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Pregnancy feelings and a 30th Birthday Party, 7/10/12

The weeks seem so long and the weekends so short these days…

 Tim and I had a pretty good weekend.  On Friday we had dinner with Val and Derek and then Tim helped Derek set up a tent for their party the next day.  My tiredness is definitely becoming more noticeable.  I was a little crabby when we were getting home and all I could think of was sleep.

 We woke up early the next morning to go watch Tim’s brother, Joe and sister, Mackenzie in a triathlon and it was so hard to get out of bed!  Tim and I ran during some of the triathlon and it just felt like I wanted it to be done.  Some of that I’m sure was because it was in the high 80’s so it was pretty uncomfortable.  Either way, I got my 1st 6 mile run in, which was very nice.  Standing around talking after the tri though I started to feel dizzy and like I really needed to sit down and drink water so I did. Tim stopped at a gas station and bought us some bottled water.  Hit the spot.

 Later in the day I took a half a sleeping pill and actually napped for maybe close to a couple hours.  It could have/should have been longer but sometimes once I’m awake I have a hard time getting back to sleep but it felt so good to sleep.  It was hard to get myself motivated to get ready for Val’s party, but of course once we got there I had a great time.

 I wasn’t really all that hungry, I kind of felt more full and bloated but I ate a full dinner plate and surprised myself by having a piece of cake and loving it.  I’m usually not a cake person at all but for some reason it tasted sooo good.  We stayed till close to 1 am and I pretended to drink so the end was hard because I was really tired and wanted to go to bed, but I did have a great time.

 Sunday morning the heat finally broke and I went for a nice 28 mile bike ride.  I actually passed a guy and I wasn’t really going that fast and he felt the need to catch back up to me and tell me it was his “easy” day.  I could have told him “yeah, me too…I’m preggo!” but that would have ruined my fun inside joke. 

 Sunday I finally did some of my core work out and that felt good again and then we went to my parent’s house for dinner.  The tiredness was unbelievable and we got home and went to bed early. 

 Yesterday I set my alarm for 5:30 am to get up and get 4 miles in before it got hot but my leg was kind of tight by/on my IT band so I waited and ran at lunch.  It wasn’t too bad.  It was in the 80’s but most of my run was in the shade.  Everything felt pretty good.

 Today I’ll run with Darla at noon.  It will be my first time running with her in a while.  Yesterday afternoon I felt kind of nauseous but it seemed to be ok once I got home and had dinner.  This morning I felt different too.  Its hard to explain but I had to slowly sip my water this morning.  Things in my body definitely feel different.  I’m so anxious to get through the first trimester so we can tell people and also because the risk of miscarriage goes down significantly at that point.  

Me and my gorgeous friend Val at her 30th

5 weeks Pregnant! 7/5/12

Its been an interesting week for me.  On Monday I had a sore, scratchy throat and went to the med center to be tested for strep.  It was negative.  I worked from home on Tuesday because on Monday night I had a hard time sleeping due to the throat and thought for sure I was coming down with something.  My throat bothered me most of the day on Tuesday and I drank tons of water and took it real easy.  I tried going for a short, easy run but it didn’t go very well and I only ended up going a little over a mile.  Not related to my IT band or anything I just didn’t feel “right”.

 Went to the chiropractor later and told him my news and he was full of information (especially since he and his wife are expecting their 5th).  It reassured me a lot about running through the pregnancy.  Still the heat is a concern. 

 Yesterday morning I paced Darla through a 5K and while we didn’t really go “fast” for me, it was over 90 when we were running.  It made me real nervous.  I was taking it super easy and felt fine but the heat alone had me concerned.  I took my temp several times yesterday and made sure to drink lots of water.  Its just sort of nerve wracking in these early stages of pregnancy.

 We were able to tell Val and Derek yesterday so that was nice to share our news.  It sort of made it feel more real.

 My throat seemed to be doing much better yesterday and today although I will get stuffy from time to time.  Its strange.  My breasts were so very sore on my run this morning.  I ran early to escape some of the heat.  I’m also just feeling sort of “bleh”.  Slight headache, mild cramping, sort of upset tummy, but not really nauseous…maybe just a little queasy.  If it means the baby’s healthy I’m all for it.  Oh and I’m TIRED!  Not like “want to crash at my desk and fall asleep tired, but more like “lazy” don’t have the energy for the easiest tasks, tired.  Like I said, if its good for baby, I can deal with it!

4 weeks pregnancy photo!

July 7/2/12

July, fantastic July!  I don’t think in my life I’ve ever been happy to mark off the days of summer. 

 Saturday went really well.  I ran the Reeds Lake 5K and I worked really hard to make sure I wasn’t overdoing it.  I felt good.  I was definitely running harder than a jog in the park but kept trying to make sure I wasn’t breathing too hard and that I could still have a conversation.  I didn’t have anyone around me to talk to so I decided to try encouraging other runners.  When my voice came out strong and not breathless I felt like I was keeping it in control.  In the end I ran 6:33 pace, which would have been under 20:30 but Tim and I both had the course as long.  It was a little hard for me to not go faster, I’ll admit it.  Seeing people out there in front of me…I just naturally try to pull myself in, but I kept looking at my watch and forcing myself to back off when the pace got faster or my breathing seemed labored.  And my legs felt pretty good!  I got my first 5 miles in, with the 2 mile warm up and the 3.1 mile “race”.  My breasts were hurting pretty bad when I started the warm up, but I didn’t notice it much after the 1st mile.

 I ran on Sunday morning and it actually felt harder than it did the day before.  I wasn’t sore from the run at Reeds at all, but I had a side cramp and I think it was just kind of humid on Sunday.  I also did a 26 mile bike ride on Sunday, though much slower than I’ve been riding.  That’s ok, it felt good.  I’m nervous about working out too hard. 

 I called the doctor this morning for my 1st appointment!  I left a message and I left my wrong phone number!  Call it pregnancy brain already!  Waiting on them to call me back.  I really just want to get to the doctor and get passed these next few weeks so I feel better about the baby’s chance of survival.  I wonder if all mother’s think and worry like this?  My cramps are getting less and less and I wonder if that’s a good thing or not?  Its so crazy.  All this stuff for something that’s about the size of a sesame seed!  I can’t wait until that first doctor’s appointment.  I think that will make it seem more real.

 We’re seeing Val and Derek on Wednesday for the 4th and I think we’re going to tell them.  Even though its early, they will notice if I’m not drinking, plus it will be good for me to talk to her since she just went through it, as a runner too. 


Baby’s First 5K!

Tonight after work I’m biking with Carol.  I’m just nervous to make sure I don’t go too hard, but I think it will be fine.  I’m not quite ready to tell her yet, but realize it may come up and I’m not sure what I’ll say.

The next day 6/29/12

Well…its now been confirmed by 3 pregnancy tests!  All of them say “pregnant”! 

 I told Tim last night and he was very much in shock and didn’t react a lot but that’s how he usually is with things so I know he’s really happy.  Life is changing…very quickly.

 I feel a little under the weather today.  Its hard to describe.  I’m not feeling nausea but I do have some persistent cramping and am very tired and just feel kind of “uncomfortable”.  So I guess I’d better get used to that.

BIG NEWS! 6/28/12

Ok…so…I couldn’t wait any longer (or at least I didn’t want to because I couldn’t think of anything else).  So on my lunch today I went to the company store and bought a couple pregnancy test.  I stopped drinking water for 3 hours then went into the work bathroom and tested….AND IT WAS POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I’m so excited I could literally jump up and down but probably shouldn’t! 

 I haven’t even told Tim yet but am going to do so as soon as I get home.  We’re having dinner with my family tonight but its too soon to tell them yet.  Plus with my sister’s wedding coming up in a few weeks, I don’t want to steal her thunder with my news.

 But I’m just elated and overjoyed and feeling all these things and wishing it was 5 pm already so I could go home and have fun with my news!

 Obviously, its still very early so a lot can still go wrong, but right now I’m just thrilled.  We were able to get pregnant.  That in and of itself is a reason to celebrate.  We’ve known so many that have struggled with infertility for months and years and I just feel incredibly blessed right now that it happened for us.  Well, this changes things for Reeds Lake.  I’m going to have to find out how hard I can run without risking the baby’s health.  Oh my gosh!  I’m pregnant!  I still can’t believe it!  I’ll take another test in the morning to confirm it and hurry to see a doctor.  Oh, and funny thing…the baby is due on March 7th, 2013…my BIRTHDAY!  What’s even crazier is that I was due on my Dad’s birthday, but came early.  Had I been on time, I would have shared a birthday with my dad and grandpa. 

 Wow, this changes everything.  I’m still just glowing and don’t know what to think.  I’m nervous too.  I don’t want to do anything wrong!

 I know it sounds crazy, but I just had a “feeling” that I was pregnant.  Especially after that dream I had last week.  My breasts have been sore and tender for a week, but that’s pretty typical when I’m expecting my period.  I’ve felt tired too, but it didn’t seem all that unusual, especially considering how much sleep I sometimes get (like last night).  The biggest thing for me I think was a slight cramping I’m feeling in my uterus.  Its not all the time, but its often and its not bad like menstrual cramps but its noticeable, like my uterus is stretching.

 SOOO excited!!!!  Can’t wait to tell Tim! 

After I shared the news with Tim!

Spooky Night 6/28/12

Well my second time running two days in a row seemed to go pretty well!  I ran a 4 mile prediction run last night at Wayland with Tim (no watches allowed) and we ran 30:57 after predicting 31 minutes…not bad! 

 The 4 miles was mostly on a packed dirt road with loose stones and I didn’t like the stones but they didn’t seem to aggravate my injuries more. 

 The strange thing about yesterday was last night.  I woke up around 3:20 am having to pee (as I frequently seem to do now) and upon returning from the bathroom noticed there was a light in the hallway.  It was strange because Tim always makes sure he turns off all the lights downstairs before coming to bed since he can’t fall asleep unless there’s total darkness.  I figured he accidentally left one on and went out to the hallway and saw the light was actually coming from the guest room!  I didn’t know why Tim would have been in there and left that light on so it kind of freaked me out and I went and turned it off but then asked him about it.  He said he didn’t leave it on so then I was really scared.  He got up and checked things out and said everything was fine but it still wasn’t sitting right with me.  And then I remembered that I had closed the door to that room the other day too and it was wide open.  I thought it was closed when I went to bed that night.  So I layed there trying to go to sleep, all the while thinking about how the light came on. 

 The cats could have opened the door, but to get the light on…that didn’t seem possible.  The light is higher than their reach and there’s a bed there but that would take some serious cat gymnastics to do something like that.

 Anyway, I tossed and turned for 2 hours before finally just getting up.  Tim finally said that he went in that room a couple days ago when the A/C people were coming to check air flow and he must have turned the light on and forgot, but still closed the door.  So at night when we went to bed the door would have been closed and we didn’t see the light but then presumably one of the cats opened the door, thus letting the light in.

 Still kind of spooky. 

 Anyway, no other news as of yet.

Weekend Getaway in Irons, MI 6/26/12

Over the weekend Tim and I went with our friends Darla and Clare, and Carol and Kevin to Darla’s family cottage up in Irons, MI.  Its a rustic little cottage sitting right on a river, surrounded by miles of woods.  It was a great time spent with great people, and we even got some running in! 

I ran 4 miles on Saturday with Tim and it went really well except the first and last mile were on trails and on a sandy area I twisted my left knee and that was bothering me a bit on Saturday but I iced it and now it seems ok.  I also ran 3 on Sunday and felt pretty good!  That was my first time back doing two days of running in a row and everything seemed ok.  I took Monday off but ran 3 miles again today at lunch and everything seemed to feel pretty good.  I still had a tight spot in the back of my left leg, seems like what I was sort of dealing with before.  I go back to the chiropractor tonight so hopefully that continues to help.

 So Wayland is tomorrow and I’m running 4 but I will just take it easy.

 So, no news yet on the other front.  Although at this point, no news is good news.  

Tim kayaking down the river


Premonition? 6/21/12

Wayland was cancelled last night but Tim and I ran 3 miles on a track for a good cause.  My friend Suzy knew of an event that was going on at the Hopkins track for a little boy getting brain surgery.  His mom is a runner and so they asked people to go to the track, sign a book for the boy and run or walk in honor of him.  His mom was actually running on the hospital treadmill for the entire surgery! 

It was HOT yesterday and the track was black, but there was a little breeze going.  Still, it felt good to be running for a good cause.  It was harder for me than I’d like to admit.  I must really struggle with dehydration.  Only 3 miles and I was taking it “easy” but man it felt hard.  I was a little nervous that maybe I should stop, I was concerned about my body temperature getting too hot but told myself that it was only 3 miles so it should have been fine.

 Later that night my leg hurt, it didn’t start until I went to bed but it ached all through the night.  I didn’t take any naproxen and upon waking, again it felt pretty good. 

 I had another baby dream.  In this one I was getting X-rays of my pelvis for something and on the X-rays you could see a little baby inside of me.  I was so excited and said to Tim “Look that’s our little baby!”  Premonition?  Too early to tell.

Hot Summer 6/20/12

So last week at Wayland I ran my two miles and they went relatively well.  But later and all through the evening I had lower back/leg pain.  It was pretty bad so I took a couple naproxen so I could get to sleep at night.  I woke up feeling fine.  Saturday I went 3 miles for the first time with Tim.  We averaged about 7:20 pace and it felt pretty good.  It actually felt better during the third mile like it loosened up?  But again, on Saturday night we were at a retirement party and my low back pain crept back in!  Took a couple naproxen again to get to sleep and woke up Sunday morning feeling great!

 Monday I ran at work on my lunch break and it was HOT but it did feel pretty good, not GREAT but seemingly better than before.  The best part: no low back pain later.  I did bike with my friend Carol after work too.  Maybe that helped? 

 Wayland for tonight was cancelled due to the extreme heat.  Tim and I are still planning on running though this evening, 3 for me, 6 for him.  We’ll see if the low back pain comes back tonight. 

 In other news, there’s no news yet. Yesterday I started thinking about it a lot.  This morning I noticed tender breasts, ever so slightly.  It doesn’t really give me any clues as to whether or not I’m actually pregnant because I get them every month, but if I feel the progesterone swing it at least calms me down a little bit that its occurring so hopefully everything is working as its supposed to. 

 I had a dream last night that we found a baby that had been left out in the woods and it had some kind of injury and had poles on its legs.  I picked it up and was going to care for it.  I brought it inside to change its diaper and give it a bath (wasn’t sure if it was a male or female and never did find out) and when I lifted its shirt there were obvious signs of malnourishment/disease!  It was scary but I still had such a desire in this dream for caring for this poor child.  So my mind/emotions are trying to work out my maternal desires.  I do have to admit I was talking to the chiropractor yesterday about running and my goals and felt myself longing for that again.  Wanting to push myself and compete and feel strong again and see how much I can achieve and I wondered if I wanted that more than being a mom.  I know I don’t though.  I want both.  I want to be a mom and I’m scared/nervous about the effects a pregnancy will have on me and my performance.  At the same time though I think I feel so strongly about competing that my desires to get healthy will give me that motivation to get right back into it.  And if it all doesn’t work out, I can always adopt. That feeling of love and nurturing in the dream was so strong so I think I would really love and care for someone else’s baby if that were the way to go.  I should know though in about another week….

Wayland Road Runners 6/13/12

Side Note: Wayland Road Runners is a Summer Running Club that our friends, Ray and Jennifer started many, many years ago.  It meets every Wednesday in the summer for “races” where you get to run with your friends and earn points for a variety of different accomplishments.  They have somehow managed to keep the cost to $.50 per run-You can’t beat that!

Well, tonight I run at Wayland and I’m hoping for the best.  I haven’t biked since Sunday and went back to the chiropractor yesterday.  My left leg still just has so many issues…like right now I have some weird pain on my left lower back?  Not sure what’s going on and my IT band has felt ok. There are some moments when I feel like it hurts again but then I try to re-create the sensation and I can’t. 

 I’m thinking now of signing up for the Reeds Lake 5K.  If I run for my company, I get ½ off so its less than $14 and while I wouldn’t win money, I should still be able to help my team by placing high in my age group. Last year 21 minutes was 3rd place in my AG.  I think I could run about 20:30 right now.  I’m running 6:48-7 min pace on all my short runs and its only 1 more mile and it would have to be 6:36 pace.  I think I could do that. 

 As far as everything else goes I’m trying to eat a lot and not worry about my weight and not worry in general.   

Other than that, there isn’t a ton going on.  Tim and I are going to Wayland tonight and I’ll run my two miles and walk a mile.  Then we’re going to our friends, Val and Derek’s afterwards.  We were invited to go in the hot tub but because we’re trying to get pregnant we have to pass on that.  I may have a glass or two of wine but not much else and I kicked coffee altogether starting this morning!  Hopefully the sacrifices pay off in another few weeks!