Last night I had a fantastic 3 mile run after work.  Its getting dark now just a little past 5 pm, so by 6 pm it was completely dark and the neighborhood was lit up with Christmas lights.  It was cold, low 30’s but I bundled up so I stayed plenty warm.  Its so funny, there was a time that I thought 3 mile runs weren’t worth the time to get all those layers on!  My how perspectives can change.  So I just went along at my leisurely pace, not watching my watch, enjoying the lights and enjoying the experience of running.  And my back never hurt!  The run gets hard for different reasons now.  I did have some tightness/pulling in my abdomen but it didn’t really bother me and since last week I’ve noticed that my legs seem to be a little bit behind my body on my runs.  It just feels like the blood doesn’t flow as fast or something…they feel kind of weak, or like how they feel after they “fall asleep” and you try to stand up on them.  That’s the best way I can think to describe it.  I didn’t care about any of this or the fact that I averaged 8:04 pace for my 3 miles.  I was just blistfully happy that my back didn’t hurt.

 I got home and felt great and thought that I could have even run a little further and that maybe my back issues had finally worked themselves out.

 Those happy thoughts were crushed sometime around 3 am when I woke up with horrible back pain.  Ugh.  I tried changing positions, I tried using my little pregnancy body pillow, tried stretching, pelvic tilts…and nothing worked.  I wanted to take my Flexerol but I knew that late in the night it would make me sleepy this morning at work.  So I layed there in pain and dozed in and out of sleep until morning with a host of strange dreams.  I had packed my bag last night to get up and go swimming this morning but since I was up so much of the night and my back hurt, I decided to sleep in and try to go during my lunch break today.

 The emotional disappointment is worse than the physical pain.  I felt so great running last night and was so happy.  Everything with my back felt fine when I went to bed last night.

 I go to the chiropractor again tonight and get a massage.  Hopefully that helps and then I’ll take the flexerol once I get home.  My back is feeling better this morning, it really seems to be night time sleeping is what aggravates it the most.  I actually thought seriously last night about going down to our basement and trying to sleep in an upright position.  Tim and I do have a reclining rocker in the nursery.  Maybe we move that into our room and I try sleeping in that.  Otherwise I’m just not sure what to do.

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