December is coming! 11/26/12

November is almost over already and today I’m 6.5 months pregnant!

 Well, after my very slow but pain free run on Wednesday, I went for another run on Thursday morning (hoping to run 3, but only made 2) and once again my back was hurting.  I figured maybe it was the running two days in a row.  I actually took the flexerol that my doctor prescribed and it made me very tired during Thanksgiving and my back still ended up hurting quite bad later in the day.

 Friday was lovely.  I took the day off of running and had a “spa” day with a gift card that my father in law got me for Christmas last year.  I had a pregnancy massage, which felt great, got a pedicure and a haircut.  The massage helped my back, but it was still aching on Friday so I took the flexerol again.  I don’t really like the way it makes me feel.  It makes me feel tired and gives me a really dry mouth.  If it helps my back though, its probably worth it.

 Saturday morning it was really cold, in the low 30’s and was spitting snow, though very lightly.  I got through 3 miles but it wasn’t painless.  My pace has actually picked back up again from Wednesday but I kept trying to slow myself down, hoping it would help with the back pain.  I got home and stretched and told Tim that I may need to just get used to running with this pain. 

 Strangely enough though most of Saturday my back didn’t bother me.  Sunday morning it felt pretty good when I woke up.  I did some light house work and chores and walked the dog and it all seemed to feel pretty good.  I didn’t even take the flexerol.  This morning when I woke up it felt pretty good too.  I’m feeling hopeful.  I’m planning on going for another 3 mile run after work and then swimming tomorrow morning and running again on Wednesday.  Maybe the “every other day” will be the key to keeping me running throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

 As far as everything else goes it was a wonderful weekend.  I didn’t let the running (or lack thereof) get me too down.  We spent time with Tim’s family and Tim and I got a lot done with the house (mostly Tim since I can’t help out with everything).  Its really starting to look great.  We have all new hardwood floors in our upstairs and the nursery and guest room are freshly painted.  Baby girl has been moving a lot!  I love feeling her moving around and sometimes watching my belly move with her.  I’m starting to become much more comfortable with my body.  Strangely, I feel like in the last few days my belly got a little smaller and I think its because when I was sick I got so bloated and that was part of why I felt like I weighed 200 pounds on that run last Wed.

 I figured that running during pregnancy would get hard towards the end, but I wasn’t expecting it to get so hard so soon.  Looking back, I’m so thankful I was able to help Carol in that half marathon as I know I’d never make it that far now.  I’m glad I got in the miles that I did now knowing how much I had to scale everything back.  I do wish I hadn’t done that last 10 mile run that seemed to really screw up my back.  It was a lesson, but now the damage is done.  I feel very healthy right now and realize that even if my running is limited to 3 miles every other day its something to be thankful for.  Yes, it does screw with my plans for bouncing right back after delivery, but I knew all along that my plan was a very optimistic one.  I’m impatient, and probably always will be, so I keep looking forward to when the baby is born.  Fortunately, I have all these little things to look forward to on the way so that 14 weeks doesn’t seem so far away.

 Tim and I have our birthing class on Saturday and I am looking forward to that.  Then we have my large family Christmas party the next weekend and I’m excited for my grandpa and relatives to see me almost 7 months pregnant.  Then I fly out to Colorado for a weekend with my sister and her husband.  And of course Christmas is right around the corner, New Years and our trip to New York with Val and Derek.  It will be busy and that is good for me right now.

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