Glucose Test 12/6/12

Yesterday evening’s run went really well!  I’d say it was the best in weeks, honestly.  My back didn’t bother me at all, my legs didn’t go too numb or at least didn’t feel weak for very long, and overall I just felt good.  I went slow, as usual, averaging 8:28 pace, so it was still even one of my faster runs in a while.  I did have the slight sensation that I had to pee, but when I returned, it went away.  I ran after work and it was dark and I tried focusing on the Christmas lights in my neighborhood and I didn’t even stop once!  I did several loops.  I’ve decided that from now on, no matter what my distance instead of going out and then coming back, I’m just going to do short little loops that are never very far from my house should something happen.  Not always exciting, and I’m sure it will get old quickly, but its safer. 

 Tim was out of town on business last night so immediately after my run I made dinner and ate it, then realizing I needed to fast for 12 hours prior to my glucose test!  Luckily, since I finished before 8, I was still ok.  I walked the dog and was then just so very tired.  I was hoping to get out some more Christmas decorations and go through some boxes of things I’ve had in storage (Tim and I are doing a major house detox to get ready for baby) but I just didn’t have the energy.  I watched tv for a bit and then took a hot shower since I was feeling cold and stiff before going to bed.

 No lower back issues during the night.  I slept in a little bit since my appointment was at 8:15 am and it was not more than a few minutes drive.  Especially since I’d showered the night before and couldn’t eat breakfast, I didn’t need much time to get ready.  So I drove to the hospital, got there 15 minutes early, checked in and setup my laptop in the waiting room and began to work.  They called my name a few minutes past 8:15 and took me into a room and explained to me they had no paperwork and had no idea what I was therefore.  Upon discussing further, we came to the realization that I was supposed to go to a different building.  Stressed out because now I was late and didn’t have a phone number to call, I quickly headed in the direction the lady told me and drove around all these buildings and could not find the one I was supposed to go to.  I called my OB’s office, dropped the call, called back and by the time I had explained to the woman on the phone what I needed, I saw the building!  Great way to start an already stressful test! 

 They were really nice at the glucose test and it really was not fun.  They drew blood from my arm first thing to get a fasting reading.  They actually took much more blood than I thought they would.  Then the nurse gave me a drink and told me to drink the whole thing within 5 minutes.  It tasted much worse than the one I had for the 1 hour test.  I looked at the bottle and realized it was twice as concentrated.  It was sort of like drinking syrup.  She told me if I threw up, we’d have to do the test all over again.  She gave me some water and then I went back to the waiting room for an hour.  She called me in one hour later and took more blood from my other arm, and then did the same thing one hour later and another hour after that.  The drink did not feel good in my stomach.  I was nauseous but kept it all down because I did not want to have to do this all over again.  This morning when I woke up I was hungry.  When I left, after several hours of not eating and just having that drink sitting in my belly for 3 hours I wasn’t really.  But I knew I needed to eat and that it might make my belly feel better so I ate a hearty lunch when I got home.  I even ate a gingerbread cookie and a peanut butter candy because if I do have GD, I’m sure those foods will be off limits until after the baby is born.  The nurse said they should call me about 24 hours to let me know the results.

 In the meantime, I decided to try running two days in a row.  Normally Thursday would be my swimming day but since I had this appointment this morning.  It wasn’t nearly as nice as yesterday’s run, but it wasn’t all that bad either.  I stopped once when the pressure in my bladder was intense and then started again when I didn’t feel it after stopping.  Again, my back felt fine.  My right lower leg felt a little weak and numb, but not bad. The worse part was that I kept burping up that awful drink!  A couple times I thought maybe I’d even throw up, but I didn’t.  I ran my 3 miles and was happy that it went fairly well.  I ran slightly different loops and my overall time was only 5 seconds slower than yesterdays run, so I guess I’m consistent in my comfortable pace at least!  Averaged 8:30 today, and both days noticed that my first mile is my slowest, my second mile is always my fastest and my last mile is somewhere in between the two.  Interesting.

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