5 weeks Pregnant! 7/5/12

Its been an interesting week for me.  On Monday I had a sore, scratchy throat and went to the med center to be tested for strep.  It was negative.  I worked from home on Tuesday because on Monday night I had a hard time sleeping due to the throat and thought for sure I was coming down with something.  My throat bothered me most of the day on Tuesday and I drank tons of water and took it real easy.  I tried going for a short, easy run but it didn’t go very well and I only ended up going a little over a mile.  Not related to my IT band or anything I just didn’t feel “right”.

 Went to the chiropractor later and told him my news and he was full of information (especially since he and his wife are expecting their 5th).  It reassured me a lot about running through the pregnancy.  Still the heat is a concern. 

 Yesterday morning I paced Darla through a 5K and while we didn’t really go “fast” for me, it was over 90 when we were running.  It made me real nervous.  I was taking it super easy and felt fine but the heat alone had me concerned.  I took my temp several times yesterday and made sure to drink lots of water.  Its just sort of nerve wracking in these early stages of pregnancy.

 We were able to tell Val and Derek yesterday so that was nice to share our news.  It sort of made it feel more real.

 My throat seemed to be doing much better yesterday and today although I will get stuffy from time to time.  Its strange.  My breasts were so very sore on my run this morning.  I ran early to escape some of the heat.  I’m also just feeling sort of “bleh”.  Slight headache, mild cramping, sort of upset tummy, but not really nauseous…maybe just a little queasy.  If it means the baby’s healthy I’m all for it.  Oh and I’m TIRED!  Not like “want to crash at my desk and fall asleep tired, but more like “lazy” don’t have the energy for the easiest tasks, tired.  Like I said, if its good for baby, I can deal with it!

4 weeks pregnancy photo!

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