December is finally here! 12/3/12

Saturday, Tim and I had our birthing class from 9-3.  I set the alarm to get up early and go for a run.  I was surprised to see that Tim wanted to join me.  I warned him that I’m slower now and I sometimes have to stop, etc.  He said he didn’t mind and he was great.  In the first mile, my right leg kept going “numb”.  Its hard to explain but I’ve been having this feeling in my legs for a couple weeks now when I go running and when I walk up stairs quickly.  I figure it’s a circulation thing and my blood is just not getting there as quickly due to the increased pressure.  Anyway, the more we ran along the more painful it became.  So I stopped, stretched it and shook it out to try to get the blood going.  I wanted to run 2 miles out and 2 back for a total of 4 miles.  Well, given that I was already feeling like this before a mile, I decided to turn around. 

 I also had the strong urge that I had to pee, but that’s not necessarily unusual when you’re running pregnant, so I ignored it.  Tim and I slowly jogged back towards the house and I stopped a few more times when the pain in my leg got real intense and walked for a little while.  Then, when we were within 400 meters of being home I wanted to jog the rest of the way in so we started running again and somehow magically, my leg seemed to loosen up and feel better.  So we ran past our house and then did some small loops through the neighborhood and we got in 3 miles total and I didn’t have to stop again at all.  It was an 8:45 pace, so my slowest run yet, but I was happy to get 3 miles in when I thought at one point that I’d have to settle for just over a mile!

 Interesting though, when I stopped running, I still had the strong urge to pee.  Usually it goes away after I stop.  Without getting into too many details, when I finally did go, I panicked because my urine was bright red.  Bladder and kidney infections are more common in pregnancy because sometimes your bladder can be compressed depending on the uterus and the position of the baby, so it may not empty completely and then bacteria can multiply.  I hadn’t had any symptoms until then and I immediately checked my temperature (which was normal) and called my doctors office.  I worried that I had done something while running.  I was prepared to not run another step through the rest of the pregnancy, I was so worried about Alexandra.  Additionally, I didn’t feel her moving until we were in the car and driving to our class.  Once I did, I felt better, but I was still just so scared. 

 Once we got to the hospital for the class I went to the lab and had my urine tested.  I was able to get a prescription for antibiotics that I picked up later that day and felt much better knowing that that was all that it was.

 Tim and I had a good time in our class and both felt like it was worthwhile and beneficial.  We also got to see my co-workers baby that she delivered prematurely last week.  She was adorable!  I feel bad  that she’s still in the hospital, but she is doing great and hopefully going home very soon.

 Tim and I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and building our baby registry before going out to dinner.  I got a little overcome with emotion on the way to dinner.  Truth be told, its been a rough couple weeks.  Getting the flu, having my back pain, barely sleeping at night due to the pain and having to really reduce my running and then having even that be so unpredictable and then getting the bladder infection…well it was a lot.  I’m so used to knowing my body so well and its been scary and strange to have all these things happen and feel so helpless to it all. 

 I guess I had this idea that I’d love pregnancy and I’d sail through it so smoothly.  When people ask me how its going I just want to be able to say “Good, great, etc.”  What makes it harder is that I still have a long ways to go.  At least if I only had 4-6 weeks to go the end would be near and it would be easier to get through, but 13 weeks still is a long time and everyone keeps telling me that its only going to get worse. 

 When my back was bothering me, I was not sleeping very well or very long at all.  I went through the day tired and in pain.  I tried to keep a positive attitude and think of all the wonderful things but I guess on Saturday night it just all got to be too much and I had a little cry with Tim.  We bought another body pillow at Target on Saturday and my pregnancy cradle arrived on Friday. 

 I’m so happy to report this morning that something really helped.  Both Saturday and Sunday night I slept sooo much better.  My back would get stiff, so I’d wake up and change positions, but it wasn’t the intense pain I was feeling before. 

 Today I take my glucose tolerance test and am obviously hoping that I pass.  My doctor said it sometimes surprises her who passes and who doesn’t ,so I don’t know what to expect.  Later today, I’ll try going for another run, this time only aiming for 3 miles and I’ll probably do short loops or carry my phone in case I have to stop for any reason. 

 Alexandra has been moving a lot both Saturday night and Sunday so it makes me so happy and realize this is all so worth it.  I knew that pregnancy would be hard, but I guess I was anticipating it to be hard much later…I didn’t know it would be this hard for me so early on.  My weight gain has really seemed to taper off these last few weeks so I’m holding steady at 16 pounds.  I just FEEL like I’m getting so much bigger.  Honestly, on Friday I was dreading seeing the numbers on the scale because I felt like my weight had gone up 5 pounds.  I was surprised to see that it stayed the same as the week before.  My body looks so different too.  My belly obviously is sticking out, but last night while I was getting out of the shower I thought my thighs looked thicker too.  I just tell myself during those moments that this is all temporary and I’m going to be able to get my old body back after Alexandra is born.  I lost a lot of weight before, so I know I can do it again. 

 So there you have it.  This is my honest view of how this pregnancy is going.  Its so much different than I thought it would be, so I hope it helps someone else going through it to know that “you’re not alone!”.

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