Back to Running! 11/21/12

Today I ran 2 miles!  I felt like I weighed 200 pounds and my muscles in my legs didn’t seem to be working and it was my slowest run by comfort level that I’ve done in years and it felt great.  My back didn’t hurt and doesn’t hurt now so I’m really happy.

 Just to catch up on a few things, here’s what’s been going on.  So on Saturday morning I went with Tim to his race ready to run.  My plan was to run the warm up 2 miles with him and then a mile on my own for 3 miles total.  Well, I had been a little too optimistic in my belief that my back pain was gone.  After we ran two miles and my back was already feeling sore, I decided that was it for the day.  After Tim’s race started, I changed my mind and decided to run another mile but after a few steps in, changed my mind again and stopped and told myself that I had to be ok with that.  Well, Tim ran a great race, but it was a course with a lot of turns so he didn’t run a PR but still ran sub 17:30 which I thought was great.  I cheered for him and got to watch him finish, which I rarely get to do.

 Once we got home my back pain started getting worse and worse.  We were driving over to my Grandma’s house to celebrate my mom’s birthday so I took a couple of acetometephen pills and we were on our way.  Throughout the day my back actually loosened up and by the time we got home, everything was feeling pretty good.

 Sunday morning I couldn’t sleep very well and by about 5 am decided to get up so I wouldn’t wake up Tim with all my tossing and turning.  My stomach just didn’t feel right.  We ate a lot of food at my Grandma’s but I still had a small snack when we got home and it felt like it was still just sitting in my stomach.  I thought maybe this was heartburn since I’ve never had it and its common in pregnancy.  I took an antacid and ate a few oyster crackers and tried going back to sleep. 

 About 3 hours later I felt the urge to vomit and ran to the bathroom and sure enough that’s what I did.  I didn’t know what was going on.  I rarely ever throw up, even my whole life.  And I continued to vomit.  I took my temperature and it was normal so I started wondering if I had food poisoning.  The only thing I could attribute it to was the salsa I snacked on the night before. 

 Finally by about 12:30 I hadn’t thrown up in a couple hours so I tried slowly eating a plain, white, toasted bagel that Tim got me (everything in our house is whole wheat!) with some 7-up.  It seemed to go down alright but I still just felt terrible.  I only ate half the bagel.  Then after laying around until 4:30 I threw up again!  I took my temperature an hour later and it had spiked to 100.3 so I called the doctor.  He told me to head right to ER.

 I was so worried about the baby!  We rushed there and they hooked me up to a monitor and the baby was doing fine, but had a rapid heart beat and I was having contractions due to the stress and the dehydration.  I felt awful.  They gave me an IV with fluids and anti-nausea and finally a couple hours later I was feeling much better.  I ate a cup of jello which I kept down.  Exhausted, we went home about 10:30 and I fell right asleep.

 Monday I still felt pretty crappy.  I thought I would have woken up starving, but instead didn’t really have an appetite.  I ate plain, bland foods and spent the day laying around some more and trying to rehydrate. 

 Tuesday, I went back to work.  I felt a lot better and even tried some regular solid foods and while I can’t say I felt great, they stayed down at least. 

 So today, Wednesday, was the first day I even felt like possibly running and when I got up this morning, even that wasn’t looking so good.  I still felt dehydrated and weak and just not great.  However, I am glad I ran.  I took it very easy (started at 8:45 pace! And ended up averaging 8:12 pace for 2 miles). 

 Hopefully tomorrow I wake up feeling 100% and I’d like to run 3 miles.  We’ll see how it goes.  All of this and the back issues just made me really appreciate all the little things, even just running a couple miles. 


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