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December is finally here! 12/3/12

Saturday, Tim and I had our birthing class from 9-3.  I set the alarm to get up early and go for a run.  I was surprised to see that Tim wanted to join me.  I warned him that I’m slower now and I sometimes have to stop, etc.  He said he didn’t mind and he was great.  In the first mile, my right leg kept going “numb”.  Its hard to explain but I’ve been having this feeling in my legs for a couple weeks now when I go running and when I walk up stairs quickly.  I figure it’s a circulation thing and my blood is just not getting there as quickly due to the increased pressure.  Anyway, the more we ran along the more painful it became.  So I stopped, stretched it and shook it out to try to get the blood going.  I wanted to run 2 miles out and 2 back for a total of 4 miles.  Well, given that I was already feeling like this before a mile, I decided to turn around. 

 I also had the strong urge that I had to pee, but that’s not necessarily unusual when you’re running pregnant, so I ignored it.  Tim and I slowly jogged back towards the house and I stopped a few more times when the pain in my leg got real intense and walked for a little while.  Then, when we were within 400 meters of being home I wanted to jog the rest of the way in so we started running again and somehow magically, my leg seemed to loosen up and feel better.  So we ran past our house and then did some small loops through the neighborhood and we got in 3 miles total and I didn’t have to stop again at all.  It was an 8:45 pace, so my slowest run yet, but I was happy to get 3 miles in when I thought at one point that I’d have to settle for just over a mile!

 Interesting though, when I stopped running, I still had the strong urge to pee.  Usually it goes away after I stop.  Without getting into too many details, when I finally did go, I panicked because my urine was bright red.  Bladder and kidney infections are more common in pregnancy because sometimes your bladder can be compressed depending on the uterus and the position of the baby, so it may not empty completely and then bacteria can multiply.  I hadn’t had any symptoms until then and I immediately checked my temperature (which was normal) and called my doctors office.  I worried that I had done something while running.  I was prepared to not run another step through the rest of the pregnancy, I was so worried about Alexandra.  Additionally, I didn’t feel her moving until we were in the car and driving to our class.  Once I did, I felt better, but I was still just so scared. 

 Once we got to the hospital for the class I went to the lab and had my urine tested.  I was able to get a prescription for antibiotics that I picked up later that day and felt much better knowing that that was all that it was.

 Tim and I had a good time in our class and both felt like it was worthwhile and beneficial.  We also got to see my co-workers baby that she delivered prematurely last week.  She was adorable!  I feel bad  that she’s still in the hospital, but she is doing great and hopefully going home very soon.

 Tim and I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and building our baby registry before going out to dinner.  I got a little overcome with emotion on the way to dinner.  Truth be told, its been a rough couple weeks.  Getting the flu, having my back pain, barely sleeping at night due to the pain and having to really reduce my running and then having even that be so unpredictable and then getting the bladder infection…well it was a lot.  I’m so used to knowing my body so well and its been scary and strange to have all these things happen and feel so helpless to it all. 

 I guess I had this idea that I’d love pregnancy and I’d sail through it so smoothly.  When people ask me how its going I just want to be able to say “Good, great, etc.”  What makes it harder is that I still have a long ways to go.  At least if I only had 4-6 weeks to go the end would be near and it would be easier to get through, but 13 weeks still is a long time and everyone keeps telling me that its only going to get worse. 

 When my back was bothering me, I was not sleeping very well or very long at all.  I went through the day tired and in pain.  I tried to keep a positive attitude and think of all the wonderful things but I guess on Saturday night it just all got to be too much and I had a little cry with Tim.  We bought another body pillow at Target on Saturday and my pregnancy cradle arrived on Friday. 

 I’m so happy to report this morning that something really helped.  Both Saturday and Sunday night I slept sooo much better.  My back would get stiff, so I’d wake up and change positions, but it wasn’t the intense pain I was feeling before. 

 Today I take my glucose tolerance test and am obviously hoping that I pass.  My doctor said it sometimes surprises her who passes and who doesn’t ,so I don’t know what to expect.  Later today, I’ll try going for another run, this time only aiming for 3 miles and I’ll probably do short loops or carry my phone in case I have to stop for any reason. 

 Alexandra has been moving a lot both Saturday night and Sunday so it makes me so happy and realize this is all so worth it.  I knew that pregnancy would be hard, but I guess I was anticipating it to be hard much later…I didn’t know it would be this hard for me so early on.  My weight gain has really seemed to taper off these last few weeks so I’m holding steady at 16 pounds.  I just FEEL like I’m getting so much bigger.  Honestly, on Friday I was dreading seeing the numbers on the scale because I felt like my weight had gone up 5 pounds.  I was surprised to see that it stayed the same as the week before.  My body looks so different too.  My belly obviously is sticking out, but last night while I was getting out of the shower I thought my thighs looked thicker too.  I just tell myself during those moments that this is all temporary and I’m going to be able to get my old body back after Alexandra is born.  I lost a lot of weight before, so I know I can do it again. 

 So there you have it.  This is my honest view of how this pregnancy is going.  Its so much different than I thought it would be, so I hope it helps someone else going through it to know that “you’re not alone!”.


My chiropractic appointment was very helpful yesterday.  I went home with my back feeling good and relaxed.  It made me nervous to lift things and strain it again.  Tim’s been moving our furniture back upstairs now that he’s done with so many of the updates and I felt guilty because I wanted to help, but that horrible pain I experienced the night before just scared me.  So I did things like make up the beds.  Its funny that you don’t really realize all the things you use your back for until its been hurt.  You use it for pretty much everything.  Walking up and down stairs, bending over, lifting anything, cooking and chopping…the list goes on and on. 

 Last night during the night, my back was definitely better than it was the night before, but it still bothered me.  I tried many different positions and switched often during the night, trying to find the most comfortable position.  I ended up settling for those that seemed to hurt my back the least and at least I was able to get to sleep that way.  I did take my Flexerol last night with dinner, so maybe that’s what made the difference.  I still wasn’t “pain free” though, so I know the drugs aren’t totally blocking the pain.

 Once I was up and out of bed and in the hot shower this morning I felt like it loosened up.  When I got to work though, I again had a hard time getting comfortable.  I know it sounds strange but the position at work that seems to feel the best is to sit with my left leg and left foot on my chair with my knee bent.  Probably not the best, but it sure feels the best.

 I went for a 3 mile run at lunch today and while my back didn’t hurt, thankfully, it wasn’t exactly a great run.  It started out that way, but on the way back I developed a severe side stitch on my abdomen that I just couldn’t shake.  I’d stop running, stretch, walk, take deep breaths and always when I’d start again, it was there.  I had a very slow run, averaged 8:23 pace for 3 miles with the last mile being the slowest due to the side stitch.  Of course after I finished and ate lunch I noticed that I hadn’t felt the baby move in a while so I started to get worried.  So I started poking around my belly and when I got to the spot where I had the side stitch I felt something hard, like maybe that’s where her head was!  It scared me, and then I of course worried that I hurt her by poking at her head, but then I felt some movement as she probably shifted positions to get away from the mean lady that was poking her head as she was trying to sleep.

 So maybe that’s why I had the side stitch?  I don’t know but it is all very strange and I wonder if other mothers have experienced anything similar or if I’m just a crazy person.  I’m going to take the Flexerol again tonight and see if anything improves.  I also ordered a pregnancy cradle belt online today.  Its this very interesting looking strappy thing that is supposed to redistribute your weight among your shoulders and abdomen and upper back to relieve the strain on the lower back.  Maybe if I wear it all day my back will be less stressed and less likely to hurt at night when I go to bed. 

 I’m also stopping by a health food store tonight on my way home from work and picking up some red raspberry leaf tea.  My chiropractor recommended I start drinking it every night from now until I deliver.  He said it works to strengthen the uterus so contractions are more productive and makes for a better labor.  I researched it on my own this morning since I had never heard of it and did find some great reviews.  Its supposed to be caffeine free so it may even be a nice relaxing hot drink for me to take at night before bed time.  I plan to swim tomorrow again during my lunch break.  My arms were actually a little sore today from swimming yesterday—it was kind of nice.

11/27/12 (2)

I had to write again to rave about my lunchtime activity: swimming!  I went to the high school pool during my lunch hour.  I changed into my one piece swimsuit and laughed when I caught a glimpse of my belly in the mirror…yep, you can definitely tell I’m pregnant!  Anyway, jumped into the cold water and after a few warm up laps got into a nice rhythm!  It felt so good.  It was hard too, in that I haven’t done it in so long that I had to figure out the whole breathing thing and actually felt like I got a good, heart pumping workout in.  And my back felt great. 

 Swimming while pregnant is so much different than running while pregnant.  The extra weight you’re carrying doesn’t seem to make very much of a difference in the way you feel.  Also, since your belly is below you, you don’t get that bouncing/pulling, pressure on your bladder sensation that I was getting with running.  It gave me a nice escape to feel like me again.  I took it nice and easy and felt my arms tiring.  I was passing the guy in the lane next to me and for those 30 minutes I just felt like me again…not pregnant me, which is how I always feel now when I’m running. 

 That may sound selfish, but as any woman who’s ever been pregnant can tell you, its not.  There comes a point in the pregnancy when you constantly are aware of your present condition of being with child and everyone around you is glaringly aware too.  It can make you feel sort of like your only role in this world is to provide a nice home for the life growing inside you.  Your body changes and while its beautiful and wonderful, its so easy to forget that there’s a woman inside there too with hopes and dreams and fears.  Even at work right now its hard to not think about the baby with every decision.  I want to grow in my career, but in the back of my mind, I know I’m going on maternity leave and how difficult it would be to start training on a new job only to take 12 weeks off and have to learn everything all over again.  So yes…there’s been some opportunities that have come up that I admit I haven’t fully gone after.  I don’t regret that.  I am happy in my current position, so its not like I’m itching to move on.  Yet, I know that I eventually want more for myself and my family and my boss knows that too.  So, in some ways pregnancy feels like everything else in your life is temporarily put on hold.  Running used to make me feel free of all that, but with the discomforts lately, its yet another thing I do where I can’t forget that I’m carrying another life.  Swimming gave me that feeling of freedom today and it was so very much needed.

 I get bored with swimming, so I’m sure my new passion will fizzle out once I’ve been doing it on a regular basis but in this moment I feel great so I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts.



Last night I had a fantastic 3 mile run after work.  Its getting dark now just a little past 5 pm, so by 6 pm it was completely dark and the neighborhood was lit up with Christmas lights.  It was cold, low 30’s but I bundled up so I stayed plenty warm.  Its so funny, there was a time that I thought 3 mile runs weren’t worth the time to get all those layers on!  My how perspectives can change.  So I just went along at my leisurely pace, not watching my watch, enjoying the lights and enjoying the experience of running.  And my back never hurt!  The run gets hard for different reasons now.  I did have some tightness/pulling in my abdomen but it didn’t really bother me and since last week I’ve noticed that my legs seem to be a little bit behind my body on my runs.  It just feels like the blood doesn’t flow as fast or something…they feel kind of weak, or like how they feel after they “fall asleep” and you try to stand up on them.  That’s the best way I can think to describe it.  I didn’t care about any of this or the fact that I averaged 8:04 pace for my 3 miles.  I was just blistfully happy that my back didn’t hurt.

 I got home and felt great and thought that I could have even run a little further and that maybe my back issues had finally worked themselves out.

 Those happy thoughts were crushed sometime around 3 am when I woke up with horrible back pain.  Ugh.  I tried changing positions, I tried using my little pregnancy body pillow, tried stretching, pelvic tilts…and nothing worked.  I wanted to take my Flexerol but I knew that late in the night it would make me sleepy this morning at work.  So I layed there in pain and dozed in and out of sleep until morning with a host of strange dreams.  I had packed my bag last night to get up and go swimming this morning but since I was up so much of the night and my back hurt, I decided to sleep in and try to go during my lunch break today.

 The emotional disappointment is worse than the physical pain.  I felt so great running last night and was so happy.  Everything with my back felt fine when I went to bed last night.

 I go to the chiropractor again tonight and get a massage.  Hopefully that helps and then I’ll take the flexerol once I get home.  My back is feeling better this morning, it really seems to be night time sleeping is what aggravates it the most.  I actually thought seriously last night about going down to our basement and trying to sleep in an upright position.  Tim and I do have a reclining rocker in the nursery.  Maybe we move that into our room and I try sleeping in that.  Otherwise I’m just not sure what to do.

December is coming! 11/26/12

November is almost over already and today I’m 6.5 months pregnant!

 Well, after my very slow but pain free run on Wednesday, I went for another run on Thursday morning (hoping to run 3, but only made 2) and once again my back was hurting.  I figured maybe it was the running two days in a row.  I actually took the flexerol that my doctor prescribed and it made me very tired during Thanksgiving and my back still ended up hurting quite bad later in the day.

 Friday was lovely.  I took the day off of running and had a “spa” day with a gift card that my father in law got me for Christmas last year.  I had a pregnancy massage, which felt great, got a pedicure and a haircut.  The massage helped my back, but it was still aching on Friday so I took the flexerol again.  I don’t really like the way it makes me feel.  It makes me feel tired and gives me a really dry mouth.  If it helps my back though, its probably worth it.

 Saturday morning it was really cold, in the low 30’s and was spitting snow, though very lightly.  I got through 3 miles but it wasn’t painless.  My pace has actually picked back up again from Wednesday but I kept trying to slow myself down, hoping it would help with the back pain.  I got home and stretched and told Tim that I may need to just get used to running with this pain. 

 Strangely enough though most of Saturday my back didn’t bother me.  Sunday morning it felt pretty good when I woke up.  I did some light house work and chores and walked the dog and it all seemed to feel pretty good.  I didn’t even take the flexerol.  This morning when I woke up it felt pretty good too.  I’m feeling hopeful.  I’m planning on going for another 3 mile run after work and then swimming tomorrow morning and running again on Wednesday.  Maybe the “every other day” will be the key to keeping me running throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

 As far as everything else goes it was a wonderful weekend.  I didn’t let the running (or lack thereof) get me too down.  We spent time with Tim’s family and Tim and I got a lot done with the house (mostly Tim since I can’t help out with everything).  Its really starting to look great.  We have all new hardwood floors in our upstairs and the nursery and guest room are freshly painted.  Baby girl has been moving a lot!  I love feeling her moving around and sometimes watching my belly move with her.  I’m starting to become much more comfortable with my body.  Strangely, I feel like in the last few days my belly got a little smaller and I think its because when I was sick I got so bloated and that was part of why I felt like I weighed 200 pounds on that run last Wed.

 I figured that running during pregnancy would get hard towards the end, but I wasn’t expecting it to get so hard so soon.  Looking back, I’m so thankful I was able to help Carol in that half marathon as I know I’d never make it that far now.  I’m glad I got in the miles that I did now knowing how much I had to scale everything back.  I do wish I hadn’t done that last 10 mile run that seemed to really screw up my back.  It was a lesson, but now the damage is done.  I feel very healthy right now and realize that even if my running is limited to 3 miles every other day its something to be thankful for.  Yes, it does screw with my plans for bouncing right back after delivery, but I knew all along that my plan was a very optimistic one.  I’m impatient, and probably always will be, so I keep looking forward to when the baby is born.  Fortunately, I have all these little things to look forward to on the way so that 14 weeks doesn’t seem so far away.

 Tim and I have our birthing class on Saturday and I am looking forward to that.  Then we have my large family Christmas party the next weekend and I’m excited for my grandpa and relatives to see me almost 7 months pregnant.  Then I fly out to Colorado for a weekend with my sister and her husband.  And of course Christmas is right around the corner, New Years and our trip to New York with Val and Derek.  It will be busy and that is good for me right now.

Back to Running! 11/21/12

Today I ran 2 miles!  I felt like I weighed 200 pounds and my muscles in my legs didn’t seem to be working and it was my slowest run by comfort level that I’ve done in years and it felt great.  My back didn’t hurt and doesn’t hurt now so I’m really happy.

 Just to catch up on a few things, here’s what’s been going on.  So on Saturday morning I went with Tim to his race ready to run.  My plan was to run the warm up 2 miles with him and then a mile on my own for 3 miles total.  Well, I had been a little too optimistic in my belief that my back pain was gone.  After we ran two miles and my back was already feeling sore, I decided that was it for the day.  After Tim’s race started, I changed my mind and decided to run another mile but after a few steps in, changed my mind again and stopped and told myself that I had to be ok with that.  Well, Tim ran a great race, but it was a course with a lot of turns so he didn’t run a PR but still ran sub 17:30 which I thought was great.  I cheered for him and got to watch him finish, which I rarely get to do.

 Once we got home my back pain started getting worse and worse.  We were driving over to my Grandma’s house to celebrate my mom’s birthday so I took a couple of acetometephen pills and we were on our way.  Throughout the day my back actually loosened up and by the time we got home, everything was feeling pretty good.

 Sunday morning I couldn’t sleep very well and by about 5 am decided to get up so I wouldn’t wake up Tim with all my tossing and turning.  My stomach just didn’t feel right.  We ate a lot of food at my Grandma’s but I still had a small snack when we got home and it felt like it was still just sitting in my stomach.  I thought maybe this was heartburn since I’ve never had it and its common in pregnancy.  I took an antacid and ate a few oyster crackers and tried going back to sleep. 

 About 3 hours later I felt the urge to vomit and ran to the bathroom and sure enough that’s what I did.  I didn’t know what was going on.  I rarely ever throw up, even my whole life.  And I continued to vomit.  I took my temperature and it was normal so I started wondering if I had food poisoning.  The only thing I could attribute it to was the salsa I snacked on the night before. 

 Finally by about 12:30 I hadn’t thrown up in a couple hours so I tried slowly eating a plain, white, toasted bagel that Tim got me (everything in our house is whole wheat!) with some 7-up.  It seemed to go down alright but I still just felt terrible.  I only ate half the bagel.  Then after laying around until 4:30 I threw up again!  I took my temperature an hour later and it had spiked to 100.3 so I called the doctor.  He told me to head right to ER.

 I was so worried about the baby!  We rushed there and they hooked me up to a monitor and the baby was doing fine, but had a rapid heart beat and I was having contractions due to the stress and the dehydration.  I felt awful.  They gave me an IV with fluids and anti-nausea and finally a couple hours later I was feeling much better.  I ate a cup of jello which I kept down.  Exhausted, we went home about 10:30 and I fell right asleep.

 Monday I still felt pretty crappy.  I thought I would have woken up starving, but instead didn’t really have an appetite.  I ate plain, bland foods and spent the day laying around some more and trying to rehydrate. 

 Tuesday, I went back to work.  I felt a lot better and even tried some regular solid foods and while I can’t say I felt great, they stayed down at least. 

 So today, Wednesday, was the first day I even felt like possibly running and when I got up this morning, even that wasn’t looking so good.  I still felt dehydrated and weak and just not great.  However, I am glad I ran.  I took it very easy (started at 8:45 pace! And ended up averaging 8:12 pace for 2 miles). 

 Hopefully tomorrow I wake up feeling 100% and I’d like to run 3 miles.  We’ll see how it goes.  All of this and the back issues just made me really appreciate all the little things, even just running a couple miles. 


When the week starts out Rough it can only get better, 11/16/12

On Monday and Tuesday I was in so much pain from my back that it made me really crabby and overly emotional.  By Wednesday though, I was having a much easier time walking and it didn’t hurt constantly throughout the day.

 I thought that I was going to have a really hard time with not running but I actually stayed pretty positive about it.  Each day when I’ve woken up I’ve felt such a marked improvement in my back from the day before and I think that that really helped.  With my IT band injury last spring, each day it did not feel better and I think that really made it hard to see the end in sight and I wasn’t sure how long I would have to stay off of running.  With this injury and the way I’ve been feeling better every day, I’ve felt very encouraged that running is just around the corner.  And since I haven’t missed that many days I don’t have to worry about starting up all over again.

 Yesterday my back felt real good, almost 100%.  I entertained thoughts about running, however, I decided to do something I rarely do and give it a little extra time.  So I went for a 2 mile walk on my lunch break yesterday followed by a 1.25 mile walk with my dog last night.  I could feel my back tighten slightly when I walked so I was glad I didn’t run on it yet.  I wanted to see if walking yesterday would make me more sore this morning and I’m happy to report that it didn’t!  So, once again, I thought about running a few miles today, but since today was the first day that my back feels right about 100% better, I decided to walk again with a goal of running 3 miles tomorrow.  Sunday will be a rest day and then Monday I’ll try for 5.  Hopefully by then everything will be back to normal.  Then when I get back to it, I realized I really have to modify and I’m surprisingly ok with that. 

 So what is driving my positive mental outlook?  I think it’s a few things.  First, I realized that its most important to me that I’m able to run through the entire pregnancy if possible and if that means cutting back, I’d rather do that than have to stop completely again.  Second, the pain I was in earlier this week was pretty horrible and I don’t want to have to go through that again.  Thirdly, I’ve realized this week that I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for and its really hard to feel sorry for myself. 

 Tim has been wonderful.  He has been my rock, this week and of course, before.  I’ve been so impressed with the way he’s been so dedicated to working hard every single day to finish our remodeling project.  By the time we’re done, we will have basically remolded our entire 2nd floor.  In addition, he’s also been there for me and listened when I’ve cried and had “moments” and has made sure to call me daily to see how I’m doing.  At this stage in pregnancy, its so wonderful to have that.

 Besides Tim, I’ve also been sentimental this week about many other wonderful little things that are easily overlooked.  Its been getting cold outside, below freezing and we have heat when so many people in New York have been without it.  Every morning on my drive into work there’s been a beautiful sunrise that’s looked even more amazing against the frost covered fields.  My friends and family are amazing.  Tim and I are both fortunate to work for great companies that are doing well in a poor economy and we don’t have to worry about how to pay our bills every month.  I’m growing a very active little girl in my belly and with each passing day, we get one day closer to finally meeting her.  So with all this, I just don’t know how I can feel sorry for myself for having to miss a week of running.  The holidays are fast approaching and I’m looking forward to them. 



Emotional Breakdown in the Parking lot of the Secretary of State 11/13/12

At about 12:45 pm today, I got into my car in the parking lot of the Secretary of State and started crying and called my wonderful husband.  I was sobbing so hard that he could probably barely make out my words.  I can’t really remember the last time I cried like that.  Maybe after that guy out kicked me at that race a few weeks back, but I still don’t think even then I was crying that hard.

 So what events led up to said meltdown today?  Well, last night I saw the chiropractor.  He said my one pelvic bone was completely tilted and he put it back into place.  I knew it wouldn’t be immediate relief.  Usually after an adjustment it takes 24-48 hours to really feel a lot better.  He also told me that I need to take it much easier with the running.  I told him about my 10 mile run on Saturday morning.  He said that I was running too fast.  He said that at this point in the pregnancy I should really be running only every other day, not every day.  Less distance, and slower pace.  I nodded in agreement.  Normally, I would probably protest, but this is all uncharted territory for me and its honestly more important that I still run at all than have to stop completely.  The back pain was a huge wake up call to all the things that can go wrong with my body during pregnancy when I try to do more than I should. 

 So last night after that I went home, ate a quick dinner and ran out to the store and to take my dog to the dog park.  I knew that with my back feeling the way it did I wasn’t going to walk him and I just feel so guilty when he can’t get his exercise; partly because I know how I feel when I can’t get my runs in.  Tim would have taken him, but he worked for about 4 hours on putting in our new floors last night. 

 Sparty loved running in the dark through the empty field.  He spent a good portion of the time sniffing, but definitely a good portion running.  I enjoyed watching him.  It was cold outside and it actually began to snow…the first snowfall of the year.  What I loved about watching him run was the way he just enjoyed it.  He sprinted to the field and back to me and to the field and back to me.  He stopped and panted and playfully bit at me as I tried to grab him.  It’s a little game we sometimes play and he’s so good and never gets too rough.  He bites, but very gently, and I “attack” him very playfully.  Somehow he understands that this is a form of affection and when he sees I’m done, takes off for the empty field again.  I start to get cold and look at my watch.  Blissfully unaware, he runs about very happily.  We were all meant to run.  Animals and people enjoy the rush of sensations and breathlessness that comes with running.

 Later that night, I layed in a warm bath.  The warm water felt nice on my back and I enjoyed the slightly “weighless” sensation of being in the water.  I hoped that when I woke up in the morning, my back would feel much better and that I could run today.

 When I woke up this morning my back did not feel better.  It didn’t feel worse, but I was definitely still having a hard time walking.  I packed my gym bag anyway, hoping that by lunch time, it would feel better.

 I got into work and went right into a meeting, followed by another meeting that went for 1.5 hours.  I stood up and my back was WORSE!  I tried running a couple steps and quickly realized that running today was not an option.  

 When I traveled through security last week at the airport I must have dropped my driver’s license.  I discovered this on Sunday at the grocery store when I went to buy some alcohol for Tim.  Once home, I dumped out my entire purse and searched for it to no avail.  So on Monday I went online to figure out how I needed to replace it.  It SAYS on their website that you can replace it online so long as you know your name, date of birth, social security number, eye color and drivers license number.  I got my license number from my car registration.  Every time I put in the information I got an error message.  So today I decided to go to the Secretary of State to get a new license in person.  Online it did NOT say that I would need a passport or birth certificate.  Well, of course when I get there and wait in line and finally get called, that’s what the lady tells me I need.

 I waited until I got into my car before the tears came down.  Such a stupid thing to get so upset over.  I realize that a good portion of this is my pregnancy hormones and being extra emotional.  The larger issue though I think is that I’ve been frustrated since coming back from my trip.  Security seemed to be sort of rude to me at the Miami airport, I had to request a pat down instead of going through the body scanner, and then there was the gate change, the heavy bags, the rude stewardess and then the ensuing back pain and not being able to run for a couple days.  Tonight I’m going to try swimming and see if that feels ok on my back.  I have a massage after work and then I’ll try to swim at the middle school pool. 

 I don’t mind swimming, I bet it will actually feel really good and it will do me wonders mentally just to be able to work out.  However, I don’t want to be limited to swimming for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I’d like to run again.  Even if that means only every other day, taking it slow and avoiding hills.  

 I’ve got about 16 weeks to go in this pregnancy (maybe only 13, maybe as many as 18) and I guess my fear is that if this back pain lasts and I’m totally limited in movement throughout the rest of pregnancy.  That will be really hard on me. 

 After Boston I did take maybe 8-10 weeks off of running and I got through it.  It seemed like such a long time though and I guess some of my emotions come from fear.  While I’m telling myself that with enough rest, my back will feel better, it is very much an unknown so there’s this fear at the back of my mind that it won’t get any better and I’ll be stuck like this for another 4 months!  And its not just that I can’t run either, but that EVERYTHING hurts!  I can hardly walk, stairs are nearly impossible, twisting, sleeping, sitting…its all been painful.

 And I get from some women that are telling me “yeah that’s all a part of pregnancy and it will only get worse” and I know that a certain amount of aches and pains are to be expected.  However, let me be very clear, this is not your everyday pregnancy back pain.  This is like “give me the vicoden” if I weren’t pregnant because its INTENSE, excruciating and doesn’t let up. 


Half Marathon Summary and Back Pain, 11/12/12

It has been a while!

 When I left off I was really struggling with the running and worried about getting through the half marathon I signed up to do with my friend.  I am happy to report that all that worrying was for naught.  We had really great race weather (chilly at the start) and surprisingly, I didn’t feel too bad.  I was surprised at the start with how congested it was with runners.  The marathon tried to have people seeded by time, but it was still chaos.  I’m used to racing in the front of races where most of the people at the start are supposed to be there and go out at the pace they line up at, and those that don’t just sort of fall into the back.  I wasn’t used to having so many people with such different paces all running together for the first few miles of the half marathon!  We started just behind the 7:49 pace group and I swear there were people running 9:30 pace.  It was extremely hard to pace when you were trying to run with your friends and get around the slower folks.  On top of that, there were parked cars on both sides of the street and then there was a section of construction barrels and cones to watch out for!  It really felt like an obstacle course, but my friends laughed and said that this was how it normally is at the start of a big race in the middle of the pack.  Another “mistake” that I felt the race made was to take the marathon/half marathon on the 5K run route which had water stops at mile 1 and mile 2.  Well, if you have the water stops, sure enough, people are going to stop.  Honestly, for a marathon or half, there is no reason to have a water stop before the 5K mark, ever!  But, I’ll digress, this wasn’t MY race, afterall, it was my friend’s.

 My friend Darla stayed with us through those first few crazy miles and then dropped off.  The crowd started to spread out and Carol and I were keeping our pace between 7:55-8:05, perfectly on pace.  She was already breathing pretty hard though so I didn’t try to make too much conversation and tried to keep the pace from picking up too much in the beginning.  My belly felt ok.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t the worst either.  Maybe the race atmosphere served as a distraction, either way, the miles seemed to clip along at a good pace until about mile 10.  This is where Carol started to struggle.  We had banked a little bit of time in the beginning but were losing it quickly.  I could tell she was really struggling.  I just kept offering words to try to encourage her and tried to pick up the pace, but she would fall back.  I started to worry that she wasn’t going to hit her goal and that I had let us get out too fast, etc.  My calves started to really hurt.  Despite not feeling good, she was being really tough and sticking it out.  She wasn’t picking up the pace, but she wasn’t slowing down either.  I just kept telling her how much we had left and reminding her to do this for herself.  In the last mile, I really started to get worried.  That’s when she really impressed me because she picked it up again!  Believe me, I know how hard that is at that point in a race once you’ve already slowed down.  She fought hard, and I was so proud to be right there with her when she crossed the finish line to a new PR of 1:45.07!!!  She thanked me for helping her, but honestly it was such an honor for me to see such dedication and sheer will.  It reminded me of those feelings of pushing yourself so hard, when everything in your body wants you to quit and then realizing the wonderful results.

Me and Carol crossing the finish line of the Monumental Half

Me and Carol crossing the finish line of the Monumental Half

 After that I took Sunday and Monday off of running to let my sore calves heal.  I had a work class all last week in Miami, Florida.  I packed my shorts and short sleeve t-shirts.  I went for a run at 6 am on Monday morning and couldn’t believe how great I felt!  I ran just over 6 miles because I got a little turned around and there were some moments when I had abdominal pain, but it seemed to be something I could try to correct by breathing a little more steady.  The next morning, another co-worker of mine arrived and we ran together the rest of the week.  Her pace was slower than mine by about a minute per mile, but I just went her pace and enjoyed the company and again was surprised at how great I felt.  There were some moments it seemed like I was floating again and could easily forget that I was pregnant.  I was thrilled!  I thought that maybe my belly had moved outward more and took some of the pressure out of my pelvic girdle and maybe it would feel this good from here on out!

 I flew back home on Friday, and noticed on the long plane ride that my lower back was getting pretty sore.  I attributed it to the long day of travel and got to bed shortly after I got home around 1 am.  I woke up the next morning with some back pain, but it didn’t feel much different than it did the day before and since I’d had such great runs in Florida I decided to try a 10 mile run.  Tim convinced me to try a shorter loop and add on if I felt good.  That’s what I did, but within the first 5 miles I was feeling so amazing that I just decided to keep going and add on.  I felt like I did pre-pregnancy or at least in the early weeks of pregnancy running.  I was even cruising!  Ticking off 7:30 miles easily.  I started to day dream about races I’d do after the pregnancy.  Then, sometime around mile 7 things changed.  It wasn’t a sudden change but I noticed that my calves were starting to fatigue, I had a few hills and they seemed to take it out of me a little more than they should have.  Nothing really felt “bad” but I guess I just felt like the run was getting too long and I wanted it to be done.  I finished my 10 and decided that was probably the last 10 I do during the rest of the pregnancy.  It makes me sad in a way because I always love those great long runs, but I realized that I’m taxing my body more than I would if I were my normal pre-pregnancy weight.  Later on in the day, my calves and back continued to hurt, but I didn’t think much of it.

 Sunday morning I woke up and my back was still pretty stiff so I decided to go buy one of those pregnancy pillows.  Well, I slept with it last night and woke up at 3 am with horrible pain in my back.  I could hardly move and it was just excruciating.  I’d try to lay in the most comfortable position and my head would hurt and I finally got up and started doing some stretches/pelvic tilts but they didn’t help.  I could hardly move/walk this morning.  So now I’m not sure what to do.  I have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow after work, but I really can’t imagine spending another night like last night.  I think I’m going to see if I can go in today.  I’m not sure about running.  On the one hand, it felt fine when I ran on Saturday so I wonder if it would be that bad.  On the other hand, since its hard for me to walk, twist, lift my legs, my common sense is telling me that’s a BAD idea!  So that’s what’s going on.

 Little Alexandra (yes, we’ve finally named her!) has been moving a lot and growing!  My belly is very obviously pregnant now as I hit the 6 month mark today!  I’m really happy since they say at 24 weeks, even if you go into pre-term labor the baby stands a good chance of survival outside of the womb with intensive medical care.  Obviously, I wouldn’t want to deliver any time soon, but it is nice knowing that she stands a better chance of survival now than ever before.  So, according to my due date I have 16 weeks to go.  It could be 13 or it could be 18, and I’m trying to think on the shorter side.  I always thought I would be one of those women that loves pregnancy, and in the beginning I really did.  After all the running discomforts and now the back pain, I’m definitely looking forward to actually having my daughter to meet and hold and also getting my body back.  I know it will all be more than worth it, but in the short term it still isn’t very much fun!  I’m an active person and while taking a few days off of working out here or there isn’t so bad over the whole pregnancy, if I had to take a long time off it would be really hard on me. 

 I’m hoping that this is temporary and the chiropractor can provide some relief and then even if I have to take a couple days rest, that wouldn’t be so bad.  And then maybe I could have a normal, relatively easy rest of the pregnancy??

6 months pregnancy belly shot

6 months pregnancy belly shot

Sweet November, 11/1/12

Happy November First!  The start of a new month and the start of a new month closer to my due date. 

 After Monday evening’s sunset run, I ran on the treadmill (dreadmill) on Tuesday because it was raining and windy and cold.  I could have just sucked it up and ran outside, but I really didn’t feel like getting soaked.  So I went to the Snap fitness and hopped on the treadmill.  It was only 5 miles so I figured it couldn’t be that bad.  Well, a little over a mile in and I started really wanting to get off of it.  I don’t know what it is with me and treadmills but I just can’t seem to zone out.  I had my music, I tried watching the tv, but I just get so bored with it so quickly.  Just running at the same pace in the same spot for almost 40 minutes just seems like a certain form of torture, especially when running itself is not all that comfortable right now.  So I decided to do a little “workout”.  After 2 miles, I picked up my pace to 7:03 for a half mile.  Normally, this wouldn’t even be close to a workout for me, but the pace did feel challenging enough for me.  Then I ran easy for a half mile, then I ran at 7:03 for just a quarter mile, then a half mile easy, then one more quarter mile at 7:03 pace and then I ran easy for the last mile.  Made the time pass so much more quickly, even though that wouldn’t be considered a “workout” by my normal standards.  Getting to that next point was just something for me to focus on and break up the total distance a little more.

 Last night I was determined not to do the treadmill again so even though it was drizzly and windy and cold, I ran outside.  Compared to Monday’s run this one started out in the “bad” category.  Almost immediately, I had pain in my abdomen and felt very “full” and “heavy”.  I had a lunch meeting yesterday and had a couple slices of pizza.  A couple of times during the run I burped, which really happens hardly ever for me, especially during a run…I felt “sour stomach” and just really bloated and full.  I told myself that the first two miles are usually the hardest when I feel like this, and if I could just get through those it would be better.  I started thinking about how I’m running 13.1 on Saturday and how much I’m struggling to just “get through” two at this point.  I started to wonder about if I’ll feel this way during 13 miles on Saturday and how I’m going to talk to Carol and keep her motivated when I just want to stop! 

 Thankfully, after a couple miles, I did feel much better.  I don’t know what it is, maybe sometimes the baby is just in a certain spot and needs to shift around or what, but miles 3-6 I barely felt my belly and even though I still felt “heavy” and full, it seemed much easier and I realized that if I feel like this on Saturday I should be fine.

 Still, I was concerned enough to think about what I’m going to do with running after this half.  There will be nothing requiring me to do any long runs, so what should I do?  I always thought I’d at least be able to get to 7 months before I’d really have to reduce my mileage and reading some different blogs from different women who ran through their pregnancies and were ticking off 10 milers through the entire second trimester I thought for sure I’d be able to.  However, I have to accept that every woman and every pregnancy is different and I shouldn’t compare myself to theirs and use that as my guide to what I should do. 

 I’d like to at least try running 10 milers on Saturday’s after this half; however, I think I need to build in certain conditions.  The first has to be that I’ll plan on running 10 miles, but if I start out and am really uncomfortable, I’m not going to “push myself” to just get through it.  I don’t want to hate running and feel like I’m punishing myself by forcing me to deal with such pain and being uncomfortable.  I need to pick routes with plenty of bathroom stops on the way.  I probably need to start bringing my cell phone with me too so that if I do get out too far and don’t want to have to run all the way back, I can call my husband to come pick me up—unless he’s running with me!  If he’s running with me though, and I start feeling that way, I could always have him run home and me go and wait for him inside one of the potty stops. 

 If I try this plan and it doesn’t go well, I need to reduce my distance.  Maybe for me, at this point in my pregnancy the longest distance I can handle is 6 miles?  I could live with that. 

 Today, I’m planning on running a 3 mile run during my lunch break.  I hope it goes well…guess we’ll see.