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A Very Bad, No Good Run…1/9/13

Well, I guess it wasn’t no good, since I did have good company. I ran with my friend Darla and she stayed with me through the hard parts and that means more to me than gold.

In all seriousness though, today was one of the hardest runs I’ve had in a while. Yes, it was very windy out, so I’m sure that played a role. I just never felt great though. First it was my left leg (the one with all the swelling) just felt like it was heavy and having a real hard time getting going. It felt that weak/fallen asleep kind of sensation and I just felt like I wanted to take my arms and grab it and pull it along! Yes, I can get frustrated when things don’t work as they should, even when I have a great reason for it (like carrying a baby that is possibly putting pressure on my veins restricting blood flow). Then it was my bladder area…it just felt like it was bouncing for a while. It didn’t feel too full or not full enough like before…it just felt uncomfortable in a new way. Then it was my lungs. I just could not seem to suck in enough air and I found it hard to talk and breath at the same time as we were going up a hill so I walked up it and caught my breath again before continuing.

I felt ok for a while, though the effort still felt much harder than it should have, but then the really concerning thing happened. My heart started to feel like it was skipping beats or really thumping in my chest and when my chest started to feel pressure/hurt I stopped. I was also feeling slightly dizzy/lightheaded. This is all new. I haven’t felt this way yet and it scared me. I started to worry about passing out or something else way out there. Thankfully, as I said, my friend Darla was there and walked with me until I felt ok enough to try jogging again. I did and we made it back without further incident.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning so of course I will telling her about all of this. The leg/bladder thing I can deal with but the heart and dizziness feeling really scared me. I’m not planning on running or working out at all tomorrow. Some may question why I wouldn’t just call it quits now and spend the rest of the pregnancy just swimming and walking. I do have to accept that that MAY be what I end up having to do, but I’m not there just yet.

This was the first time I felt like this. Even just yesterday, my run was difficult but not like today. It was warmer today than its been, it was windy and I really think this swelling in my leg is caused by or is causing a bigger issue. I had the swelling before and as mysteriously as it came on, it went away. I feel like if I can get the swelling to go away again, maybe that will fix everything. If that doesn’t make sense, here’s my line of thinking:

The swelling is obviously caused by something. If you read the pregnancy literature it says that some 75% of pregnant women experience normal swelling and its mainly due to your body retaining more fluids and they think it may even serve a purpose to help with labor and delivery and also with breast feeding. Most of the time thought its in both feet and ankles or in the hands. When its only in one side of the body, they worry about a possible blood clot. My doctor wasn’t concerned about this because I didn’t have pain or discoloration, just the swelling, plus I have low risk factors for blood clots since I’m so active. The other possible cause is that the baby’s position is putting additional pressure on my vein that is responsible for returning the blood back to the heart. This compression causes water to leak out of the veins and into the surrounding tissues. This seems to be what is causing my swelling. Perhaps the swelling went away when the baby’s position changed and has now returned as the position changed again.

My working theory is that when I run, my blood obviously has to pump harder to support the large muscles in my legs. So the blood gets pumped there, but is compressed on its return, which means less blood circulating throughout my entire system and being pooled in just one leg. That would help explain why my left leg feels so heavy when I run and like its got that feeling of having fallen asleep. Obviously less blood circulates less oxygen and your heart has to work harder to try to keep you going.

That’s my theory. So tonight, I want to try to do everything possible to get this fluid back into my veins. Maybe I shouldn’t walk the dog tonight, maybe I should elevate my legs and massage my legs and feet? Maybe I should stick my leg in a cold tub? I’ve also been reading that sometimes this swelling can be related to a diet/mineral/water imbalance. I’m going to try drinking lots of water, but I feel like I already do drink lots of water so I don’t think that’s the problem. Having too much or too little salt can also cause issues. I feel like there is a lot of salt in the foods we eat so I rarely if ever salt anything as a general rule. Unless I were to start tracking my salt intake, I just don’t feel comfortable purposely adding additional salt (or restricting it) unless I know for sure that’s the reason. I could try taking some calcium and magnesium supplements…but again, I get really nervous about doing this while pregnant. The other thing I was reading was about protein intake. Not having enough protein can mess with your fluids too.

I also know that swelling can be a sign of pre-eclampsia which is extremely dangerous. The biggest thing though with that is high blood pressure and mine has always been excellent. Also, swelling of the face, which I don’t seem to have.

So there you have it. This is what I’m dealing with right now. I really really hope that this will clear up with a little TLC tonight and tomorrow, but if not, I just have to remind myself there are about 8 weeks until my due date and I can make it!

What a week its been! 1/8/13

My run on New Year’s Day was pretty awesome! I felt pretty good and averaged 8:17 for my 3 miles so it was a faster run for me too.

The next morning, we got up at 4 am to get to the airport for our flight to New York. Because we had such an early flight, we got to New York and were checked in the hotel and everything before 9 am! So, what did we do, but get dressed and go for a run in Central Park. Luckily, my friends and husband all run too. Derek (Val’s husband) was a little less enthused, but he was a good sport.

I have to be honest and admit that I was a little nervous to run with people. I told my friends to all run ahead of me because I know they are much faster. When your runs are so unpredictable that your pace can range from 8:15 all the way up to 9:15, you just never know what to expect and sometimes even during the same run things can change drastically. So we all started out together and Tim and Derek picked it up and Val stayed with me. I actually felt pretty good, but Central Park was much more hilly than I ever imagined so I started to get winded and was looking forward to the turnaround point more than I let on. Once I hit 1.5 miles I turned around and Val caught up with the boys to finish their longer run. I got back, took a few pictures and since it was really cold went inside the Trump Towers hotel to wait for them.

We had a fun packed rest of the afternoon once we showered and ate lunch and headed over to Times Square. As we expected in January, it was really cold outside. It could have been much worse, but standing and walking a lot with temps in the low 30’s was a little harder for me than I would have liked. We were bundled up and having fun so it was unnoticeable at first, but as the day would go on, I’d notice my lower abdomen would get kind of achy and crampy. I wasn’t too concerned about it, mostly because I still felt the baby moving a lot and because I figured it was just the cold and the walking that were stretching my lower abdomen. As the week went on, I actually started wearing my maternity running belt as we were walking around and it did seem to help.

On Thursday morning I woke up before everyone else (no surprise there) so I walked to the closest Starbucks and had an egg white and spinach wrap and tall coffee. The only issue was that my GPS on my phone couldn’t seem to keep my location very well (probably because of all the tall buildings) so it took much longer than it should have for me to get there and then there was a mix up with the food…so by the time I ate, everyone was up and ready to go for a run. Normally, I like to give my tummy at least an hour after eating to digest before running, but I figured that since I’m not running that fast, it didn’t matter. We went for a nice run along the Hudson River with spectacular views but the egg whites and spinach were not sitting well in my belly. I ran with my friends (or just a little behind) until I got to my turn around and then told them I was heading back. Because they’re so nice and because they didn’t want me to run alone in a strange city, they protested and said they’d run back with me and then add on, but I really didn’t want them too. Not because I don’t love my friends and husband but because I was really, really hurting and knew that I wanted to stop and walk and go at a much slower pace and if I let them run back with me I’d feel bad about that and force myself to keep running feeling extremely uncomfortable. Besides, it was daylight and the area was bustling with people. They reluctantly agreed and I jogged a bit and then stopped for a while and took some pictures and walked around and took in the sights. Once I settled down a little bit I started jogging slowly and ended up finishing the run feeling pretty good.

The next day we didn’t run, but we got in plenty of walking and sightseeing.

Some of the cool things we did was visit the 911 memorial site (which was actually right next to our hotel). It was really amazing standing there in the middle of all these tall buildings where the twin towers used to be and thinking about all the chaos that happened right there just over 11 years ago. It makes you feel vulnerable, but also very grateful to just be alive and happy.

We saw the Today show being taped and Tim and Val even got on the show! We walked around a lot through Times Square, 5th Ave, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, took the NBC Studio Tour, took pictures on the Top of the Rock and took the Staten Island Ferry by the Statue of Liberty (Ellis Island is still closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy). We met up with one of Val’s friends from high school for dinner and on another night, one of my friends from high school for dinner too. We went to the New York Road Runners building to pick up our packets for the 10K we signed up for on Saturday (yes we did a race while on vacation, of course we did!) and road the subway tons! We even saw the apartment that was used to film the outside of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City and also the front of the Cosby house. All in all our trip was very complete!

Now, onto the race in Central Park. I haven’t run over 4 miles in probably close to 2 months so I figured I would just run as much of the race as I could and walk the rest. Tim and Val signed up for the 10K too. Derek hasn’t been running as much and decided it was probably smart to not sign up for a race since he knew he’d run it harder than he should and be hurting for the rest of our trip. So he offered to cheer us on and hold onto all of our stuff, which was greatly appreciated by all.

I was really excited for the run, probably because there was no pressure and I knew I was just having fun with it. I figured I’d run the first 4 miles and then walk a little bit and maybe run some more if I felt like it. Well, the course was VERY hilly and there was a huge hill at the 2.5 mile mark! At first I kept jogging up it, telling myself that I had to get to 4 miles, but then I realized that if I struggled so much on the hill, I’d be so worn out, and anyway, this run was supposed to be FUN anyway! So I started walking and was later so glad I did because the hill just kept winding up and around each turn and seemed to go on forever! Once I reached the top, I started jogging again and continued jogging until the next hill. So that’s what I did the whole run was jog and then walk up all the hills. Now, the non pregnant runner me would think this was the wimpiest thing ever, but hills and stairs during pregnancy really seem to take the wind right out of you, more than you would ever think. I used to read about this stuff early in the pregnancy and think that it wouldn’t happen to me because I’m tougher and more fit than most…but its true. It takes more oxygen to get up inclines and stairs and when your lungs are being compressed like that, it just doesn’t matter if you’re super woman!

Anyway, during the walking I really took in and enjoyed the scenery and the other runners around me. Even during my running points I made a point to enjoy myself and get lost in the adventure of running in this completely new place. Maybe it was the attitude, maybe it was also a great running day, but either way, it ended up being a fantastic run! I ended up running 5.53 of the 6.2 miles and at the end Tim and Val had come back to find me and run me in as Derek snapped some pictures. I felt great and experienced a great running high that I haven’t felt in some time.

Sunday was a rest day, and then I went for a 4 mile run during my lunch break on Monday. It was hard, I’m not going to try to glam it up. I felt so great going 5.5 on Saturday that I thought that maybe all my runs would go that way the rest of the pregnancy. Why do I still think that sometimes? Instead, after we got home from the flight back on Sunday night, my left leg and foot were swollen again like a big elephant foot and during the run on Monday my whole left leg just felt heavy and harder to move. Also, the path that I usually run on that’s pancake flat had some icy patches so I decided to stick to roads (which meant hills) and I walked up some of them. On the way back, the wind was blowing at me and I felt like my bladder was a little too full and I just wasn’t feeling very good. But I got it done and hoped that it would help with my swelling.

We had some a great surprise while we were in New York too! My sister in law, who was scheduled to deliver by c-section on Monday afternoon went into labor on her own early Sunday morning! I have a new niece! Tim and I headed up to the hospital as soon as we got out of work on Monday. She is perfect and I could have held her forever, and we almost did! We stayed later than we planned and then had to pick up our dog from my other sister in law. All wonderful stuff, but Tim and I ate a very late dinner and got to bed late again last night. When I went to bed my foot was huge! I had Tim massage it to try to get the fluids going back into the blood vessels. It was still pretty swollen this morning and then before I went running during my lunch break it was as big as its ever been! My whole left leg was swollen but mostly its in my foot and ankle. It looks so gross. I ran 4 miles again with my friends Darla and Julia and they were sweet and didn’t seem to mind that I was struggling and we ran pretty slow. After the run, the swelling did go down, but its still there and I’m going to try to get it to go down again tonight.

Tonight we don’t have nearly as much going on so I plan on cooking a fast dinner, walking the dog and then putting my feet up the rest of the night! I may even soak in the tub in some Epsom salts. Not sure if it will help, but it sounds nice.

2013 is Finally Here! 1/1/13

Me, Russ and Tim ringing in the New Year!

Me, Russ and Tim ringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year!

I felt like I closed out 2012 in the best possible way, with my husband, baby and our dear friend Russ in the comfort of his home. Last New Year’s Eve, Tim and I visited Russ in the hospital, so it was nice to see him at home and much healthier than he was then. I explained a little bit about Russ’s story in a previous post that can be found here, .

Without Russ, Tim and I never would have met and he is always dear to me because of the person he always is despite whatever he’s been through. The last couple years he’s been through quite a lot. He warmed my heart again last night because of how excited he is to meet our little girl. I can’t wait for her to meet and know her Uncle Russ, what a lucky little girl she’ll be for having such great people in her life that already love her so much.

As far as running goes, my last couple runs in 2012 were both 4 miles and both went pretty well! Saturday the roads were covered in snow, but I couldn’t stand the thought of running 4 miles on a treadmill so I took the chance and ran outside. I ran extra slow, being careful of my footing and didn’t have any falls. Then Monday’s run went really great again! Most of the snow had melted from the roads, except for a few icy patches that you just had to navigate around. I just felt great pretty much the whole time and had one of my faster runs in a while too (averaged 8:09 pace for the 4 miles).

What I did notice about running at 31 weeks is that it takes more out of you than you realize at the time. I felt great during the run, but later in the afternoon I got really tired and even layed down for a quick nap. My body felt drained and tired like after a 20 mile run felt pre-pregnancy. The 3 mile runs don’t seem to take as much out of me, or maybe eventually those will too. I have to remind myself that I am weighing almost 21 pounds more than I did 31 weeks ago, so naturally my body is working harder everywhere to carry that extra weight around. Even though I felt great on yesterday’s run, by the end of it my ankles were feeling really tired–again, something more similar to what I would have felt after 18-20 miles before. I don’t really care though, it feels so good just to be able to do it.

I hope 2013 is a great year for everyone. I know for me the big event is due to arrive sometime here in the next 6-9 weeks!!

Goals and Resolutions, 12/29/12

Looking back at this week I have so much to be thankful for.  I had a great 4 days in a row of running (3 miles each day!)  My last run was on Thursday and since the roads were pretty icy, I decided to play it safe and run on the treadmill. 

The run itself was pretty boring, but it went relatively well, so as always, that’s a plus these days! 

Later on Thursday, Tim and I had a good appointment with my baby doctor.  Heart rate was a low 132 and the doc said she seems to be staying in the head down position.  All great things!

I took Friday off of running and am planning to run later this morning after I get my fluids in to cushion my bladder.  I did ask my doctor about my follow up urine test and she said everything was normal so they were stumped as to what had caused the bleeding.  Her guess was as good as mine, that the force of the baby bouncing on top of my bladder had caused some sort of trauma.  She seemed to think I was safe to keep running so long as I keep some fluid in there as a cushion.  Great news!

As the year comes to a close, I think about all the great things that happened for us in 2012 and all the wonderful things I look forward to in 2013.  Setting resolutions for the new year is a good way to motivate yourself towards changes for the better.  I usually end up aiming pretty high, and don’t always accomplish every goal I write for myself, but I guess I’d rather miss a few than not live up to my potential.  So here’s a quick recap of some of my goals for 2012 and how I came out:


1.)  Start a family (very thrilled that this is one of the goals we are currently in the process of)


2.) Home improvements- we got a lot of these done in 2012, yet there are still plenty that we have to work on in 2013


3.) Run a sub 3 hour marathon-completed in February 2012!

4.)Break 17 minutes in the 5K-didn’t happen, in fact, not even close.  After the Myrtle Beach Marathon I trained through an IT band injury for 2 months and ran/walked the Boston Marathon.  After that I took 8 weeks completely off and then as I started running again found out the wonderful news that I was pregnant.

Some of my other goals were to improve my strength training and flexibility exercise and get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  The strength training was great at the begining of the year and then after the pregnancy I kept doing less and less until I stopped completely after all of my back problems.  I know I should be doing better at this, but I admit that I am slightly terrified of getting injured.  At this point in the pregnancy I’m so happy to be able to run 3 miles that I’m afraid to even mess that up.  I am doing some pregnancy specific exercises that are supposed to help with labor and delivery and plan to get back into a regular strength routine after I have Alexandra.  As for the 7 to 8 hours of sleep…well, this morning I woke up before 7 am again and just couldn’t get back to sleep.  I think at this point I’ll just have to be happy with what I can get!

So for 2013, my goals are:


1.) Deliver a healthy baby!  This is obviously the most important goal for me in 2013

2.) Provide Alexandra with a loving, nuturing home and work with Tim to be a great team and become the best parents we can be for her.


1.) After Alexandra is born and I’m cleared to start running again, gradually follow a slow build up plan.

2.) Start participating in races in late spring/early summer

3.) By the end of the summer, run a sub 18 5K

4.) Run a fall marathon

5.) Lose all the baby weight

Some of these goals are not as specific as I usually go with the running.  I love stating specific goals that are hard to achieve and then mercilessly going after them.  However, I’ve never had a baby before and I don’t want to set myself up for injury by not taking the proper time and listening to my body and giving it what it can handle.  For my marathon in the fall, I’d really like to run under 3 hours again and that will be what I work towards.  However, I know just how much work that was last year without having a newborn and just don’t know how long it will take me to get back into that level of fitness.  By the time I trained to run that marathon, I was already at a pretty high fitness level.  I have no idea what that level will be come March since I won’t have tested it in over a year at that point!  Who knows, maybe it will be stronger after having a baby–I can only hope!


3 days in a row of running!

I was fortunate enough to run on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and today on my lunch break!  The 3 runs varied quite a bit in how they went, but I am so happy I was able to run for 3 days in a row!  My pulled muscle still kind of bothers me, but the running doesn’t seem to make it worse.  Still, I’ve only been going 3 miles.  I’m going to try running tomorrow too, but we’ll see how I feel.

On Christmas Eve I visited my friend Val as tradition. Just like we walked the dogs last year when she was pregnant, we did that again.  I had been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to try running with her.  With my great 4 mile run last Monday, I felt like maybe I could and it wouldn’t be too slow for her.  After the other runs that week didn’t go the same, I decided it was best to just walk with her and try to run later on my own.  So that’s what I did.  It went pretty well, not terrible, but not as great as Saturday’s run.  We ate cinnamon rolls at Val’s house and my stomach was quite full so it just didn’t feel as great running, but I was very happy to get it in.

On Christmas I woke up early and made chocolate chip peanut butter pancakes and sausage and potatoes for me and Tim for breakfast!  I ran about an hour and a half later, so again, I was pretty full.  I took Sparty with me for just over a mile, thinking that with my slow pace, it would be perfect for my dog that has no endurance.  I thought for sure he would at least be able to run a mile with me, but I was wrong!  I love our little dog, but honestly, he’s part lab and he hates running!  He likes it for about half a mile and I actually had to slow him down at first and then we got to about ¾ of a mile and he starts slowing waaay down.  I look at him and he’s not panting or looking like he’s struggling at all…its all a mental thing and he just gets lazy.  We were so close to home so I kept pushing him and trying to get him to pick it up and we get to the end of our driveway and he just stops and sits down as I keep running, yanking me back!  What a little stinker!

After I got rid of the dead weight, I actually felt great and finished the remaining 2 miles pretty fast (8:03 and 7:49)!  I felt great again, and it really boosted my mood.

Today I ran on my lunch hour and I’d say it was more similar to my Christmas Eve run.  It was really windy and the wind was bitter cold.  I dressed appropriately for the temperature but the wind on my face just seemed to sting and I kept waiting for my legs to warm up.  Eventually they did, and I didn’t really feel bad, just not as great as I did the day before.  Still, I got my 3 miles in, and by the last mile was so warm that I took off my hat!

How is everything else going?  Well, at 30 weeks, there is just no way to mistake the pregnancy anymore at all.  Its blatantly obvious with my huge protruding belly!  I wonder sometimes what people think when they see me out there running like that.  I kind of like it, it sort of makes me feel really feminine and powerful.  Its not the easiest thing in the world and even on the great days its not totally painless or comfortable so I feel like I’ve really accomplished something when I’m finished.  Sleep is definitely becoming a struggle so I’m tired a lot.  I’m just still dealing with a kind of anxiousness to wrap this pregnancy up and finally get to meet her.  I look forward to being a mom and having a baby to take care of more than anything else.  I know it will be hard work and there will be sleepless nights and I welcome those things.  I know there will be plenty of things I’m used to doing that I’ll miss, but mostly I’m just ready for that new transition in my life.  Weekends will never be the same, but I think they’ll be better.  In the last few months I’ve had a general sense of boredom with my life sometimes, especially on the weekends.  Not that I don’t have enough to do, but it just feels unfulfilling, like something is missing.  I go grocery shopping and work on things for the house and pay bills…but what I really want is to have a little baby that I can just entertain and care for.  I find myself thinking a lot about labor and delivery and going into obsessive planning mode.

We have a little mini vacation coming up next week and I’m looking forward to that.  It will be a nice change of pace and will distract me a little bit from being in baby overdrive.  Traveling is something that Tim and I really enjoy and is something that I hope we always continue to do, even with a baby.  Until then, I’m just trying to take it all day by day.

Twas Two Days Before Chrismas…12/23/12

This momma to be woke up at 6:24 am on a Sunday morning!  Ugh!  It doesn’t seem fair that in about 10 weeks I’m going to be so sleep deprived and I can’t seem to get enough of it in the bank now…oh well!

After Wednesday’s run I developed some severe pain just below my abdomen.  It worried me, and I questioned whether or not to call the doctor, but then figured it was round ligament pain and let it be.  The next morning I could barely walk and realized that it felt just like a pulled muscle, or ligament or whatever.  Every time I stood up and tried to walk, it was there and it was pretty intense. After walking a few steps though it would gradually loosen up and feel a little better.  I got some questions at work because I was definitely walking different.  So I decided to take a day off of running. 

I thought about swimming, but the showers were so cold on Tuesday, so I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Instead I stuffed my face full of yummy food at our lunch potluck!

The next morning when I weighed myself I had actually lost almost a pound since the week before, but last week I had gone up almost 4 pounds!  I figured though it was more an issue of eating big meals the day before my weigh in, but also some of baby’s growth spurt.  So in total now, at almost 30 weeks, I’m up 20 pounds.  With 10 weeks to go, even if I gain a pound a week, I’ll still be at 30 total, which is within the healthy range. 

Friday I didn’t run or really walk much or anything and my pulled muscle seemed to feel a bit better.  When I woke up on Saturday morning I didn’t feel it at all, so naturally I thought it would be a great idea to run.  I ate a breakfast and started pounding the water to try to fill up my bladder so I didn’t have my recurring bladder issue for another Saturday morning run.  Then I went for a slow little run through our neighborhood.  It actually went pretty well.  I felt “full”, but my bladder and my legs felt pretty good and I actually got in 4 miles.  Tim was just heading out for his run as I was coming in so he ran with me for a few minutes.  It was nice. 

I stopped running and BAM!  Pulled muscle hurt again.  So I realized that the running must have aggrevated it.  I walked the dog and got ready to go to my parents house to celebrate Christmas with my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle.  While I was there, everytime I stood up, it was like a knife.  I looked like an old woman getting out of a chair.  After I was up and took a few steps, it would lessen.  This morning its still here. 

I’m not really sure what to do about it.  I’m not running today, but I was planning on running tomorrow.  I guess I’ll just see how it goes.  Either way, I only have about 10 weeks to go now (as long as baby girl is on time, lets hope!) so I guess no matter what I have to do for the remainder of the pregnancy, the end is in sight!  Merry Christmas and happy running to all!!

Merry Christmas from the Adams

Merry Christmas from the Adams

Everyday is a New Sensation/Experience 12/19/12

Monday’s run was so great and it left me on a huge emotional high the whole day.  Tuesday I went swimming as planned and am already starting to get tired of it.  Yes, it feels good and its good exercise and it’s a nice break for my body from the pounding of running.  Its just not the same and doing laps in a pool gets old really quickly.  Additionally, yesterday the water in the showers afterwards was cold!  I look so forward to taking a hot shower after swimming, its sort of like a nice reward.  I had goose bumps the whole time I was in there and was just trying to wash so quickly so that I could get out and warm up. 

 Today I ran with my friend Darla again.  From the beginning I knew it wasn’t going to be as great of a run as Monday’s.  For one thing, yesterday all day I had this pressure in my very lower abdomen…like maybe the baby is in there really low.  I felt it every time I walked or stood up.  It was still there today and I felt it the whole time I was running, even with my pregnancy belt.  Still, it wasn’t too bad so I was happy I was still running.  I’d like to run again tomorrow, but I guess it will all depend on how I feel.  I just don’t really feel like swimming again. 

 Other than that, things are getting really busy right now and it’s a little stressful.  By the time I got home yesterday I was so tired but I felt like I had so much to do before I could sit down and relax.  Its that time of year and there is just so much to do.  Tonight, my friends Darla and Carol are coming over for dinner so I’m really looking forward to a night of relaxing with friends.  I ordered a “take and bake” pizza from Papa Murphy’s and am making a salad so I don’t really have to cook or anything.  I have a holiday potluck at work tomorrow so I’m planning on baking some cookies after they leave, but it’s a pre-made dough so again, not too labor intensive.  Normally, I enjoy cooking and this is not typical of me to be so far behind in Christmas shopping and rely on pre-made food, but honestly, I just don’t have the energy for it right now.

 I feel like baby is gearing up for a big growth spurt because I’ve been hungry again, like all the time.  I’m still allowing myself to eat whenever I’m hungry and lately a lot of times its just been a spoonful of peanut butter here and there because I have some at my desk and its easy and really is quite filling. 

 Other changes I’ve noticed lately is my sleeping.  My back really hasn’t been bothering me too much lately at night, but I find the most comfortable position now is sleeping on my left side with my right leg on top of the body pillow.  Sometimes I’ll switch over to my right side, but its just not as comfortable so usually I end up rolling back over.  I’m also having a harder time staying asleep or getting back to sleep once I wake up.  For a while I was peeing about 3 times during the night and I’d barely open my eyes and be able to fall right back asleep when I got into bed.  Now I’m not peeing quite as often but find that if I wake up, I just lay there tossing and turning for a really long time before finally falling back asleep.  The first hour at work I’m so tired!

Best Run in over a month at 29 weeks! 12/17/12

I am in SUCH a great mood right now!  I ran 4 miles today…the longest I’ve run in over a month!!!

 Last Thursday morning I did my swim, and it felt good and I headed out to Colorado on Friday morning in my running clothes so that I could run after I got there, since I knew my sister would be at work.  This flight was SO much better than the flights to and from Miami.  I flew on Frontier airlines and I was only going to be staying 1 night, so I didn’t have much stuff.  I had one bag that I was planning on doing as a carry on and when I went to check in, they asked if I wanted to check it free.  I was a little nervous about lifting it into the overhead bins so I gladly accepted. 

 I was seated closer to the cabin and the plane just seemed roomier than the Delta flight the month before.  Yes, I definitely got uncomfortable at times due to it being hot and just not liking sitting down for 3 hours, but my back felt good.  The next awesome thing was the rental car company, Enterprise, gave me a free upgrade and I got to drive around a little camero!  Sadly though, the breaking news changed my whole mood when I heard about the CT school shootings.  There’s so much I want to say, but I’m trying to keep my blog on topic, so I’ll just say I was heartbroken and a little worried about my sister since she’s an elementary teacher and I wasn’t sure if she’d heard about it and what she thought.

 She and I were going to try to have lunch, but I had an hour drive from Denver to Colorado Springs and didn’t quite make it in time.  I was super hungry since it was 2 pm my time so I quickly started searching for something light because I still wanted to run.  I found a yogurt shop and got a huge cheesecake and chocolate yogurt with lots of unhealthy toppings, mixed with some healthy ones.  Yeah, so much for keeping it “light” but it was delicious!  So about 30 minutes later I went for my run.  I drove to Palmer Park since it looked pretty big on the map and I thought would be heavily populated with runners and bikers.  I got there and there really weren’t very many people so I was kind of nervous and decided to not run on the trails, just on the main road and not get too far away from the parking lot.  I also carried my cell phone with me.  Full stomach, full bladder, I actually felt pretty good.  It was harder, I think due to the elevation and the fact that I was running on some big uphills.  My time was slow, but I really didn’t care, I felt good running.  Well, I got in a couple miles and then heard back from my sister so I met her at her school.  After that I went to her house to wait for her to get home and decided I might as well run again and see how it felt.  Not as good as before, but I still got in 1.8 miles, making my total for the day 3.8, the longest I’d run in a long time!

 We had a nice dinner and went to Seven Falls and saw their Christmas lights, and then the next morning I took a day off of running since I just wanted to spend the time with my sister.  We had a great breakfast, and then went and got an ultra sound at a 3/D 4/D ultrasound place.  Let me just say it was AWESOME!  I know my sister wishes that she were closer to home and has wanted to be as involved in my pregnancy as possible.  I figured she’d like this and I just LOVED it!  We saw Alexandra and she looked just like a newborn.  She looked very healthy, even like maybe she has a full head of hair already and I was relieved to know she was in the head down position.  The lady even commented that she can tell I drink a lot of water because I had great fluid, and it made for clearer pictures.  I also saw the placenta and the very thick looking cord, which she said is also a good thing.  Seeing her like that just made me want to meet her even more!!  Can’t wait!

 After that we went on a cave tour, that was also, AWESOME!  Took lots of pics and got to have a great lunch with my sister before I had to drive back to Denver to get on my plane.  They let me check my bag free again, and the flight back was quicker, even though I got in close to midnight.  It was close to 1 am when I got home and I was hoping to sleep in on Sunday but I just can’t seem to anymore.  Either way, the great weekend, and all the wonderful things I got to experience were a great reminder to me for how lucky I am.  I can’t really complain about much when I really think about it.

 Sunday I rushed around to get some Christmas shopping done and actually completed a really large chunk of it!  It was a busy day and I decided to try for a little run in the afternoon, but it didn’t really go that great.  I was planning on going 3, but changed my mind a little more than ½ a mile in.  I don’t know what it was…my bladder felt a little more pressure, but I just didn’t feel good in general.  My pace was over 9 minutes (the slowest so far) and I still felt like I was struggling, so I listened to my body and headed back home and got in just over a mile. 

 So today I didn’t have high hopes for my run.  I was so happy to feel so good that I decided to add another mile and do 4!  I had left my Garmin at home by mistake today so I brought my phone and used GPS so I could see how far I went, but it was kind of nice in that I didn’t know how fast I was going until the end.  Another surprise…I averaged 7:57 pace for the 4 miles.  Compared to my 9:03 pace for just over a mile the day before, it just goes to show that pregnant running is very unpredictable and you never know what you’re going to get.  Therefore, I am going to keep listening to my body!

Me and my sister at Cave of the Winds

Me and my sister at Cave of the Winds


7 month belly shot, getting ready to fly to CO!

7 month belly shot, getting ready to fly to CO!

Twice now my bladder theory has stood up to the test.  I ran today at noon and once again, everything in the bladder area felt fine.  It wasn’t as great of a run as Mondays.  I ran with my friend Darla again and this time I had to stop once around 2 miles because of some cramping in my abdomen.  I started up again and it was still there, so I just jogged slowly and concentrated on my breathing until it finally subsided.  Other than that, I’m just so happy to be able to run for another day!

 I went swimming yesterday morning and as usual, it felt nice, although I did notice that my left quad had that strange “numbing” sensation I sometimes get in my legs when running or walking up stairs.  I swam through it and noticed it seemed sore the rest of the day in that area, and even a little bit today.  So I wonder if when I get that sensation the muscle isn’t quite getting the oxygen or blood it needs so it creates muscle soreness, similar to when you overload your muscles during a race or hard workout.  I find it interesting more than anything, especially since science isn’t 100% sure what causes muscle soreness anyway.

 Another strange thing happened today.  My left foot/ankle was completely swollen this morning!  When looking at my left foot and right foot together, I just laughed because it was such a huge difference!  It didn’t hurt or feel different, it just looked really fat and puffy.  I don’t seem to have any swelling anywhere else. 

 There’s not really much else to write about today.  Tomorrow I plan to swim in the morning again and then on Friday I fly out to Colorado for the quick trip with my sister.  I’m going to try to get in a 3 mile run on Friday afternoon out there while I’m waiting for her to get out of work.  I may have to take it even slower than I’ve been going because of the altitude change.  We’ll see.  I’m looking really forward to that trip!

The Ups and Downs of Pregnant Running…12/10/12

I felt like last week ended on a pretty good note.  I passed my glucose test, my run on Thursday went pretty well despite burping up the glucose drink a few times, my back had still been feeling good and I was getting more sleep at night again.

 I had high hopes for Saturday’s run.  I figured since I ran 3 miles, 3 times in the week I could aim for 4 miles.  Even though all my runs last week were little loops of maybe a half or quarter mile and circled by my house several times “in case” I had any issues, I hadn’t once needed to stop so I figured for Saturday’s 4 mile attempt, I could go out a mile, back a mile, and repeat.  I also had signed up for a virtual run, Race for Recovery and felt confident that I could at least get 3.1 miles done.

 Well, that’s what I get for trying to plan.  Before I even ran, after I got dressed in my running clothes I felt pressure on my bladder.  I assumed it was from my running tights maybe being a little too tight over my belly bump.  I wear my maternity belt now on every run, but I’ve also felt like sometimes the tightness of my running tights helps pull my belly in a little so it doesn’t bounce so much.  Well, I decided at the last minute to change into some much looser running pants that I usually only wear on really really cold winter days as a second layer.  It felt a lot better, and I made sure to empty my bladder yet again just seconds before heading out.  There was not much more than a tiny trickle so I felt good thinking that my bladder issues shouldn’t flare up.

 Before I even got a mile in the pressure on my bladder was pretty intense.  I stopped, walked a bit and tried to see if it would calm down.  It didn’t.  I started running again and got to the mile point and turned around as planned and had to stop and walk several times on the way back home because my bladder hurt so bad.  I was starting to get a really bad feeling that I was going to pee blood again.  When I finally got back to my house, my fears were confirmed.   Thankfully, this time I wasn’t quite as scared as I was the week before when it happened for the first time.  Still, it was enough for me to call off the rest of the run.  I had told myself that if I got to my house and peed and it was clear, I could at least get in the 5K that I had signed up for.  Since I am unsure what was causing this and don’t want to take any risks to Alexandra’s health, I was done running.  I wasn’t happy about it.  I started doing a massive google search to try to self diagnose my problem since my doctors didn’t seem to know.

 When Tim woke up and found me curled up on the couch on my iphone he optimistically asked how my run went.  I was pretty upset and told him what happened and was thankful that I had a husband who listened to me complain the way I did.  My whole demeanor was very down and I felt bad about that.  It wasn’t Tim’s fault and I wanted to be happy on Saturday but I was really upset.  Tim started helping me with my search.

 While there isn’t a lot on the web for “blood in urine after running while pregnant” when I searched for them separately, “blood in urine after running” and “blood in urine while pregnant” I did get some results.  Apparently, its pretty common for runners to sometimes get blood in their urine after running.  Obviously, this had never happened to me, so I had no idea.  The consensus seems to be that it doesn’t really do any damage, and could be caused from the impact/jostling of the internal organs.  The logic of it made sense, especially considering I have an extra 17 pounds of weight sitting and bouncing on my bladder.  I read something else interesting, a suggestion that NOT completely emptying your bladder before running seems to help.  That theory being that an empty bladder gets compressed and the sides rub together…leaving some fluid inside of it creates a sort of cushion. 

 The other possibilities that I found were kidney stones or interstitial cystitis—both of which didn’t seem to be what I had, especially given that both my episodes happened immediately after a run, and I also noted that both times it was after a run on a Saturday morning.  Since both days I ran first thing, I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink before and started to wonder if my bladder was too empty both times and that when I run later in the day, maybe its harder to completely empty my bladder.

 So, that brings me to today.  I had planned on going for a 3 mile run at lunch with my friend Darla.  I warned her that I may have to stop if my bladder starts to hurt like it did on Saturday.  I was nervous, but decided to test out a theory.  So, instead of peeing immediately before the run, I held it and ran with not quite a full bladder, but definitely more full than I would ever run with.  Amazingly, it seemed to work!  I ran 3 miles with her without stopping once and my bladder didn’t hurt the entire time.  After the run my pee was clear!

 So now I’m incredibly happy, once again.  After Saturday’s run I was starting to think this was it…I was going to have to stop running.  I had begrudgingly accepted it.  Now I’m not throwing in the towel just yet.  Besides just that, today’s run felt really great.  Darla and I went a slow pace, my legs didn’t seem to go numb, and I felt like I could have easily done another mile.  I’m tempted to try running again tomorrow, but I don’t want to get too carried away and should still stick to my swimming schedule instead.  But right now, I’m just enjoying the feeling that I don’t have to give up something I love quite yet, and that maybe I can still enjoy it during the rest of this pregnancy instead of just “getting through it”.  I think having a friend to talk to really helped too, so hopefully she’ll keep running with me!