It was a fun Chicago weekend with Tim and my sister-in-law, Mackenzie.  We headed down late Friday night and stayed in a hotel just outside of the city.  We got up early on Saturday morning to get in a 10 mile run.  It was windy and chilly but overall the run went well.  We found a little bike path that went through the woods, but only after we were about ready to turn around. 

 I drank lots of water and made sure to stay hydrated and I didn’t get the bad headache like I did after the Bridge run.  We actually went to a Cubs game on Saturday afternoon and it was a little chilly, but honestly I felt pretty good!

 After the game, we made it into the city to find a place for dinner.  Walking around, I started to feel like I had to pee and I’ve learned when you’re pregnant, once it hits, its like “gotta go NOW!” so I was a little uncomfortable as we walked blocks and blocks looking for a dinner place.  Finally, I had to just step into a Starbucks and go.  Afterwards I felt much better and felt like I could walk and walk.  We had a nice dinner and since we were all pretty tired called it a night early.

 Monday morning I forgot to set my alarm for 5 am so we woke up just a little before 6 and I knew we wouldn’t have time to get a quick run in before work.  So I brought my running gear hoping I could sneak in an 8 miler during lunch.  The run was not without some issues.  I felt like I strained a muscle/tendon in my left foot, then my arch started bothering me, then I felt like I pinched a nerve in my arm!  I felt like turning back and calling the run short and making up the distance a different day but as I went further along it finally started to all feel much better.  Then about 5 miles in something even worse happened.  I needed a bathroom and needed it RIGTH NOW!  I searched around because I was running on farm roads with heavy traffic but knew in a few minutes I would be coming up to an industrial drive.  I figured there would be some building I could sneak into if it wasn’t locked and ask to use their bathroom.  Luckily, I did find one and they sort of gave me a hard time about using the bathroom but it was clearly an emergency so I swallowed my pride and didn’t care.  I thought about using my condition to gain sympathy but they just weren’t very friendly so I just thanked them politely and went on my way.  Felt a million times better and was able to complete my 8 miles!  Its always such a relief to have it done and over with the first day of a new week.

 This morning, I went for a 7 mile run with Tim.  It was chilly again and I never really felt like I had a good sweat, but my hair was damp when I got back so I knew I did.  I felt so much better running in the morning then I did the day before.  Again, during the run I just wanted it to be over, but once its over it feels so good to have it done.  I’m very thankful that I’m still running and not having too many issues when I do.  It really makes me feel a lot better and I think it keeps me sane as well.  I’m at 17 weeks today and am still looking more and more forward to that ultrasound in a few weeks.  It seems like its taken forever to get here, but it seems even more strange that in 3 weeks I’ll be halfway through the pregnancy already.

4 months pregnant belly shot!

4 months pregnant belly shot!

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