Quick Post on a Good Run! 1/14/13

I ran on my lunch break today and it went very well! We got some snow last night and the temps are pretty cold so I decided to go the safe (but boring) route and run on the treadmills in the new fitness center they built for us at work. I’ve mentioned before how much I hate running on treadmills, but if its my last option I will take it.

I felt pretty good and the time actually went by relatively quickly! My bladder was pretty full, so it felt slightly uncomfortable but no pain, my right leg was feeling that strange weak feeling at first, but after a half mile or so seemed to catch up to the rest of my body and overall, I’d say I was feeling really good. I did stop after 2.5 miles for a couple minutes. I hated doing it because they limit your treadmill time to 30 minutes so I wanted to use all of that for running, but it really was just that I felt like I was getting a bit overheated. I felt like I was sweating like a hog on a hot summer day and my sweat wasn’t cooling me down quickly enough. I think its just because I’ve been running outdoors so even just a change to running in 68 degrees (the temp they keep the fitness center at) was an adjustment. Stopping for a couple minutes allowed some of the sweat to start evapoarating and I felt cooler once I started up again. Once my 30 minutes was up, I stopped again, but looked and saw that no one was waiting for a treadmill so I hopped back on and finished my 4 miles.

When I finished, I was hot and sweaty and my skin was red, but I felt great! I love it when the good runs creep up on me, especially on a Monday!

I didn’t sleep well at all over the weekend. I actually snuck in about an hour nap on Sunday, which helped, but to be honest, I’m really tired. I dreaded going into work, but when I got here I put a smile on my face and jumped right into getting to work for the day. Working out during my lunch hour was the mental reset I needed so I can get back at it for the rest of the day.

Also, swelling has not returned yet! I’m very excited about this. Saturday night I was having a lot of leg and foot cramping and I’m starting to get back pain again at night. Its not nearly as bad as it was before, but its making a huge difference in my sleep. Additionally, the last couple nights, I woke up very early in the morning with an upset stomach. It just feels really full and uncomfortable. Maybe I need to start eating smaller portions at dinner and see if that helps!

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