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Wrapping up the Year

Its that time of the year when I look back at the goals I set for myself last year and see how I did and also set new goals for the new year.

 Well…here’s a look at the goals I feel comfortable sharing for 2013

1.)    Deliver a healthy baby

2.)    Provide breastmilk for the first 12 months of her life

3.)    Run a fall marathon

4.)    Break 17 mins in a 5K

5.)    Get back to pre-pregnancy weight

 Of those goals, I hit 1 so far although I’m still working on #2.  Am I disappointed in myself for not hitting the others?  Not really.  I set these goals long before knowing what it would be like to have a new born baby.  Sure, I had read blogs of other moms and even seen what some of my friends were able to do, but I didn’t realize how much of a different experience was possible with different babies/scenarios.

 I’m not making excuses for myself.  Here are the reasons I didn’t make my other goals in 2013, along with what I’m going to do to hit my goals in 2014.

 1.)    Deliver a healthy baby.  This goal is one I’m happy to say was met, and priority wise, it’s really the only one that matters.  Now, that’s not to say that the delivery went smoothly or as I anticipated at all.  The only thing I didn’t want in my birth plan was a c-section, and that’s exactly what I had.  I had heard so much about the recovery time and all of this horrible stuff.  I’m pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised.  Now, in all honesty I will very much be trying for a VBAC when we decide to go for the 2nd, but really the recovery time was not anything like I thought it would be.  The same day as the surgery I was walking around, a week later I was out walking the dog, 3 weeks out I was running again.  Not to say it was all easy peasy, my abs were actually cut and had to grow back together so I had some pain with running for the first few months but compared with labor and mastitis it was NOTHING to complain about.

2.)    I realize now that some of hitting your fitness goals with a new baby is just pure luck.  Some of the mom’s I compared myself to had babies that we sleeping through the night, or at least sleeping for longer stretches by about 4 months.  My baby hit a huge regression at 12 weeks and it didn’t get better until we did sleep training at 6 months.  For over 3 months I was surviving on as little as 3 broken hours of sleep a night while working full time.  Some nights I got 3 different 20 minute intervals.  Other nights I was thrilled to get 3 consecutive hours.  I was a walking zombie.  That doesn’t even begin to describe everything else.  I was also emotional, had no patience and feel like I just wasn’t even the same person I was before or am now.  If I lashed out at anyone during that time, I’m so sorry.

3.)    Time was a HUGE factor!  I was so used to running in the mornings before work and figured that was what I would continue to do after having a baby but didn’t anticipate 1. The insane lack of sleep, and 2. The wrench that breastfeeding throws into this plan.  More on that later.  I found I didn’t WANT to run after work because I didn’t want to miss any time with my daughter since it was hard enough being away from her all day.  That left my 1 hour lunch break and when meetings and projects happened I used my lunch hour to get those done a lot so as not to take work home on the evenings or weekends because I didn’t want to miss any time with my daughter. 

4.)    Breastfeeding, my #2 goal made things a lot more challenging.  Once my daughter did start sleeping better after the sleep training at 6 months, you would think I would jump right back into my pre-dawn routine.  Well…the mornings were when my breasts were the absolute fullest (if you don’t know what this feels like imagine 2 rocks bouncing up and down in a sports bra) and it would be too uncomfortable to run without pumping at least a little bit.  Well…that just adds another 15 minutes into the morning, even if I were to only pump a little bit.  Plus, since I was giving my daughter bottles the rest of the day the morning was her only chance to take any extra milk she needed for a growth spurt or whatever.  So, I decided it just wasn’t worth the hassle.  Also, I believe the breastfeeding was a huge contributing factor to my low iron.

5.)    A stressful event.  When a very close co-worker of mine passed away this summer, which I wrote about a few months ago, I had a hard time dealing with it.  It was a huge slap of perspective. It just broke my heart because he had 3 little ones and I constantly thought about how I would feel and I went through this phase where I just tried to savor every moment with my loved ones so much that I kind of pushed everything else out.  Its hard to explain but I just felt like running was not important anymore.  I kind of lived every day like it could be my last, which you would think is a good thing, but it wasn’t.  When you constantly try to live in the moment and don’t plan for the future there is nothing to look forward to.  Its good to appreciate the now but its also good to believe in the things that you do that make you happy.  Running is important.  I know that now, but it took me a couple months to get there again.  

6.)    The unplanned and the unknown.  When you have a baby in day care they are going to get sick.  When they do and you’re a first time mom its incredibly scary…especially when someone close to you recently passed away.  I missed a lot of work and running in the early fall when my daughter had various different viruses.  It was an incredibly stressful time. 

 So there’s my perspective on trying to set goals in the first year of your first baby!  Everyone will have an experience that is different.  I truly believe I’ve come out a much stronger person because of everything.  My priorities were right on.  I used to worry when I was pregnant if I would be a good enough mother.  I felt like I was pretty selfish and didn’t know if I’d be like those mom’s who instinctively always put their baby’s needs first.  After admitting that truth, you will understand why I’m so happy to find out that I always did and I did it without a second thought or regret.  When my baby was sick and needed me, I held her day and night and slept on the floor in her room.  I went days without running or even showering and it didn’t bother me one bit.  I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

 There has never been anything more humbling to me than raising my baby.  Oh there were so many times I found myself sobbing, frustrated, scared, and praying harder than I’ve ever prayed in my life.  I think its given me a great perspective.  Today, I can savor in every moment with my family and also look ahead into the future.  I can set goals of doing things for me (because that IS important too). 

 Its still hard.  Fear is a this horrible enemy that is the hardest to fight (which is why it’s the perfect weapon for terrorists) and the more you love, the more you have to lose.  I still haven’t conquered it, but I can honestly say I’m much happier today.  

 I still try to run on my lunch, and never bring work home.  If you call me when I’m spending time with my child, I won’t answer.  In the 9 months since my daughter’s birth I have seen her smile for the very first time, hold her head up, start grabbing things with her hands, start babbling, sit unsupported, eat solids with a spoon, roll over, say her first words, crawl, pull herself up to a stand, eat finger foods, stand unsupported all the way up to watching her take her first solo steps this past weekend.  That is a heck of a lot to accomplish in 9 months.  Never again in a lifetime will anyone develop at that rate again.  I don’t want to miss a thing. 

 So, I guess I’m trying to say that even though I didn’t hit all any of my running goals this year, I met the most important goal that I didn’t even know I had.  To be the best mother I could possibly be to my little girl.  Seeing her face light up, hearing her laugh, all those moments are so much better than any PR or running goal I’ve ever had.  She’s changed me for the better.  I’ve learned how to be unselfish, and you know what its made me a better wife too.  And I love my husband now more than I ever did before. 

 I have set running goals for 2014, and I will work hard to hit them.  Anything you do that makes you feel good and makes you happy IS worth it.  Just because its not THE most important thing in your life (and it never should be) that doesn’t mean its insignificant.  Taking care of yourself makes you a better mom, better wife, better friend, etc.  And its OK to be happy!  That’s another thing that I guess I was struggling with a little bit.  I don’t know how to explain it but I definitely know there were times I felt guilty being happy with all the pain going on in the world.  That’s the opposite of how we should feel, I see that now. 

 So there you have it.  My explanation of the last several months in a nutshell.  

 Moving forward, I’ve already started my marathon training plan for 2014.  I’ll talk more about that in another post.  So far there have been a couple wrenches thrown in, but I’m not worried about them this time!  I’m looking very forward to going after my goals and can’t wait to start talking about workouts!!

Goals and Resolutions, 12/29/12

Looking back at this week I have so much to be thankful for.  I had a great 4 days in a row of running (3 miles each day!)  My last run was on Thursday and since the roads were pretty icy, I decided to play it safe and run on the treadmill. 

The run itself was pretty boring, but it went relatively well, so as always, that’s a plus these days! 

Later on Thursday, Tim and I had a good appointment with my baby doctor.  Heart rate was a low 132 and the doc said she seems to be staying in the head down position.  All great things!

I took Friday off of running and am planning to run later this morning after I get my fluids in to cushion my bladder.  I did ask my doctor about my follow up urine test and she said everything was normal so they were stumped as to what had caused the bleeding.  Her guess was as good as mine, that the force of the baby bouncing on top of my bladder had caused some sort of trauma.  She seemed to think I was safe to keep running so long as I keep some fluid in there as a cushion.  Great news!

As the year comes to a close, I think about all the great things that happened for us in 2012 and all the wonderful things I look forward to in 2013.  Setting resolutions for the new year is a good way to motivate yourself towards changes for the better.  I usually end up aiming pretty high, and don’t always accomplish every goal I write for myself, but I guess I’d rather miss a few than not live up to my potential.  So here’s a quick recap of some of my goals for 2012 and how I came out:


1.)  Start a family (very thrilled that this is one of the goals we are currently in the process of)


2.) Home improvements- we got a lot of these done in 2012, yet there are still plenty that we have to work on in 2013


3.) Run a sub 3 hour marathon-completed in February 2012!

4.)Break 17 minutes in the 5K-didn’t happen, in fact, not even close.  After the Myrtle Beach Marathon I trained through an IT band injury for 2 months and ran/walked the Boston Marathon.  After that I took 8 weeks completely off and then as I started running again found out the wonderful news that I was pregnant.

Some of my other goals were to improve my strength training and flexibility exercise and get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  The strength training was great at the begining of the year and then after the pregnancy I kept doing less and less until I stopped completely after all of my back problems.  I know I should be doing better at this, but I admit that I am slightly terrified of getting injured.  At this point in the pregnancy I’m so happy to be able to run 3 miles that I’m afraid to even mess that up.  I am doing some pregnancy specific exercises that are supposed to help with labor and delivery and plan to get back into a regular strength routine after I have Alexandra.  As for the 7 to 8 hours of sleep…well, this morning I woke up before 7 am again and just couldn’t get back to sleep.  I think at this point I’ll just have to be happy with what I can get!

So for 2013, my goals are:


1.) Deliver a healthy baby!  This is obviously the most important goal for me in 2013

2.) Provide Alexandra with a loving, nuturing home and work with Tim to be a great team and become the best parents we can be for her.


1.) After Alexandra is born and I’m cleared to start running again, gradually follow a slow build up plan.

2.) Start participating in races in late spring/early summer

3.) By the end of the summer, run a sub 18 5K

4.) Run a fall marathon

5.) Lose all the baby weight

Some of these goals are not as specific as I usually go with the running.  I love stating specific goals that are hard to achieve and then mercilessly going after them.  However, I’ve never had a baby before and I don’t want to set myself up for injury by not taking the proper time and listening to my body and giving it what it can handle.  For my marathon in the fall, I’d really like to run under 3 hours again and that will be what I work towards.  However, I know just how much work that was last year without having a newborn and just don’t know how long it will take me to get back into that level of fitness.  By the time I trained to run that marathon, I was already at a pretty high fitness level.  I have no idea what that level will be come March since I won’t have tested it in over a year at that point!  Who knows, maybe it will be stronger after having a baby–I can only hope!