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Sunday Funday & Still Counting…2/17/13

For the most part it was a pretty uneventful week. I continued with the biking and my hip continued to feel better to the point that I entertained thoughts of trying to run. However, after walking my dog over a mile and feeling how sore my hip was after that I decided it wasn’t worth the risk, plus I’ve got to be close to the end, right?!

Friday something very scary happened. I’ve suffered from migraine headaches since age 12 and they usually follow the same predictable pattern. About 15 to 20 minutes before the headache comes on I get fuzzy spots or zig zag lines in either one or both eyes. Usually it starts small, hardly noticeable like a letter on a page that you can’t quite see by looking at directly. Then it grows until you can barely see anything out of one or both of your eyes. If you take your medicine at that point, usually the severity of the headache can be greatly reduced, but never cures it completely. You kind of still need to just let it run its course.

Anyway, I was afraid that once I was pregnant I may have a lot of them because they can be triggered by hormones. Much to my pleasant surprise I hadn’t had a single one since becoming pregnant! Until Friday.

I was in a meeting at work and suddenly things got really strange. People were talking and I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I was hearing the words but it was like my brain was refusing to interpret them. Feeling foolish, I pretended to nod in agreement when I had no idea what was said. And then when it was my turn to speak, different words seemed to be coming out of my mouth. I tried covering it up but I was getting so scared. I tried thinking of the names of the people in the room with me and couldn’t remember them. I had my laptop with me and got an email from Tim and tried reading it and I kept jumbling his words and making out sentances that didn’t make sense. I wondered if I was having a stroke.

After a few minutes the confusion seemed to pass and I could again make out words and remember people’s names but it scared me. Then suddenly I got the too familiar zig zag lines in front of my right eye and thought “Could that have all been part of the migraine?” I sat through the rest of the meeting in a fog and went into my next feeling the same way. I knew a horrible headache was on its way too. In my next meeting, after my visual disturbance had gone away, my right hand went completely numb. What was going on?? Then my eye disturbance came back!! Nothing about this was typical so I told my co-worker I didn’t feel well and called my doctor’s office on the way home.

They had me come in that afternoon and checked my blood pressure to make sure I wasn’t developing pre-eclampsia. Blood pressure was normal, baby’s heart rate was good and I felt relieved. The doctor said that sometimes migraines can have stroke like symptoms but it was good that I called since this was unusual for me and it could have been something serious. She gave me a prescription that was safe to take during pregnancy and I picked it up on my way home. Yikes! What a scary day!

Saturday I was feeling back to normal with only a slight headache whenever I coughed or sneezed. I did my 45 minute bike ride and cleaned the entire house from top to bottom! We hadn’t made any plans for this weekend because we weren’t sure if and when Alexandra was going to arrive. It was snowy and nasty out anyway, and it felt good to get so much done.

Today will be a similar day for me and Tim. We’ll run lots of errands and try to keep busy. Its getting harder and harder to think about anything else but her arrival. I haven’t felt any more significant contractions or crampiness so I have no idea how things are progressing. I did have a lot of rib pain yesterday. I’m not sure if its her feet pushing out my rib cage or what, but it hurts and it doesn’t let up much when I can get her to change positions. I feel like she’s HUGE in there! I can feel what seems to be her back all the way up by my sternum and when she squirms I think I feel her little knees untuck somewhat and I just think “how does she have ANY room!”

I’ll post my 36 week (9 month)belly shot. My torso is so short I really do feel like I’m just ALL BABY and its getting pretty uncomfortable.

Pre-Pregnancy True Love Post 6/4/12

On Friday evening Tim and I watched the movie The Vow.  It was of course an emotional love story and I guess got us both choked up and realizing how lucky we are to have each other.

 The next morning I woke up sometime around 6 am with a migraine.  My head was pounding since I hadn’t had the chance to take my medicine before it really came on.  My stomach felt slight nausea too.  It was not a great start to the morning.  However, when I went downstairs and started getting out food (since that seems to help) I started finding all these little notes that Tim had left me around the house.  They were cute little love notes and he put them in and around all the things he knows I do first thing in the morning.  Even though I felt awful, I smiled and thought about how lucky I was to be with my true love. 

 Things aren’t always perfect.  We fight and we get on each other’s nerves like any couple, but we have a deep bond that has its base rooted in a strong friendship.  He doesn’t do things like that every morning, but when he does it really makes me happy.  I decided to return the favor that morning too.  I had my second chiropractic appointment on Saturday morning.  Afterwards, before heading home I walked over the Biggby and got myself a latte and ordered Tim a bagel with turkey and havarti.  He appreciated it. 

 My chiropractic appointment went really well!  He showed me my X-rays and before he even came in I could see that my pelvis was very tilted.  He explained how its putting some pressure on my sacrum and I also have some back issues that are throwing everything off.  I told him I had a migraine and he did adjustments on my back, legs and pelvis and then my neck.  The adjustments on my neck actually released some (not all) of the pressure from the migraine.  Then the massage therapist gave me a 30 minute massage and that helped ease the tension even more.  I was talking to the massage therapist and she told me that the chiropractor and his wife are both speed skaters!  They’re world class athletes and I just happened to pick him because of the location! 

 I ran later that day and everything felt ok, just a tightness that radiates from my left side.  After some stretching though I got it to calm down.  Later though throughout the day I had a lot of pain.  It felt like nerve pain.  We had a cookout with some friends and when I got home I took a couple naproxen and woke up feeling a lot better.  I went on 20 mile bike ride on Sunday and afterwards everything did seem to feel better.  I’m going to try running another 1.5 miles tonight and then go back to the chiropractor tomorrow. 

 I’m also preparing my body this week to try to get pregnant.  I’m trying to get lots of sleep, eat a little more food, especially protein and fat and tone down the intensity of my workouts.  If I gain a little weight, so be it.  I’ve also cut back on caffeine to 65 mg a day and will not drink alcohol this week or at least only keep it to 2 drinks on Saturday when we go out for Terri’s birthday.  Bring on the hope and the crazy planning!

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