My chiropractic appointment was very helpful yesterday.  I went home with my back feeling good and relaxed.  It made me nervous to lift things and strain it again.  Tim’s been moving our furniture back upstairs now that he’s done with so many of the updates and I felt guilty because I wanted to help, but that horrible pain I experienced the night before just scared me.  So I did things like make up the beds.  Its funny that you don’t really realize all the things you use your back for until its been hurt.  You use it for pretty much everything.  Walking up and down stairs, bending over, lifting anything, cooking and chopping…the list goes on and on. 

 Last night during the night, my back was definitely better than it was the night before, but it still bothered me.  I tried many different positions and switched often during the night, trying to find the most comfortable position.  I ended up settling for those that seemed to hurt my back the least and at least I was able to get to sleep that way.  I did take my Flexerol last night with dinner, so maybe that’s what made the difference.  I still wasn’t “pain free” though, so I know the drugs aren’t totally blocking the pain.

 Once I was up and out of bed and in the hot shower this morning I felt like it loosened up.  When I got to work though, I again had a hard time getting comfortable.  I know it sounds strange but the position at work that seems to feel the best is to sit with my left leg and left foot on my chair with my knee bent.  Probably not the best, but it sure feels the best.

 I went for a 3 mile run at lunch today and while my back didn’t hurt, thankfully, it wasn’t exactly a great run.  It started out that way, but on the way back I developed a severe side stitch on my abdomen that I just couldn’t shake.  I’d stop running, stretch, walk, take deep breaths and always when I’d start again, it was there.  I had a very slow run, averaged 8:23 pace for 3 miles with the last mile being the slowest due to the side stitch.  Of course after I finished and ate lunch I noticed that I hadn’t felt the baby move in a while so I started to get worried.  So I started poking around my belly and when I got to the spot where I had the side stitch I felt something hard, like maybe that’s where her head was!  It scared me, and then I of course worried that I hurt her by poking at her head, but then I felt some movement as she probably shifted positions to get away from the mean lady that was poking her head as she was trying to sleep.

 So maybe that’s why I had the side stitch?  I don’t know but it is all very strange and I wonder if other mothers have experienced anything similar or if I’m just a crazy person.  I’m going to take the Flexerol again tonight and see if anything improves.  I also ordered a pregnancy cradle belt online today.  Its this very interesting looking strappy thing that is supposed to redistribute your weight among your shoulders and abdomen and upper back to relieve the strain on the lower back.  Maybe if I wear it all day my back will be less stressed and less likely to hurt at night when I go to bed. 

 I’m also stopping by a health food store tonight on my way home from work and picking up some red raspberry leaf tea.  My chiropractor recommended I start drinking it every night from now until I deliver.  He said it works to strengthen the uterus so contractions are more productive and makes for a better labor.  I researched it on my own this morning since I had never heard of it and did find some great reviews.  Its supposed to be caffeine free so it may even be a nice relaxing hot drink for me to take at night before bed time.  I plan to swim tomorrow again during my lunch break.  My arms were actually a little sore today from swimming yesterday—it was kind of nice.

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