Wayland Road Runners 6/13/12

Side Note: Wayland Road Runners is a Summer Running Club that our friends, Ray and Jennifer started many, many years ago.  It meets every Wednesday in the summer for “races” where you get to run with your friends and earn points for a variety of different accomplishments.  They have somehow managed to keep the cost to $.50 per run-You can’t beat that!

Well, tonight I run at Wayland and I’m hoping for the best.  I haven’t biked since Sunday and went back to the chiropractor yesterday.  My left leg still just has so many issues…like right now I have some weird pain on my left lower back?  Not sure what’s going on and my IT band has felt ok. There are some moments when I feel like it hurts again but then I try to re-create the sensation and I can’t. 

 I’m thinking now of signing up for the Reeds Lake 5K.  If I run for my company, I get ½ off so its less than $14 and while I wouldn’t win money, I should still be able to help my team by placing high in my age group. Last year 21 minutes was 3rd place in my AG.  I think I could run about 20:30 right now.  I’m running 6:48-7 min pace on all my short runs and its only 1 more mile and it would have to be 6:36 pace.  I think I could do that. 

 As far as everything else goes I’m trying to eat a lot and not worry about my weight and not worry in general.   

Other than that, there isn’t a ton going on.  Tim and I are going to Wayland tonight and I’ll run my two miles and walk a mile.  Then we’re going to our friends, Val and Derek’s afterwards.  We were invited to go in the hot tub but because we’re trying to get pregnant we have to pass on that.  I may have a glass or two of wine but not much else and I kicked coffee altogether starting this morning!  Hopefully the sacrifices pay off in another few weeks!

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