Best Run in over a month at 29 weeks! 12/17/12

I am in SUCH a great mood right now!  I ran 4 miles today…the longest I’ve run in over a month!!!

 Last Thursday morning I did my swim, and it felt good and I headed out to Colorado on Friday morning in my running clothes so that I could run after I got there, since I knew my sister would be at work.  This flight was SO much better than the flights to and from Miami.  I flew on Frontier airlines and I was only going to be staying 1 night, so I didn’t have much stuff.  I had one bag that I was planning on doing as a carry on and when I went to check in, they asked if I wanted to check it free.  I was a little nervous about lifting it into the overhead bins so I gladly accepted. 

 I was seated closer to the cabin and the plane just seemed roomier than the Delta flight the month before.  Yes, I definitely got uncomfortable at times due to it being hot and just not liking sitting down for 3 hours, but my back felt good.  The next awesome thing was the rental car company, Enterprise, gave me a free upgrade and I got to drive around a little camero!  Sadly though, the breaking news changed my whole mood when I heard about the CT school shootings.  There’s so much I want to say, but I’m trying to keep my blog on topic, so I’ll just say I was heartbroken and a little worried about my sister since she’s an elementary teacher and I wasn’t sure if she’d heard about it and what she thought.

 She and I were going to try to have lunch, but I had an hour drive from Denver to Colorado Springs and didn’t quite make it in time.  I was super hungry since it was 2 pm my time so I quickly started searching for something light because I still wanted to run.  I found a yogurt shop and got a huge cheesecake and chocolate yogurt with lots of unhealthy toppings, mixed with some healthy ones.  Yeah, so much for keeping it “light” but it was delicious!  So about 30 minutes later I went for my run.  I drove to Palmer Park since it looked pretty big on the map and I thought would be heavily populated with runners and bikers.  I got there and there really weren’t very many people so I was kind of nervous and decided to not run on the trails, just on the main road and not get too far away from the parking lot.  I also carried my cell phone with me.  Full stomach, full bladder, I actually felt pretty good.  It was harder, I think due to the elevation and the fact that I was running on some big uphills.  My time was slow, but I really didn’t care, I felt good running.  Well, I got in a couple miles and then heard back from my sister so I met her at her school.  After that I went to her house to wait for her to get home and decided I might as well run again and see how it felt.  Not as good as before, but I still got in 1.8 miles, making my total for the day 3.8, the longest I’d run in a long time!

 We had a nice dinner and went to Seven Falls and saw their Christmas lights, and then the next morning I took a day off of running since I just wanted to spend the time with my sister.  We had a great breakfast, and then went and got an ultra sound at a 3/D 4/D ultrasound place.  Let me just say it was AWESOME!  I know my sister wishes that she were closer to home and has wanted to be as involved in my pregnancy as possible.  I figured she’d like this and I just LOVED it!  We saw Alexandra and she looked just like a newborn.  She looked very healthy, even like maybe she has a full head of hair already and I was relieved to know she was in the head down position.  The lady even commented that she can tell I drink a lot of water because I had great fluid, and it made for clearer pictures.  I also saw the placenta and the very thick looking cord, which she said is also a good thing.  Seeing her like that just made me want to meet her even more!!  Can’t wait!

 After that we went on a cave tour, that was also, AWESOME!  Took lots of pics and got to have a great lunch with my sister before I had to drive back to Denver to get on my plane.  They let me check my bag free again, and the flight back was quicker, even though I got in close to midnight.  It was close to 1 am when I got home and I was hoping to sleep in on Sunday but I just can’t seem to anymore.  Either way, the great weekend, and all the wonderful things I got to experience were a great reminder to me for how lucky I am.  I can’t really complain about much when I really think about it.

 Sunday I rushed around to get some Christmas shopping done and actually completed a really large chunk of it!  It was a busy day and I decided to try for a little run in the afternoon, but it didn’t really go that great.  I was planning on going 3, but changed my mind a little more than ½ a mile in.  I don’t know what it was…my bladder felt a little more pressure, but I just didn’t feel good in general.  My pace was over 9 minutes (the slowest so far) and I still felt like I was struggling, so I listened to my body and headed back home and got in just over a mile. 

 So today I didn’t have high hopes for my run.  I was so happy to feel so good that I decided to add another mile and do 4!  I had left my Garmin at home by mistake today so I brought my phone and used GPS so I could see how far I went, but it was kind of nice in that I didn’t know how fast I was going until the end.  Another surprise…I averaged 7:57 pace for the 4 miles.  Compared to my 9:03 pace for just over a mile the day before, it just goes to show that pregnant running is very unpredictable and you never know what you’re going to get.  Therefore, I am going to keep listening to my body!

Me and my sister at Cave of the Winds

Me and my sister at Cave of the Winds

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