7 month belly shot, getting ready to fly to CO!

7 month belly shot, getting ready to fly to CO!

Twice now my bladder theory has stood up to the test.  I ran today at noon and once again, everything in the bladder area felt fine.  It wasn’t as great of a run as Mondays.  I ran with my friend Darla again and this time I had to stop once around 2 miles because of some cramping in my abdomen.  I started up again and it was still there, so I just jogged slowly and concentrated on my breathing until it finally subsided.  Other than that, I’m just so happy to be able to run for another day!

 I went swimming yesterday morning and as usual, it felt nice, although I did notice that my left quad had that strange “numbing” sensation I sometimes get in my legs when running or walking up stairs.  I swam through it and noticed it seemed sore the rest of the day in that area, and even a little bit today.  So I wonder if when I get that sensation the muscle isn’t quite getting the oxygen or blood it needs so it creates muscle soreness, similar to when you overload your muscles during a race or hard workout.  I find it interesting more than anything, especially since science isn’t 100% sure what causes muscle soreness anyway.

 Another strange thing happened today.  My left foot/ankle was completely swollen this morning!  When looking at my left foot and right foot together, I just laughed because it was such a huge difference!  It didn’t hurt or feel different, it just looked really fat and puffy.  I don’t seem to have any swelling anywhere else. 

 There’s not really much else to write about today.  Tomorrow I plan to swim in the morning again and then on Friday I fly out to Colorado for the quick trip with my sister.  I’m going to try to get in a 3 mile run on Friday afternoon out there while I’m waiting for her to get out of work.  I may have to take it even slower than I’ve been going because of the altitude change.  We’ll see.  I’m looking really forward to that trip!

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