT band.  I was thankful to have run, trust me, but I really would love to say that it feels 100% like it did pre-injury, but it doesn’t.

 Its not the same running either as it was before.  It feels odd, strange, like I have to try to remember to run all over again.  Months ago when I was doing so much running, it was such an automated activity.  My body had gone through the motions so many times it just knew what to do and felt as natural as it does to walk, or eat or drive.  Now I think when I run.  Am I pounding on my feet?  How’s my stride?  Are my arms where they’re supposed to be.  Its different.  And I run way too fast but can’t seem to help myself.  It just feels natural, but then after a mile I’m realizing that its hard. 

 I got done and I was sweating and out of breath.  That part felt good.  It just seems like so long since I effortlessly ran through 6 or 8 or even 10 miles.  I’m biking, yes and now even walking quite a bit, but I know its not the same as running.  I just don’t have a passion for the bike like I do for running.  Sure, I enjoy biking and think its especially nice when you’ve been running for a while and need to do something different or a different activity for an active recovery, or even a fun filled day with a packed lunch, etc.  But to go out most days of the week and use it as my main source of fitness…well, its getting old.  Not that I don’t appreciate it, because I do, I do.  I wouldn’t for a second want that to be taken away too.  I just miss running I guess and I’m saying that while biking is a nice substitute, its not something I crave the way I crave running.  Still, it allows me some decent activity and gets my heart rate up and I feel like keeps my legs somewhat strong since I’ve stopped all strength exercises for my legs since my injury. 

 We’ll see how my chiropractic appointment goes tonight.  As far as everything else goes, I think I’m doing ok preparing my body to accept a pregnancy.  Avoiding the alcohol has not been hard, but then again, its not the weekend so I’ve had no temptations.  Cutting back on caffeine was really hard on Monday, but today seemed not as bad.  I got 8 hours of sleep Sunday night, probably about 7 last night.  I’m making sure to eat all of my calories for the day and eat when I’m hungry and eat lots of protein and fat.  I feel pretty good.  I’m running/biking and will do core tonight but I’m not doing it super hard or anything.  So yes, I’m scaling back my workouts.  We’ll see what happens…

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