12 week checkup success, 8/24/12

Quick update today.  Yesterday’s appointment went well and we got to hear the heart beat with the Doppler!  YAY!  Heart rate of 148-151.  I thought we were having another ultrasound but we didn’t.  It was still amazing and reassured us that everything is going fine. 

 To celebrate,Tim and I had the Never Ending Pasta Bowl at the Olive Garden last night.  We never go there because even during the week there’s usually over an hour wait. But since we got there at 4:45 we got right in!  I ate two bowls of pasta—YIKES!  Could be part of the reason my weight this week was up a WHOLE POUND since last week brining my total (12 weeks in) to 4.5 pounds.  I think they recommend in the first trimester about 1-5, so with two weeks to go I should probably be holding steady! 

 Also, my run on Thursday was fast—which figures after I had just talked about my pace slowing!  Again, I wasn’t watching my watch, but averaged a 7:20 mile pace so who knows what that was all about.  I was SORE in my quads yesterday and today after doing my core strength on Wednesday.  I had skipped my leg work after my race last Saturday since my legs were a little sore and then I decided this would be the week I’d add on more reps.  Those few extra reps sure did a number!  I’m still having a hard time walking down stairs today.  Crazy. 

 Well, this is my last day at work for a whole week.  Not sure if I’ll write at all while on vacation.

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