The week went by super fast as vacations usually do.  Unfortunately, most of my runs felt kind of “hard” during vacation.  On Saturday before we left I got in a nice 8 miler and that seemed to go pretty well.  Then on Monday I ran out on this road that was close to our campground.  Maybe it was because it was in direct sun, it was hotter and more humid than the temperatures I normally run in or maybe it was just a long road on an out and back course (which I’m usually not a fan of).  I did end up taking off my shirt and just running in my two sports bras and shorts (which I hardly ever do because I’m just modest).  There was not very much traffic but I have developed a very noticeable “baby bump” that just looks like belly flab right now so I was self conscious of it when people were around, but not enough to cover up since I felt so hot!  On the way out I was running fast (7:20 ish pace) and I saw a huge hill up in the distance.  After going up the hill and then on the way back when I was going into the wind and mostly uphill, I told myself to slow down.  There is nothing wrong with running slower right now and feeling more comfortable and enjoying the run instead of feeling like I have to push it somewhat all the time.  So my pace on the way back slowed to over 8 min miles.  Big deal!

 On Tuesday I ran with Tim on this gorgeous trail that ran along Lake Michigan.  There were views of the Mackinac Bridge in the background.  Tim and I ran kind of fast; again in the 7:20 range and after we turned around I was literally counting the miles until we were done.  It was warmer again, but not too bad. 

 Wednesday I ran by myself again since Tim was doing another workout and I decided to run along the Lake Huron shoreline in the downtown area.  I forced myself to run slow, tried to keep the whole run at about 8 min pace.  I felt better and seemed to enjoy it a bit more, and the fact that it was the coolest morning yet probably helped.  Near the turn around point though the shore wasn’t visible and the downtown area stopped and it was just cheap motels and I was running by a stretch of boring highway and then I just wanted to run to be done.  I felt good afterwards and was craving a bagel and cream cheese but couldn’t find a bakery that sold one.  Apparently in St. Ignace doughnuts and pasties are more of the usual fare.  So I went back to camp and made my usual oatmeal skillet breakfast with some dried blueberries and granola I bought at one of the markets.

 Thursday Tim and I took the day off of running so we could drive north to go see the Pictured Rocks.  We did our long run then on Friday and that went ok as well.  It was my first time going 9 miles while pregnant.  It was again very hot though and I was again counting down the miles until we were done.  We ran on the trail along Lake Michigan again, so it was very pretty, but I wanted to be done.  When I was done it took a while to cool down and I went and bought a poweraide at a gas station since I could feel the sticky salt accumulation on my legs and arms and figured I needed some electrolytes.  The other problem I’ve had all week is that we didn’t have a bathroom in our cabin.  Well, since I’ve been preggo I’ve been having to pee at least 2 times during the night.  Its easy at home, I just walk to our bathroom and get back in bed with my eyes barely open.  The bathroom was quite a walk from our cabin.  The first couple nights I tried just peeing outside our cabin in the dark, but for us women its really not that easy and both nights unfortunately I got pee on my feet and legs.  Eew.  So I tried not drinking liquids past 7 pm in the hopes that I wouldn’t have to pee at night.  It worked a couple times but then I think when I run first thing in the morning I’m already dehydrated. 

 Anyway, other than that the rest of the week was fantastic!  I’m really starting to feel very good going into the second trimester.  I was feeling a little self conscious about my bump.  Its strange, I wanted it to get here and now that its here I just feel fat.  Its probably because I’m at that awkward stage where people still can’t tell I’m pregnant but it just looks like I have this little fat “pooch”!  I’m being silly, I know that.  Its still hard to watch your body change so drastically.

 Tim and I got home yesterday and I’m going to run here in a little bit to make up what I didn’t do on Thursday.  Yesterday was his birthday so we celebrated at BW3’s.  I have so much stuff to do today but right now I don’t feel like doing any of it.  I just want to sit here in my pj’s and load all my pictures from vacation.  We’re going to announce the pregnancy to the world (or to facebook) tomorrow!  I’m excited to finally do that and I’m just a couple days away from the second trimester!  How exciting!



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