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Mitchell’s Run for Russ 8/20/12

 Saturday was the Mitchell’s Run Thru Rockford.  Its an event that Tim and I do every year.  The 5K run is a fundraiser for Muscular Distrophy and over the years has grown and grown.  Part of the reason its so special to us is because our friend Russell has MD.  So even when I’m pregnant and shouldn’t be signing up for races, this is one I just couldn’t miss out on.

 I met Tim because of Russell.  Way back in 2007 my sister, who was a waitress at a little restaurant bar in Kentwood figured out that Tim would be my perfect match.  Russell lives in Kentwood and was a frequent customer at the restaurant.  Anyone who has ever met him will understand how my sister got to know him really well by working there.  Russell is a very social guy, and I’d wager that anyone that meets him pretty much loves him off the bat.  Anyway, Tim was living in Kentwood too and would frequently meet Russell at the restaurant.  Well, since Tim and I are now married, you can figure that we finally did meet, and life has never been the same.  We have Lindsay and Russell to thank for that.

 To know Russell is to love him.  He and Tim have known each other since their Kentwood grade school days.  Russell was diagnosed with MD when he was 20 or 21.  Sometimes I try to imagine what he went through at that time.  I can’t imagine finding out at that age that you have a life long deteriorating disease where you eventually will not be able to walk, among other things.  I can only imagine what that would have been like for me, and know that it would have been an incredibly dark time.  I didn’t meet Russell until he was nearly 30, but I can tell you that when I met him, he was the most genuinely kind and positive person that I’ve ever met.  I don’t know his own internal struggles and battles, but I do know that if he does have dark moments, you would never know it on the outside. 

 I’m a better person for knowing Russ.  He teaches me to appreciate all the goodness that I have around me, no matter how bad things may seem.  His family is the same way.  They are just good people.  Sometimes I wonder how something like this could have happened to such a wonderful person.  I wonder if Russ ever thinks that way too.  Last year, Russ gave us quite a scare.  He stopped breathing.  That’s the ugliness of the disease.  It gets progressively worse.  When I met Russ back in 2007 he was still walking, albeit with a walker and very slowly, but he was still walking.  Now he’s in a wheelchair.  So back to last year, his mom found him not breathing and his step dad (who used to be a paramedic) helped until he was able to get to the hospital.  Russ was kept under for several days and had bad pneumonia, developed pink eye while in the hospital and some bed sores that you just knew were horrible.  I remember seeing him sleeping in that hospital bed, thanking God for powerful pain medication and that he didn’t have to be awake for all of this.  We came to the hospital and wrote messages to him, all the time feeling like we wished there was more we could do. 

 Even after Russ woke up and was improving, he still was in the hospital for a couple months.  He just wanted to go home and when he finally did he was so happy to be there.  Yet to talk to him about this horrible event, you don’t ever hear that he feels sorry for himself.  Instead, he’s just always thinking about the positives.  Just thinking about him and that time gets me teary-eyed.  I just think about how strong of a person he is and how he makes the best of everything.  Always full of love, always full of jokes. 

 Sometimes I feel sorry for myself for this or that.  When I couldn’t run due to my injury sometimes it felt like life was so unfair and then I’d think about Russ and how he deals with everything and it was hard to feel sorry for myself for very long. 

 So that run we did on Saturday is for Russ.  And I can’t imagine not doing it.  This year was different for me.  Last year I won the women’s race and was disappointed running a 17:30 something.  This year I wasn’t sure how fast I’d go or what I’d feel like so I had no race plan whatsoever.  I ended up running completely even splits, 6:21, 6:21, and 6:21.  There were times I was worried that I was going too fast and I’d force myself to slow and think about my baby.  It was a nice cool morning though and I was less worried about overheating.  It was surprisingly hard for me to not want to pass everyone around me.  The whole race I just passed people and never got passed until the final 400 meters when people started their kick and I just coasted in.  I ran 19:53 and was surprised after standing around and talking that I started to feel a little dizzy.  I made sure to grab some water and did a slow cool down.  I talked to Val about my concerns that I’d run too hard and she made me feel much better, telling me that she had done something similar when she was pregnant and everything was fine.  

 Its really hard sometimes to know your limit.  As an athlete, you’re trying all the time to push yourself to your limit.  You’re used to the pain, used to feelings of coming so close and not being physically able to go further.  They say when you’re pregnant that you need to manage that level yourself.  Talking is a good guide, but I can usually get out a few words, even when I’m running fairly hard.  I mean, all out 5K pace feels much different than what I ran on Saturday.  I didn’t go all out, yet the dizziness I felt afterwards made me question if I had come too close to that line.  So for the time being, I don’t think I’m going to sign up for too many other 5K’s.  Its just too hard to properly gauge how hard you’re working until you’re done.

 I was a little sore even on Sunday.  Nothing like after a big race sore or anything, but just slightly in my legs.  I haven’t really run 3 miles that fast in so many months that it wasn’t really a huge surprise.  So I took it easy today.  Nice 7 mile run in the cool morning air.  The sky was black except for the many shining stars (no visible moon) and I even saw a shooting star when I first set out.  It felt good, not too hard, yet long enough to make me feel really accomplished after I’d finished.  

 This is a big week for us.  Tomorrow marks 12 weeks of pregnancy, a big step.  This is usually when your risk for miscarriage goes down considerably and many people start spreading the news publically.  We have our ultrasound on Thursday afternoon.  This will be the second time we get to have a look at our little one and since the first one was so incredible, I’m looking even more forward to this one.  As long as everything looks normal, I plan on sharing the news at work the next day.  Then Tim and I leave for vacation (Babymoon) on Saturday for a week.  I’m hoping to take a creative picture so that when we come back we can announce on facebook.  Here we go…isn’t life amazing!

Running, Pregnancy and Food 8/17/12

As I sit here feeling nauseous and tired, I can’t believe that its already past the middle of August and I’m 11.5 weeks pregnant!

 Today is my day off of running but its odd.  It seems that I actually end up feeling worse the days I don’t run in the morning.  The rest of the week my runs were pretty average, nothing all that exciting to talk about.  The main thing for me was just getting up in the morning and getting them in because it was really hard this week.  My alarm would go off at 5:20 am and I just did not feel like getting up yet.  Of course, once I was out there in the cool air and quiet night it always felt good, and felt even better stretching in the kitchen when it was all over.  Still, I was looking very forward to today, my day off.  I got to sleep in till 6 am (well almost, problem for me is when I wake up at 5:20 most mornings sometimes my body wants to just wake up at that time when I don’t have to) but when I woke up I had a headache and have not felt so great all morning.  It should be almost over though…I hope by this time next week all these feelings of queasiness will be just a distant memory.

 Every Friday morning also happens to be the day each week I weigh myself.  The last two weeks I hadn’t really gained anything and actually my weight had gone down, but this week it was back up.  So in total, over 11.5 weeks I’ve gained 3.6 pounds.  This is so far right in the range its supposed to be for the first trimester.  My clothes still fit but they do seem to be fitting a bit more “snug” around the waist.  Outwardly, I don’t think anyone could tell that I’m pregnant, but to me, I definitely can notice it.  Its most noticeable to me after I’ve just eaten because the size of my uterus now pushes everything up and out a little bit.  Its also this strange sort of “fullness” that I can see and feel in myself.  Sometime this week was when my uterus was supposed to rise out and up a little bit and I felt it stretching all day on Tuesday and now I can feel this hard, almost muscle like “bubble” just below my belly button.  Its not very large, it just feels hard to me and not squishy.  I know it sounds strange, but I’m actually looking forward to having a distinct belly that I can see. 

 This week I felt a little guilty about some of my eating.  I visited my friend Carol on Monday after work and her niece was there and made cupcakes and I took two home, one for Tim and we ate them for dessert that night.  Then on Wednesday my co-worker made cupcakes too (with peanut butter inside) and I did honestly try to resist, but ultimately the peanut butter won in the end.  I tried to justify it to myself by only eating half in the morning and half for dessert later that night so that my sugar levels wouldn’t spike so much.  I had a lunch meeting that day and ordered a chicken parmesan sandwich, which was delicious and took the rest home for dinner.  Then yesterday we had an off-site all day meeting and they served pizza for lunch (YUM!) and had ice cream sandwiches in the afternoon (double yum).  I did feel sort of guilty but normally I’m so strict with my diet and am always thinking about performance, and well…now I kind of have an excuse and its not going to last forever, so why not make the best of it?

 Then this morning I read this thing on one of my pregnancy apps on my phone that says when you are preggo your body has to work harder than normal to combat sugar spikes and it can lead to gestational diabetes.  I have to know though that most of the time I really do eat healthy and do watch my sugar intake.  I really want to eat healthy for my little one.  Sometimes I do feel social pressures when there are treats involved to indulge, even if I don’t want to.  I don’t really care for cake and I don’t like donuts.  And since I know they are not good for me, I usually have no problem not eating them.  However, because of my thin build people are often “pressuring” me to “just eat it” saying things like “you of all people can use it.”  I know it will only get worse once everyone knows that I’m pregnant.  I can already hear the “You’re eating for two now!”  But, I KNOW that really, eating for “two” only means an extra 300 calories a day, which is really not that much when you think about it.  Also, while you do need “more” calories and nutrients, eating extra empty calorie foods is bad for baby.  Still, there are plenty of people that don’t want to hear that and want to use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever they want, whenever they want.  And that typically leads to gestational diabetes, and excessive weight gain, which is not good for momma or baby. 

 I know that I need to gain weight during the course of pregnancy and so far I’ve been pacing right on track.  I know that I’ll need to gain about 25 pounds and I’m ok with that.  I’m not going to be one of those “pregarexics” or whatever they’re called.  But I just don’t want to gain more than is healthy for me and baby.  After I deliver, maybe I’m naïve, but I want to lose the weight as quickly as healthfully possible and get back into peak running shape, also as quickly as possible.  We’ll see how it all goes!

Dreams of fall 8/13/12

I will admit that this morning I had a hard time getting out of bed to run when the alarm went off at 5:15 am.  It didn’t seem like it was time for it to be morning yet.  On these mornings I have to get right out of bed and go get my running clothes on.  If I lay in bed for a few minutes I may either change my mind or fall back asleep. 

 Why do I wake up early to run?  There are many reasons.  The first and most important on a day when I’m running longer than 5 miles is simply that I have more time.  Sometimes I’ll squeeze in a 4 or 5 mile run on my lunch break at work, but going 6 or longer and then having to shower and dress and somehow eat a lunch after that is too time crunched.  I could run after work, but I’ve found that often after a long day at work (and my long drive home) I am tired and hungry and just don’t seem to feel as good on a run as I do first thing in the morning. 

 That’s brings me to reason number 1 I like to run in the morning.  I seem to feel the best.  I don’t know why, maybe its because I haven’t eaten or had anything to drink in 8+ hours and my belly feels better running on empty than it does during the day.  Sure, I’ve read all the advice, to wake up 30 minutes before and eat something light before heading out on a run, but honestly, when you’re getting up at 5:15 or earlier, who has time for another 30 minutes?  Since I became pregnant however, I have been eating a handful of teddy grahams.  That seems to settle my queasy stomach enough to run without much trouble. 

 This morning I got in 7 miles.  I felt good through most of it.  I was in the low 60’s, there was a slight breeze and it was dark and damp and the streets were very quiet.  I don’t bring my headphones mainly because I want to be aware of my surroundings when its dark out so I only listen to my thoughts and my feet hitting the pavement rhythmically. 

 Usually on a Monday morning, I would be doing a workout with Tim.  He got up with me and was out doing just that.  There was a part of me that was envious.  Going on “easy” runs day in and day out can be kind of hard for me, but I’m really trying to just enjoy them and take pleasure in the fact that I am able to run. 

 Today’s run was a good run.  I felt pretty good most of the way.  Around mile 4.5 I did start to feel the teddy grahams moving through my stomach and it was slightly uncomfortable, but during marathon training I had encountered much worse and knew that if I just focused on my form and breathing the feeling would eventually pass and sure enough it did.  Just like that my longest run of the week (except for Saturday’s long run) was complete, before the sun even came up on this Monday morning.  That too, is another reason I love to get my runs in early.  Before the day is even beginning, while most people are still sleeping, I’ve already accomplished so much.  It kind of makes going into work on Monday morning not seem as bad.  On Monday mornings whenever we did hard workouts, I went into the office feeling ready to take on the world.  There was nothing they could throw at me that would be as hard as that workout I had just defeated. 

 As the temperatures start to cool off I naturally start thinking about fall and all the things about it that make it my favorite season of all.  I know, there are still a few weeks of what I consider “summer” left and Tim and I will certainly enjoy them as we head off on vacation in St. Ignace in a couple weeks.  But every year around the middle of August we sometimes get our first “taste” of fall and it makes me so happy. 

 My obsession with fall probably goes way back to high school and all the fun things that happened in the fall.  I actually liked going back to school, especially since it meant the start of cross-country season.  The air starts to get a little cooler, you get to wear your new fall clothes, and we would be running through the grass and trails as the leaves began to turn.  There were bonfires and school parades and dances.  My love of the changing season continued through college as we traveled across the country running on different cross-country courses, sometimes following up a Saturday long run with a stop at the cider mill for some cider and doughnuts.  I met my husband in the summer, but some of my favorite memories from when we were dating are from the fall.  I met his whole family for the first time at his brother’s fall wedding.  He and I would cook chili and cornbread together and drink some wine after a long day at work.  We’d heat up squash in the oven and eat it with cottage cheese after a chilly run together.  And we did our first half marathon together that fall in October.  We even had a fall wedding since it seems to be a favorite season for both of us. 

 Now that we’re going to have a baby (not until Spring) I am finding myself even more sentimental than normal in remembering all these great fall memories.  There are so many things I want to do and am looking forward to.  I plan on running the Bridge run in GR in mid September.  It will be much different this year (last year I won it).  I’ll just go my regular jogging pace and try to look around me and enjoy the sights.  Tim and I also plan to travel with my friend Darla and run the Indianapolis half marathon the first week in November.  Ideally, I would like to pace Darla, but I will be 5.5 months pregnant by then and just don’t know how the running will be going.  I’m also looking forward to watching my best friend Val as she coaches her own cross-country teams for the first time. 

 Besides just running stuff, I am also looking forward to all the warm comfort foods of fall.  I love hot cider, but know that I’m not supposed to drink it because its unpasteurized.  So that is something I’ll miss.  I can’t drink the seasonal beers either, oh well.  Tim and I usually go to at least one MSU football game.  And more on the running, its so nice to get up on a Saturday and drive somewhere different and go on a long run, get done and be freezing cold, get a warm drink (used to be a hot coffee, now it will probably be hot cocoa, get home and take a hot shower and go walk around a pumpkin patch and just take in all the wonderful sites and sounds and smells of the season.  Oh fall…hurry up and get here!

First Big Pregnancy Scare 8/9/12

Today was my first pregnancy truly scary/nervous moment.  I just had some strange stabbing pain, mostly in my left side of my abdomen.  It wasn’t bad, I could still walk, but I haven’t had it before.  It lasted only a second or two and was coming every 6 or 7 minutes and then after I got to work started coming more frequently but less intense.  I wasn’t bleeding at all.  So I called the Dr.’s office and talked to a nurse who asked me some questions and said she would talk to my doctor and call me back.  Over an hour later, she called and said that the doctor reviewed my ultrasound, and it looked awesome and my ovaries were fine.  She said it was probably “round ligament pain” which is the stretching of the ligaments.  She said to be careful with sudden movements and that I could take acetometaphen if it was painful.  Its not that painful, I was just worried.

 I feel relieved, but also still more cautious and now I’m debating whether or not I should run at lunch.  I don’t want to be overreacting, but it is concerning.  I suppose I can always start my run and if I don’t feel right about it, just stop. 

 Last night was our last Wayland and its always a fun run followed by a potluck.  I was having some intestinal issues before the run even started and then during the run too.  Even after I was done, I felt bloated and icky.  I then felt like I ate too much food and this morning thought that maybe that was all it was.

 I really just want to get through this first trimester and then I’ll feel a lot more confident.  In a way, I guess I was hoping to come in for an ultrasound today so I’d be assured everything is ok.  The fact that they didn’t think it was necessary though, is pretty reassuring too I suppose. 

 Blame it on the hormones or whatever, but I’ve been really sentimental and emotional the last few days.  I’m just thinking so much about family and I really want to create something for my child that’s all about his/her family.  I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite childhood memories and how I can’t wait to experience some of those things with my own child. 

 I’ve also been thinking a lot about my husband Tim and how thankful and lucky I am to have him in my life.  He’s so loyal and caring and doesn’t usually get too upset with me.  He’s more quiet than me, especially when it comes to being passionate about opinions and things, so in a way we help balance each other out.  He’s my best friend and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. This weekend we finally have a free weekend.  I really want to just be lazy and get some much needed rest.  We’ve been constantly on the go on the weekends and it will be so nice to just be us.  

 I plan on running 8 miles on Saturday morning but other than that, I just want to take it easy.  We will probably go to Holland and check out Gazelle’s side walk sale since I need some new running shoes.  Then Tim mentioned going down to Saugatuck and going to dinner/watching the sun set and it sounded perfect.  Now I just can’t wait for it to get here. 

 Its not that work has been particularly stressful or anything, I’m just ready for a little break from everything.  I love our family and our friends dearly, and normally I’m such an energetic, go getter type of person, but I’m just feeling run down and tired.  It’s a good thing we have a vacation coming up in a couple weeks!  In the meantime, I just have to stick it out and hope that the weekends get here fast, go by slowly, and that I get plenty of rest.

Ride the Charx 8/6/12

It was a really nice weekend, and I say that whole heartedly.  I was nervous about the bike event we signed up for up north with my parents.

Friday was off to kind of a rough start as we hit some serious traffic backups heading North and didn’t get to our hotel until close to 10 pm.  My parents came over to our room though and we shared our good news.  They were pretty excited, especially my dad.  I hope that this gives him another thing to look forward to and not want to miss.

 The bike ride went pretty well too.  It was a cooler start and we went at my parent’s pace, so it was a nice leisurely ride.  The first parts went by pretty fast for me.  During the middle we ran into some hills and those were harder but I pushed through them.  The hardest point for me seemed to be about 32 miles in.  We still had a little ways to go and I was getting hot and tired and ran out of water.  We had to wait for a ferry and we were just cooking in the sun.  After we got going towards the end though, riding along the shore of Lake Charlevoix, admiring the beautiful views of the lake and gawking at people’s mansions it went by pretty fast.  The lunch was good and I ate a lot of food and felt pretty stuffed afterwards. 

 My mom and I went shopping around Charlevoix while my dad and Tim played some golf.  I got a little tired walking around and had to sit down a few times.  I felt sort of silly, since my mom with MS seemed to be doing just fine.  I felt pretty dehydrated though and kept trying to catch up on fluids. 

 Dinner was nice at an Italian restaurant and then we drove back to the hotel in Gaylord, played a quick card game with my parent’s and went back to our own rooms.  Tim had the Olympics on and I watched a little bit but fell asleep pretty early.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open. 

 The next morning we did an 8 mile run through Gaylord.  The run was pretty and went around some little lakes but the road was awfully cambered and after 4 miles of an out and back course my leg that had been injured suddenly had sharp, shooting pain all the way from my back hip area down to almost my knee along my IT band.  It scared me and I didn’t know what to do, given that we were 4 miles out so I knew I had to run back.  I stopped and stretched and then on the way back Tim and I made every effort to run in the middle of the road instead of the side which was sloped.  After a few minutes of running on the level surface my pain seemed to go away as quickly as it came on.  I finished the rest of the run with no other problems and it was both my first 8 mile run and first run over an hour since my time off from the injury.  The experience made me all the more convinced though that my injury was due to running on the uneven surface of the Myrtle Beach Marathon. 

 We drove home yesterday and I have to be totally honest…I was exhausted!  I felt like I could have curled up in bed and napped the afternoon away.  Instead we had dinner with Val and Derek and Mary Anne and Anthony and Val lent me a lot of maternity clothes/books that I can’t wait to read and gave us our first baby gift!  A little wooden toy frog that moves when you pull it.  It was something we saw last weekend with Derek after Byron Center days that Tim and I liked and Derek went back later and got.  They are such great friends and we’re lucky to have them in our lives!

 Tim and I watched the women’s Olympic marathon last night after we got home and I stayed up till 11 pm doing so.  Not so smart.  It was awesome to watch though and I felt myself rooting for Flannagan and Goucher, even though I knew the Kenyans and Ethiopians were much faster.  They still managed to run great races and I felt did their country good!  My eyes may have been closing during the final minutes, but I was glad we watched it. 

 Today is an off day.  I was planning on running 3 miles but thought I’d get it in at lunch forgetting I have a lunch meeting.  Given what happened on the run though yesterday its probably better I take today off.  I’m going to try to get to bed real early tonight and catch up on my rest.  Tim and I actually have a “free” weekend this coming weekend and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  This morning at work I felt so nauseous for a little over an hour.  When it goes away, everything is fine.  I just feel “icky” a lot.  I’m tired a lot, nauseous or just feel so bloated so I’m really ready to get to the second trimester.  Until then I think I’ll enjoy catching up on sleep and relaxing at home. 

Ride the Charx with my parents

Cravings for fall 8/2/12

August is here.  I can’t believe the summer is in its last month.  I’m looking so forward to the fall though that I really don’t mind.  Fall is my favorite season anyway.

 Last night at Wayland was harder than I thought for a couple reasons.  It was only maybe 85 and humid yet I’ve been doing most of my runs in the early morning when it’s a lot cooler.  Tim and I warmed up and I immediately felt tired.  And it always makes me a little nervous running in the heat and worrying about the baby and how to tell if I’m getting over heated. 

 The second reason it was hard was because we did a 2 mile event, on the track and it was really hard to not go faster.  I was running in the back of the pack and while I knew in my head I was doing it for the right reasons, it was so hard for me not to creep up on everyone.  I’m competitive.  I wanted to run 6:30 pace for 2 miles but I ended up running faster the first mile.  I thought a lot about controlling my breathing and effort and it didn’t feel that hard.  I felt like I could still talk but the fact that it was warmer weather than I’m used to did make me nervous.  I kept telling myself what was important, the baby, not this event.  I felt like I didn’t push it too hard but it was on my mind somewhat the rest of the night.  I even had this dream where I went an got an ultrasound because I was so worried about the baby.  On the ultrasound everything was fine, and the nurse told me that it was a boy.  I remember being confused because I knew it was way too early to tell!  Dreams are strange, yet they somehow seem to get to the root of our thoughts and fears, even those we’re keeping to ourselves.  I didn’t tell anyone, even Tim about my nervousness because I’m afraid he’ll worry too and ask me if I was going to hard.  Level of perceived effort and the effects of heat on the body are hard things to monitor on yourself just by gut feelings. 

 Today I’ve had some light cramping off and on but no bleeding.  Still, the cramping makes me slightly nervous even though I tell myself its just my uterus stretching!  3 more weeks and I’ll feel so much better about all of this!

 I ran 5 miles this morning by myself and let me tell you, after running semi hard last night, it was definitely hard getting out of bed and getting going this morning.  My legs were pretty tired afterwards.  Still I much more enjoy already having the run behind me and running in 68 degree weather vs 84 degree weather that I would have had at lunch time. 

 I sure do hope the fall gets here fast.

9 weeks 7/31/12

Last day of July, and I’m at 9 weeks pregnant today. 

 I’m sitting here, trying to get motivated to get something done and its so hard.  I’m tired.  I just want to lay down and can’t quit yawning.  I’ve been feeling a little queasy in the mornings too. 

 The weekend was good.  A little slower than the previous two, but still pretty busy.  We got up early on Saturday for the Byron Bank race that Tim and Mackenzie ran in.  I ran a warm up and cool down with them and got to watch both of them finish.  Tim ran a huge PR, 17:21, pretty close to the 17:20 I ran there the year before.  I was so proud of him. 

 I got in my first 7 mile run that day but it was kind of broken up and a lot of it was slow because Tim seemed to want to run slower than normal.  So it really didn’t feel like anything special.  We told Mackenzie our news and she was happy for us. 

 Then we watched the Byron parade for a while with Val and Derek and Brooklynn (their baby girl) and got ice cream too!  We walked around at a farmers market and some little tent sales and bought a wooden board with hooks for our house. 

 Later I went to a party for Suzy and pretended to drink and stayed until about 9:30.  I was so tired.  I fell asleep on the couch sometime around 11 while Tim and I were watching the Olympics. 

 Sunday I was feeling really tired and lazy but had to go to the grocery store and do some errands around the house.  I went on a bike ride because I felt like I should since we’re doing the 43 mile ride with my parent’s this weekend, but I only went 16 miles and that seemed like a lot. 

 Tim’s family came over later for a cookout and we told them the news and of course they were really happy.  It felt good to finally start sharing our news.

 Yesterday I was supposed to run after work with Darla and Carol and go out to dinner afterwards.  I knew Darla only wanted to run 3 miles so I woke up and ran 3 in the morning figuring I’d run 3 that night too.  Well, we ended up not running and just going to dinner instead.  I ordered a burger and ate the whole thing!  I did feel guilty about not getting my run in so I got up extra early this morning and ran 7 with Tim. 

 This 7 was the whole way through so I finally feel like I’ve conquered 7.  I actually felt pretty good and we averaged 7:39 pace for the run.  Its just now that I feel like I ran a marathon!

 I just really look forward to the passing weeks and with each one I feel a little better that the pregnancy has progressed thus far.  I spend my weeks looking forward to the weekends and my weekends wishing they would slow down. 

 Lately, I’ve been thinking and dreaming a lot about the future and about still wanting to go after my goal of qualifying for the Olympic trials in the marathon.  I’m so thrilled that I’m pregnant and the little baby growing inside of me takes precedence over everything else right now.  But I still long for the feeling of a really good workout, or racing.  Just that feeling of pushing yourself, taking yourself to that painful place and surviving it and coming back stronger.  So it helps to picture it, even very far out into the future and I’ve even outlined a plan on how to get there again after the baby is born.  I’m hoping that I can qualify in a spring marathon in 2014- giving myself about 13 months after having the baby to get there.  There will be a progression and milestones I’ll need to hit along the way to believe that I’m on track, but it feels very possible.

 So as my body changes during these next several months to the point that its unrecognizable to me, I’ll have those dreams and those goals to think of and hopefully keep me sane and motivated. 

8 weeks pregnant belly shot

Little Peanut 7/23/12

We’ve now been through the first couple appointments.  The first one was last Wednesday, and honestly not very much happened.  We met with a nurse and she gave us some information and then I went over to their lab and they took about 4 vials of my blood and some urine for some routine tests.  Haven’t heard the results of those yet.

 Friday’s appointment was the best appointment of my life!  We had our first ultrasound and got to see the baby for the first time.  I know that I shouldn’t have, but I’ve been reading all these posts in the pregnancy websites about first ultrasounds going all wrong so I was pretty nervous.  There are so many things that can go wrong in the first few weeks before knowing anything is wrong, like a tubular pregnancy, and empty gestational sack or a baby that’s too small or has no heart beat.  Thankfully, our baby was easy to see and had a heart beat that we were even able to hear.  So amazing, such a tiny little heart is beating at the incredible rate of 146 beats per minute.  There is a living, heart beating human growing inside of me!  Truly amazing!  We could even see the little white flicker of the heartbeat on the monitor.  Additionally, they dated me at 7 weeks, 3 days, instead of 7 weeks, 1 day like I had estimated.  So, yay!  Already a little further along than I thought!

 My running was pretty hard for me all last week but then on Saturday seemed to go a little bit better.  It was a very busy, very long weekend.  I took Friday off of work to help my sister with her wedding stuff and it ended up being a very long day.  The night before the wedding we were up until 1:30 am and I got up at 7 am to get my 6 mile run in.  And I had one of the best runs I’ve had in a very long time.  It was definitely a little faster than I’ve been going and I didn’t feel exhausted by the end either.  The remainder of the day I was running around and so busy.  My sister’s wedding went great and it was such a happy day spent with a lot of family, but it was a really long day and I feel like I’m still not recovered. 

 It was hard being around so much family on Saturday and not sharing the news, but it was my sister’s day and also it is too soon to be telling the world!

 Some of the pregnancy symptoms are really starting to show themselves lately.  On Sunday morning I had Tim run out to the store and get me some bagels, cream cheese and Silk Light Chocolate soy milk.  We had English muffins in the house but I wanted a bagel.  My belly felt really icky.  I haven’t thrown up yet, but I do get a queasy, not so great feeling.  Usually eating really seems to help.  Today however, after lunch I felt more queasy then I did before I ate.  So…I waited a while then ate more and that seemed to help.

 I’ve been weighing myself every Friday morning and this past weigh in I was shocked to see I’d gone up almost 2 full pounds!  I’m not worried about it yet, but I was just surprised.  Additionally, my stomach looks completely different.  It puffs out and just doesn’t look like the lean muscle I had seen not too long ago.  I’m not worried about it, my first priority is making sure the baby is getting enough nutrients, but I try to avoid looking in the mirror now when my shirt is off.

 My run this morning was not as easy as Saturday’s.  It wasn’t as bad as some of them have been but it was hard at a few points.  Still, I got through it and felt better afterwards. 

 My strength training on the other hand…ugh!  That has been so hard to stay motivated for.  I know I need to do it and its likely I won’t be able to do much of it later in the pregnancy, yet its sooo hard!  And I have no desire to do it!  But I don’t want my muscles to fade away either.  Plus I know its good for delivery if you’re stronger.  So, I’ve been compromising with myself.  I’ve gone from 3 days a week down to just 2 and instead of trying to gain, now I’m just trying to maintain what I have.  And even that seems so hard.  When all you feel like doing is laying down and sleeping, finding a way to do 25 push ups, followed by 25 tri dips, 15 push ups, 25 tri dips and then abs…its just a constant challenge to get myself to do it!

Me and Tim at my sister’s wedding

Running and Pregnancy-harder than imagined 7/17/12

Running has been difficult for me the last few days.  Ironically, my IT band and related injuries seem fine.  I really believe the relaxin hormone from the pregnancy is relaxing my soft tissues so they feel great.  I have noticed though that sometimes my ligaments aren’t quite as supportive as they usually are.  I’ll step down and feel my knee suddenly move further than it should and a quick twinge.  Its mostly other things though that have made running more difficult.

 The motivation is one difference.  It hasn’t helped that its been scorching outside so I’ve started running in the mornings which means getting up earlier.  I’m more tired than I think I have ever been in my life.  The sleepiness is one thing but its this lethargic, just feel like lying there not doing anything that is really strange to me.  I’ve never been one to just sit around.  Usually during the course of the day I leave my desk often just to get up and walk around.  Now I seem perfectly content to sit for hours at a time.  At home, it’s the same thing.  Usually I’m in the mood to get home and cook a nice meal, help clean up, walk the dog and maybe take care of some chores.  Not so.  I get home and I just want to lay around!  And even thinking about doing simple activities like putting away dishes seems like it takes so much energy!  So the thought of going running…well, lets just say that I get out the door because I really do want to.  But I really don’t feel like it!

 Then there’s the pain in my breasts.  Sometimes just walking will make them ache and its becoming harder to sleep on them and when I run…OUCH!  I’ve started doubling up my sports bras and that seemed to make a huge difference at first.  But now it just seems to help a little.  That first mile they seem to hurt the worst and then as I get going it seems to get better.  A couple weeks ago I wouldn’t even notice them at the end of the run but now I still do.  Its just more of a dull ache than it was at the beginning. 

 Then there’s just the general feeling of laziness I have.  I seem to be able to get through a couple miles ok, but after that I just want to sit on the ground and not get back up.  Seriously!  I’m getting tired after a few miles of easy running.  And its not that anything in particular is bothering me.  My lungs seem ok, I know that my heart rate is faster and I’ve supposedly got more blood circulating through my system, all of which you would think would make running seem really easy.  But it just feels “hard”.  I just get “tired” and want to stop!  I push through it and am always glad that I did, but I didn’t know that pregnancy would have these effects. 

 Monday I did 5 miles and had to stop during the last half mile.  For what?  I don’t know.  I just felt like I couldn’t run another step without stopping for a few seconds?  Today I got through 4 miles with Tim without stopping but the last mile was hard.  Tomorrow I’m even more nervous since I’ll be running 6 by myself!  How will I stay motivated?  So crazy!  This is just not me!

 All in all though, I’m not complaining.  I love being pregnant and really want it to get to the 12 week mark so I feel better about not losing the baby.  We have our first appointment tomorrow and I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  The ultrasound is not until Friday, but they will do a pelvic exam as well as take blood and urine samples so we should at least be able to get some good indications as to how things are going. 

 My sister knows now.  I wasn’t going to tell her but she caught me not drinking at her bachelorette party and it was pretty obvious.  She was really excited and cried so it was at least a special moment.  I just hope we can keep it from everyone next weekend at her wedding.

Friday the 13th, 7/13/12

Wow, I’m already 6 weeks preggo!  Still so exciting…and nerve wracking.  All sorts of crazy dreams last night.    

My running this week has been going pretty well.  I did feel bad about my friend Darla.  She’s been progressively getting slower and I want to help her but I don’t think she wants my advice.  Its hard.  We ran together on Tuesday and I was only going three miles and we ran with some others and we were going 8:20-8:30 pace and she kept complaining that we were “flying.”  I don’t need to be going fast right now but I was barely sweating and didn’t feel like I did very much.  She asked me to run with her again yesterday if I didn’t mind going “slow” and I had to be honest and tell her that if I’m only going a few miles and all my runs are easy I need to run a little faster.  She seemed to understand, but I still felt bad.  I’d like to help her get fast again but it would probably require her doing something different and I’m not going to offer my advice unless she asks for it.   

My sister is coming home this weekend until her wedding and I have her bachelorette party on Saturday night.  I’m looking forward to it, should be fun.  It will be interesting pretending to drink but hopefully I’ll pull it off.  I’ll feel so much better if we get through the next 6 weeks and can start telling people and feeling more confident about the pregnancy.