Premonition? 6/21/12

Wayland was cancelled last night but Tim and I ran 3 miles on a track for a good cause.  My friend Suzy knew of an event that was going on at the Hopkins track for a little boy getting brain surgery.  His mom is a runner and so they asked people to go to the track, sign a book for the boy and run or walk in honor of him.  His mom was actually running on the hospital treadmill for the entire surgery! 

It was HOT yesterday and the track was black, but there was a little breeze going.  Still, it felt good to be running for a good cause.  It was harder for me than I’d like to admit.  I must really struggle with dehydration.  Only 3 miles and I was taking it “easy” but man it felt hard.  I was a little nervous that maybe I should stop, I was concerned about my body temperature getting too hot but told myself that it was only 3 miles so it should have been fine.

 Later that night my leg hurt, it didn’t start until I went to bed but it ached all through the night.  I didn’t take any naproxen and upon waking, again it felt pretty good. 

 I had another baby dream.  In this one I was getting X-rays of my pelvis for something and on the X-rays you could see a little baby inside of me.  I was so excited and said to Tim “Look that’s our little baby!”  Premonition?  Too early to tell.

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