Weekend Getaway in Irons, MI 6/26/12

Over the weekend Tim and I went with our friends Darla and Clare, and Carol and Kevin to Darla’s family cottage up in Irons, MI.  Its a rustic little cottage sitting right on a river, surrounded by miles of woods.  It was a great time spent with great people, and we even got some running in! 

I ran 4 miles on Saturday with Tim and it went really well except the first and last mile were on trails and on a sandy area I twisted my left knee and that was bothering me a bit on Saturday but I iced it and now it seems ok.  I also ran 3 on Sunday and felt pretty good!  That was my first time back doing two days of running in a row and everything seemed ok.  I took Monday off but ran 3 miles again today at lunch and everything seemed to feel pretty good.  I still had a tight spot in the back of my left leg, seems like what I was sort of dealing with before.  I go back to the chiropractor tonight so hopefully that continues to help.

 So Wayland is tomorrow and I’m running 4 but I will just take it easy.

 So, no news yet on the other front.  Although at this point, no news is good news.  

Tim kayaking down the river


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