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Everyday is a New Sensation/Experience 12/19/12

Monday’s run was so great and it left me on a huge emotional high the whole day.  Tuesday I went swimming as planned and am already starting to get tired of it.  Yes, it feels good and its good exercise and it’s a nice break for my body from the pounding of running.  Its just not the same and doing laps in a pool gets old really quickly.  Additionally, yesterday the water in the showers afterwards was cold!  I look so forward to taking a hot shower after swimming, its sort of like a nice reward.  I had goose bumps the whole time I was in there and was just trying to wash so quickly so that I could get out and warm up. 

 Today I ran with my friend Darla again.  From the beginning I knew it wasn’t going to be as great of a run as Monday’s.  For one thing, yesterday all day I had this pressure in my very lower abdomen…like maybe the baby is in there really low.  I felt it every time I walked or stood up.  It was still there today and I felt it the whole time I was running, even with my pregnancy belt.  Still, it wasn’t too bad so I was happy I was still running.  I’d like to run again tomorrow, but I guess it will all depend on how I feel.  I just don’t really feel like swimming again. 

 Other than that, things are getting really busy right now and it’s a little stressful.  By the time I got home yesterday I was so tired but I felt like I had so much to do before I could sit down and relax.  Its that time of year and there is just so much to do.  Tonight, my friends Darla and Carol are coming over for dinner so I’m really looking forward to a night of relaxing with friends.  I ordered a “take and bake” pizza from Papa Murphy’s and am making a salad so I don’t really have to cook or anything.  I have a holiday potluck at work tomorrow so I’m planning on baking some cookies after they leave, but it’s a pre-made dough so again, not too labor intensive.  Normally, I enjoy cooking and this is not typical of me to be so far behind in Christmas shopping and rely on pre-made food, but honestly, I just don’t have the energy for it right now.

 I feel like baby is gearing up for a big growth spurt because I’ve been hungry again, like all the time.  I’m still allowing myself to eat whenever I’m hungry and lately a lot of times its just been a spoonful of peanut butter here and there because I have some at my desk and its easy and really is quite filling. 

 Other changes I’ve noticed lately is my sleeping.  My back really hasn’t been bothering me too much lately at night, but I find the most comfortable position now is sleeping on my left side with my right leg on top of the body pillow.  Sometimes I’ll switch over to my right side, but its just not as comfortable so usually I end up rolling back over.  I’m also having a harder time staying asleep or getting back to sleep once I wake up.  For a while I was peeing about 3 times during the night and I’d barely open my eyes and be able to fall right back asleep when I got into bed.  Now I’m not peeing quite as often but find that if I wake up, I just lay there tossing and turning for a really long time before finally falling back asleep.  The first hour at work I’m so tired!