First Big Pregnancy Scare 8/9/12

Today was my first pregnancy truly scary/nervous moment.  I just had some strange stabbing pain, mostly in my left side of my abdomen.  It wasn’t bad, I could still walk, but I haven’t had it before.  It lasted only a second or two and was coming every 6 or 7 minutes and then after I got to work started coming more frequently but less intense.  I wasn’t bleeding at all.  So I called the Dr.’s office and talked to a nurse who asked me some questions and said she would talk to my doctor and call me back.  Over an hour later, she called and said that the doctor reviewed my ultrasound, and it looked awesome and my ovaries were fine.  She said it was probably “round ligament pain” which is the stretching of the ligaments.  She said to be careful with sudden movements and that I could take acetometaphen if it was painful.  Its not that painful, I was just worried.

 I feel relieved, but also still more cautious and now I’m debating whether or not I should run at lunch.  I don’t want to be overreacting, but it is concerning.  I suppose I can always start my run and if I don’t feel right about it, just stop. 

 Last night was our last Wayland and its always a fun run followed by a potluck.  I was having some intestinal issues before the run even started and then during the run too.  Even after I was done, I felt bloated and icky.  I then felt like I ate too much food and this morning thought that maybe that was all it was.

 I really just want to get through this first trimester and then I’ll feel a lot more confident.  In a way, I guess I was hoping to come in for an ultrasound today so I’d be assured everything is ok.  The fact that they didn’t think it was necessary though, is pretty reassuring too I suppose. 

 Blame it on the hormones or whatever, but I’ve been really sentimental and emotional the last few days.  I’m just thinking so much about family and I really want to create something for my child that’s all about his/her family.  I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite childhood memories and how I can’t wait to experience some of those things with my own child. 

 I’ve also been thinking a lot about my husband Tim and how thankful and lucky I am to have him in my life.  He’s so loyal and caring and doesn’t usually get too upset with me.  He’s more quiet than me, especially when it comes to being passionate about opinions and things, so in a way we help balance each other out.  He’s my best friend and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. This weekend we finally have a free weekend.  I really want to just be lazy and get some much needed rest.  We’ve been constantly on the go on the weekends and it will be so nice to just be us.  

 I plan on running 8 miles on Saturday morning but other than that, I just want to take it easy.  We will probably go to Holland and check out Gazelle’s side walk sale since I need some new running shoes.  Then Tim mentioned going down to Saugatuck and going to dinner/watching the sun set and it sounded perfect.  Now I just can’t wait for it to get here. 

 Its not that work has been particularly stressful or anything, I’m just ready for a little break from everything.  I love our family and our friends dearly, and normally I’m such an energetic, go getter type of person, but I’m just feeling run down and tired.  It’s a good thing we have a vacation coming up in a couple weeks!  In the meantime, I just have to stick it out and hope that the weekends get here fast, go by slowly, and that I get plenty of rest.

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