Spooky Night 6/28/12

Well my second time running two days in a row seemed to go pretty well!  I ran a 4 mile prediction run last night at Wayland with Tim (no watches allowed) and we ran 30:57 after predicting 31 minutes…not bad! 

 The 4 miles was mostly on a packed dirt road with loose stones and I didn’t like the stones but they didn’t seem to aggravate my injuries more. 

 The strange thing about yesterday was last night.  I woke up around 3:20 am having to pee (as I frequently seem to do now) and upon returning from the bathroom noticed there was a light in the hallway.  It was strange because Tim always makes sure he turns off all the lights downstairs before coming to bed since he can’t fall asleep unless there’s total darkness.  I figured he accidentally left one on and went out to the hallway and saw the light was actually coming from the guest room!  I didn’t know why Tim would have been in there and left that light on so it kind of freaked me out and I went and turned it off but then asked him about it.  He said he didn’t leave it on so then I was really scared.  He got up and checked things out and said everything was fine but it still wasn’t sitting right with me.  And then I remembered that I had closed the door to that room the other day too and it was wide open.  I thought it was closed when I went to bed that night.  So I layed there trying to go to sleep, all the while thinking about how the light came on. 

 The cats could have opened the door, but to get the light on…that didn’t seem possible.  The light is higher than their reach and there’s a bed there but that would take some serious cat gymnastics to do something like that.

 Anyway, I tossed and turned for 2 hours before finally just getting up.  Tim finally said that he went in that room a couple days ago when the A/C people were coming to check air flow and he must have turned the light on and forgot, but still closed the door.  So at night when we went to bed the door would have been closed and we didn’t see the light but then presumably one of the cats opened the door, thus letting the light in.

 Still kind of spooky. 

 Anyway, no other news as of yet.

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