I am in Good Company! 12/4/12

Apparently, the Duchess Kate is also pregnant, as is one of my favorite professional runners, Lauren Fleshman.  Not to be rude, but I really couldn’t care less about Kate being pregnant.  Nothing against her personally, but we just don’t have very much in common.  However, I am thrilled at the news of Lauren Fleshman and can’t wait to read her blogs about pregnancy.

 Bad news.  I didn’t pass my initial blood glucose screening yesterday.  I’ll be completely honest and admit I was quite upset about it.  My doc even said that I have low risk factors because I exercise and keep a healthy weight.  So naturally, I felt like my not passing, was a huge failure on my part.  Tim tried making me feel better.  At first, he didn’t know why I was upset and thought that he’d done something wrong!  I told him that I felt like I had let him and myself and Alexandra down.  So naturally, I obsessed about it like I always do and found out a few things.  I didn’t “fail” as I’d thought.  If I had scored 200 or higher, then I would have been considered to have gestational diabetes without further testing.  I scored a 158 and needed to be 139 or lower to have completely passed the initial screening.  Furthermore, many women that don’t pass this initial screening end up passing the longer, 3 hour test just fine.  I go to take that on Thursday.  Again, I’m not thrilled about it, but I’m hoping for the best.

 So after I had my pity party for myself, I went for another 3 mile run.  Besides feeling so slow and just a bit uncomfortable, I felt pretty good!  That made me happy.  My legs didn’t go numb like they’ve been doing lately.  Besides, it was nice out yesterday, in the low 60’s which you can’t beat in December.  My belly felt particularly “heavy” and puffy, but I think that is because I had to chug that sugar drink for my test.  I got done and walked the dog and then had a quick dinner, Tim and I had a great night putting some artwork on the nursery walls.  I know that sounds strange but we had a good time.  We got these peel and stick “decals” and we created a beautiful tree on one wall and a little forest with cute animals right above the crib.  Alexandra was moving like crazy yesterday!  She even moved for the doctor and we watched her heart rate go up.  Can’t wait to meet this feisty little one!

 Today I went swimming again and really felt like I got in a good workout.  My lower back did ache a bit but it really hasn’t been bothering me at night anymore so I’m so hoping those terrible pains are over. 

 The other fun project I’ve been working on is Tim’s training plan for Riverbank Run 2013.  Since I’m such a far cry from going after my own goals right now and have already set them for post baby, its fun for me to design a plan to help him meet his goals.

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