What a long week its been.  With traveling this week for work, I’ve just been tired mentally and physically. 

 I did my two days of treadmill (dreadmill) running, which was a total accomplishment in and of itself.  Then yesterday morning I got up at 5:30 am and ran 5 miles with Tim.  We actually ended up averaging a 7:23 pace!  It was surprising because when the alarm went off I did not want to get up, let alone run.  But I did, and once I was out there, as usual, felt good. 

 My headaches have seemed to clear up this week, which has been really nice.  I’ve been super tired this week but I think its more from lack of sleep than anything else.  So, otherwise, I don’t really “feel” pregnant.  Its funny because I should probably be thankful, but it kind of makes me nervous too.  We get to listen to the heartbeat next Tuesday and I’m just looking so foreward to that. 

 I gained 2 pounds this week!  Yikes!  Everything I’m reading says “a pound a week” and I gained 2!  I’m trying not to fret about it, especially because it may just be a fluke, but its definitely hard to see the numbers jump up that much!  Then you read things like “you’re probably up about 5 pounds by now” and I’m going…yeah…or almost 8!  Its hard not to feel “fat” right now because that’s how I look.  I don’t have that distinctive “baby bump” yet…I just have a stomach that looks flabbier by the day (and a chest that looks bustier). 

 I go back to my running though and am surprised that so far that’s been staying consistent and I wonder for how much longer.  I’m going to run the Bridge Run 10 miler on Sunday and I feel pretty good going into it.  I’m hoping to maybe average around 7:15 pace, but don’t want to be “set on that” in case it just doesn’t feel right.  It should be fun and enjoyable and really that’s what’s important.


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