My name is Jen and I’m a Christian, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and runner all while holding down this gig on the side called a full time job!

I’ve been a Christian since I can remember but only recently have I felt a revival or re-birth of faith.  Through infertility and loss, my faith was strengthened.  Now that I’m different I try every day to live my life more like The Christ.  I mess up a lot and think I should right about it because there are probably more people out there like me that mess up a lot!

I’m a working mother of two and a wife.  While life is busier than its ever been, its also more wonderful than its ever been.  I want to share this too!

Then the last part–the running!  While I’ve learned that running does not define who I am, it is something I’m passionate about.  I’ve also had some success at marathons (even winning one!) and other distances.  I write my own training plans and am a research nerd!  I always love hearing the latest scientific research and applying it to my training and of course sharing it with others.  I hope you’ll poke around and like what you see and stay a while.  Feel free to send me an email about virtual coaching!  I absolutely love helping others become successful.

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