Running and Pregnancy-harder than imagined 7/17/12

Running has been difficult for me the last few days.  Ironically, my IT band and related injuries seem fine.  I really believe the relaxin hormone from the pregnancy is relaxing my soft tissues so they feel great.  I have noticed though that sometimes my ligaments aren’t quite as supportive as they usually are.  I’ll step down and feel my knee suddenly move further than it should and a quick twinge.  Its mostly other things though that have made running more difficult.

 The motivation is one difference.  It hasn’t helped that its been scorching outside so I’ve started running in the mornings which means getting up earlier.  I’m more tired than I think I have ever been in my life.  The sleepiness is one thing but its this lethargic, just feel like lying there not doing anything that is really strange to me.  I’ve never been one to just sit around.  Usually during the course of the day I leave my desk often just to get up and walk around.  Now I seem perfectly content to sit for hours at a time.  At home, it’s the same thing.  Usually I’m in the mood to get home and cook a nice meal, help clean up, walk the dog and maybe take care of some chores.  Not so.  I get home and I just want to lay around!  And even thinking about doing simple activities like putting away dishes seems like it takes so much energy!  So the thought of going running…well, lets just say that I get out the door because I really do want to.  But I really don’t feel like it!

 Then there’s the pain in my breasts.  Sometimes just walking will make them ache and its becoming harder to sleep on them and when I run…OUCH!  I’ve started doubling up my sports bras and that seemed to make a huge difference at first.  But now it just seems to help a little.  That first mile they seem to hurt the worst and then as I get going it seems to get better.  A couple weeks ago I wouldn’t even notice them at the end of the run but now I still do.  Its just more of a dull ache than it was at the beginning. 

 Then there’s just the general feeling of laziness I have.  I seem to be able to get through a couple miles ok, but after that I just want to sit on the ground and not get back up.  Seriously!  I’m getting tired after a few miles of easy running.  And its not that anything in particular is bothering me.  My lungs seem ok, I know that my heart rate is faster and I’ve supposedly got more blood circulating through my system, all of which you would think would make running seem really easy.  But it just feels “hard”.  I just get “tired” and want to stop!  I push through it and am always glad that I did, but I didn’t know that pregnancy would have these effects. 

 Monday I did 5 miles and had to stop during the last half mile.  For what?  I don’t know.  I just felt like I couldn’t run another step without stopping for a few seconds?  Today I got through 4 miles with Tim without stopping but the last mile was hard.  Tomorrow I’m even more nervous since I’ll be running 6 by myself!  How will I stay motivated?  So crazy!  This is just not me!

 All in all though, I’m not complaining.  I love being pregnant and really want it to get to the 12 week mark so I feel better about not losing the baby.  We have our first appointment tomorrow and I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  The ultrasound is not until Friday, but they will do a pelvic exam as well as take blood and urine samples so we should at least be able to get some good indications as to how things are going. 

 My sister knows now.  I wasn’t going to tell her but she caught me not drinking at her bachelorette party and it was pretty obvious.  She was really excited and cried so it was at least a special moment.  I just hope we can keep it from everyone next weekend at her wedding.

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